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How to Join RAW in India 2023?

How to Join RAW in India?

The Research and Analysis Wing, also known as RAW is the foreign intelligence agency of India. The agency’s primary function is gathering foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, advising Indian policymakers, and advancing India’s foreign strategic interests. It is also involved in the security of India’s nuclear program.

The Head of RAW is designated Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat, and is under the direct command of the Prime Minister, and reports on an administrative basis to the National Security Advisor of India, who further reports to the Prime Minister.

Role of RAW

The Broad Objectives of RAW include:

  • Monitoring the political, military, economic and scientific developments in countries which have a direct bearing on India’s national security and the formulation of its foreign policy.
  • Moulding International public opinion and influence foreign governments.
  • Convert Operations to safeguard India’s National Interests.
  • Anti-Terror Operations and neutralising terror elements posing a threat to India.

Ranks in RAW

The ranks in RAW follow a distinct order, with each rank denoting a specific level of responsibility and authority. These ranks encompass both civilian and military personnel, as RAW recruits individuals from various backgrounds to carry out its intelligence operations. The hierarchy within RAW ensures efficient coordination and effective functioning of the agency’s operations. The ranks in RAW play a crucial role in determining the decision-making process, operational strategies, and overall organizational structure.

How to Join RAW?

Initially, RAW relied primarily on trained intelligence officers who were recruited directly. These belonged to the external wing of the Intelligence Bureau. Candidates are recruited from Indian Armed Forces, Police and Indian Revenue Service Officers. Later, RAW begin directly recruiting graduates from Universities. In 1983, RAW created its own service cadre, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAS) to absorb talent from other Group A Civil Services, under the Central Staffing Scheme.

Direct Recruitment at Class I executive level is from Civil Services Officers undergoing Foundation course at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration. At the end of the course, RAW conducts a campus interview. Based on a selection of pyschological test and the interview, candidates are inducted into RAW for a lien period of one year. During this period, they have an option of rejoining their parent service (if they wish to) after which they can be permanently absorbed into the Research and Analysis Service.

Additionally, recruitment is also by lateral deputation from the Officers corps of Armed Forces or Group A Civil Service Officers. The Civil and Defence Service Officers permanently resign their cadre and join the RAS. However, according to recent reports, officers can return to their parent cadre after serving a specific period in the agency if they wish to.

Most of the secretaries have been officers from the IPS and other posts are held by IFS and IRS officers. RAW also employs a number of linguists and other experts in various fields through Staff Selection Commission.

RAW Eligibility Criteria

To ensure the selection of qualified and competent individuals, RAW has specific eligibility criteria that candidates must meet to be considered for employment. These criteria typically include educational qualifications, age limits, physical fitness standards, nationality requirements, and sometimes, relevant work experience or specialized skills. Meeting the eligibility requirements is the first step towards a career in RAW, as it establishes the foundation for further assessment and consideration. It is important for aspiring candidates to carefully review and understand the eligibility criteria set by RAW to determine their suitability for the role and to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications.


  • A Candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • Candidate must not have any criminal background or any pending cases in the court.

Educational Qualification

  • Candidates must have completed a graduation degree from a reputed institution.
  • Candidates should know at least one foreign language.

Age Criteria

  • Candidates must be less than 56 years of age.
  • Candidates must minimum number of year’s experience in the Government department.

Qualities Required for RAW

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is one of India’s premier intelligence agencies, entrusted with the critical task of gathering and analyzing intelligence to safeguard national security and advance foreign policy objectives. Working in RAW requires a unique set of qualities and attributes that are essential for success in the intelligence field. While specific requirements may vary depending on the nature of the role, there are certain qualities that are universally sought after in RAW operatives. These qualities include a sharp intellect, strong analytical skills, attention to detail, excellent problem-solving abilities, adaptability, resilience, and the ability to work under high-pressure situations.

  • Academic and Practical Orientation
  • Good at keeping secrets and being an introvert.
  • Read to Work in very high pressure.
  • Ready to handle Crisis Situations.
  • Disciplined and Adventurous.
  • Ready to follow directions.
  • Physically fit.

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What is the full form of Raw in English?

Research and Analysis Wing is the full form of Raw in English.

What is the full form of Raw in hindi?

अनुसन्धान और विश्लेषण स्कन्ध is the full form of Raw in hindi.

Can civilians join RAW?

Yes, civilians can join RAW. The agency looks for individuals with the necessary skills, qualifications, and aptitude for intelligence work, regardless of their background.

Is working for RAW dangerous?

Working for RAW can involve risks and challenges due to the nature of intelligence work. RAW operatives often operate in covert operations, deal with sensitive information, and work in high-pressure environments. However, the agency takes necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of its personnel.

What are the qualifications required to join RAW?

The qualifications for joining RAW can vary depending on the specific role and position. Generally, candidates with a strong educational background, relevant work experience, language proficiency, and specialized skills in areas such as technology, analysis, or covert operations are preferred.


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