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RRB ALP Vacancy 2024 Increased, Check Revised Vacancy Details Here

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has brought great news for railway aspirants by increasing the RRB ALP Vacancy 2024. Initially, 5696 vacancies were notified but now the vacancies have been increased to 18799. This has increased the selection chances for many candidates. Candidates can check the details of the previous and new RRB ALP Vacancies in the article below.

An Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of train services. Working under the guidance of a Loco Pilot, an ALP assists in driving the train, ensuring safety protocols are followed, monitoring the locomotive’s technical aspects, and managing any emergencies that arise during the journey. This position requires a blend of technical knowledge, presence of mind, and quick decision-making skills.

RRB ALP Vacancy 2024 Increased

RRB has recently notified via a notice about the increased RRB ALP 2024 Vacancy. On receipt of additional demand of ALP from Zonal Railways, the issue was examined and on the approval of the authorities the ALP vacancies for Zonal Railways have been increased as under:

S. No. Zonal Railway Vacancies Notified Enhanced Vacancies / Vacancies approved by the Board
1 Central Railway 535 1783
2 East Central Railway 76 76
3 East Coast Railway 479 1595
4 Eastern Railway 415 1382
5 North Central Railway 241 802
6 North Eastern Railway 43 143
7 Northeast Frontier Railway 129 428
8 Northern Railway 150 499
9 North Western Railway 228 761
10 South Central Railway 585 1949
11 South East Central Railway 1192 3973
12 South Eastern Railway 300 1001
13 Southern Railway 218 726
14 South Western Railway 473 1576
15 West Central Railway 219 729
16 Western Railway 413 1376
Total 5696 18799

Will RRB Accept New Applications?

No, the opportunity will be given only to the existing candidates (who have already applied earlier) to update their RRB choice due to the change in the number of vacancies.

RRB ALP Vacancy Increase: Benefits

The RRB ALP Vacancy Increase is beneficial both for the aspirant’s career and the country’s economy growth. Understand how this vacancy increase is beneficial below:

  • Enhanced Employment Opportunities: With more positions available, a larger number of candidates will have the chance to secure a stable and prestigious job in the Indian Railways.
  • Addressing the Skill Gap: The expansion in vacancies is likely a response to the need for more trained professionals to handle the growing number of trains and routes, ensuring efficient and safe railway operations.
  • Boost to the Economy: More employment opportunities contribute to economic growth by reducing unemployment rates and increasing the purchasing power of individuals.
  • Encouraging Skill Development: The recruitment process for ALPs is rigorous, involving various stages like Computer-Based Tests (CBTs), Physical Efficiency Tests (PET), and medical examinations. This ensures that only the most capable candidates are selected, thereby promoting skill development among the youth.


The increase in RRB ALP vacancies is a welcome move that opens up new avenues for aspiring candidates. It not only provides a chance to secure a promising career in the Indian Railways but also contributes to the overall development of the nation’s workforce. Aspiring candidates should seize this opportunity with diligent preparation and a focused approach to succeed in the highly competitive selection process.

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