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RRB ALP Mock Test 2024 (CBT-1)

Practice the RRB ALP Mock Test Series 2024 with Adda247, available in English. Our RRB ALP CBT Test Series is based on the latest pattern and includes free previous years' papers. These mock tests are designed by our experts to help you achieve top scores in the RRB Exam 2024. Enroll now and attempt a Free RRB ALP CBT Mock Test to track your progress and know your All-India Ranking.

RRB ALP Mock Test 2024

The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has come up with a great opportunity for railway aspirants with 5696 vacancies. The first two stages of the RRB Assistant Loco Pilot 2024 exam are Computer Based Tests (CBT), so it's necessary to have top-notch preparation for these two tests to get the final selection.

To measure students' RRB ALP Preparation, they must take the RRB ALP Mock Tests for CBT 1 and CBT 2. The newly launched RRB ALP Mock Test 2024 will assist candidates in gaining a sense of the format and level of questions. These RRB ALP/ Technician test series are designed to let you know the actual exam by replicating question types and difficulty levels.

The ALP exam is divided into two stages first is CBT 1 and the second is CBT 2. RRB ALP CBT Stage 1 includes 75 objective-type questions. Parts A and B will make up CBT Stage 2. The RRB Assistant Loco Pilot online test series 2024 by Adda247 helps to understand information such as the type of questions and marking scheme. To assess readiness, and weak areas, and increase confidence before final exams, candidates are advised to enroll in the Free RRB ALP Mock Test.

RRB Assistant Loco Pilot Online Test Series -Highlights

The RRB Assistant Loco Pilot online test series 2024 is an excellent source of real exam-level questions. The purpose of the RRB ALP mock test is to improve candidates' performance and raise awareness about the exam.

  • All of the tests in the RRB ALP Mock Test 2024 are based on the latest pattern.
  • Unlimited Reattempts is one of our test series' most useful features. With unlimited retakes of the same tests, you can periodically assess your preparation.
  • This series will include a total of 572 Test Series. So students will have plenty of practice material.
  • Get free previous years' papers for all Railway exams, including the RRB ALP exam.
  • This test package includes 114 E-Books in addition to the tests to help you improve your concepts.
  • This RRB ALP Mock Test 2024 series includes hundreds of topic-wise tests.
  • All of the RRB ALP Mock Tests are in both English and Hindi.
  • Get a comprehensive analysis of every RRB ALP/ Technician Mock Test 2024, including the All India Rank, Percentile, Time Spent, Topper Comparison, and Section-wise Detail Report.
  • This RRB Mock Test series is also useful for the RRB NTPC, RRC Group D, RRB JE, and other railway exams.

RRB ALP Free Mock Test 2024

Ada247 also provides a few RRB ALP Free Mock Tests 2024 to help test takers understand the benefits of preparing for the RRB Assistant Loco Pilot exam with mock exams. Students can take our RRB Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) mock tests for free at any moment on the website or through the Adda247 application.

In addition, the application allows you to take free RRB ALP sectional tests, topic tests, and quizzes. If you like the quality of the mock tests after taking them, you can purchase the paid tests for a minimum fee. The free RRB ALP mock test series thus gives test-takers a significant advantage in their preparation.

How to attempt RRB ALP Mock Test 2024?

Candidates should attempt the RRB ALP Mock Test 2024 to guarantee success in the upcoming RRB ALP exam. RRB ALP Test series 2024 can be taken from the Adda247 store using the methods listed below.
Step 1: Open your browser and go to the official website -
Step 2: On the Adda homepage, click the "Railway exam" section in the left-hand menu.
Step 3: A list of Railway Exam sections will appear; select the "RRB ALP" exam area that meets your requirements.
Step 4: Click on that, then "see all" to see all of the RRB ALP Mock test series package options listed on that page.
Step 5: To get a discount, choose a package.
Step 6: Then, click the Buy button and put in the promo code.
Step 7: After you've made your purchase, you'll have complete access to the RRB ALP/Tech Online mock test.
Step 8: Now attempt the test and analyze your RRB ALP mock exams results.

Why should take RRB ALP CBT 1 & CBT 2 Mock Test?

The key benefits of taking the RRB ALP CBT 1 & CBT 2 mock test are listed below.

  • The RRB ALP Mock Test Series 2024 simulates the actual exam and helps candidates stay prepared right manner.
  • Many free mock tests for RRB ALP / Technician have been included in this test series. If you do not purchase the series, you must take the RRB ALP free mock test 2024 which will allow you to judge your preparedness.
  • Candidates can track their performance and aim for higher scores on subsequent tests by practicing RRB ALP Mock Tests regularly.
  • The RRB ALP Test Series is useful in understanding the important topics of the exam, allowing candidates to devise them frequently.
  • The RRB technician mock tests make it possible for aspirants to assess their exam preparation and develop a strategy plan.
  • Candidates can maximize their performance by honing their problem-solving abilities through practice with the Best RRB ALP mock tests.
  • You can get access to an extensive amount of relevant practice material by subscribing to the RRB ALP Test Series.
  • The RRB ALP/Tech Mock Test Series assists aspirants in dealing with time management, which is critical for success during the exam.
  • Through the RRB ALP test series by Adda247, students can try out different exam-taking strategies and determine which study plan works best for them.

RRB ALP Mock Test in English and Hindi - Schedule

With lakhs of applicants taking the RRB ALP exams, the competition level is extremely high; you must prepare thoroughly to succeed in this highly competitive environment. We recommend taking the Live RRB ALP Mock Test in English and Hindi (CBT 1 + CBT 2) offered by Adda247. It will allow candidates to thoroughly prepare for the exam by covering the entire RRB ALP syllabus. In addition, we will inform you of your overall rank in India, your level of preparation, and how much work you must put in to achieve success. Check live schedule below.

Live RRB ALP Mock Test 2024 Schedule

Live DateS.No.
1-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 1
5-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 2
9-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 3
13-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 4
17-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 5
22-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 6
26-Feb-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 7
1-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 8
5-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 9
9-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 10
14-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 11
18-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 12
22-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 13
27-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 14
30-Mar-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 15
2-Apr-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 16
6-Apr-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 17
11-Apr-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 18
15-Apr-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 19
19-Apr-2024RRB ALP Stage-I CBT 2024 Mock 20
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