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How to Become a Para Commando Officer 2023?

How to Become a Para Commando Officer 2023?

Para commandos also known as the RED DEVILS are one of the most capable and advanced special forces of the world and every defense aspirant dreams of joining this elite force, but the becoming a RED DEVIL is not a child’s play, it takes immense courage and bravery to undergo such rigorous training but those who sail through earn the coveted Balidan Badge and the Maroon Barrett. Below we will discuss ways to get inducted into PARA Forces as an officer.

First and Foremost there is no direct entry for Para commandos. Only those who have joined Army are eligible for getting inducted into Para Regiment.

Ways to Become Para Commando Officer Before Getting Commissioned

To become a Para Commando Officer before getting commissioned, you can follow these steps:

  • This way is exclusively for the Gentelman Cadet of IMA and OTA
  • Two cadets Per battalion are chosen for Para regiment
  • The officer will be alloted a parental Regiment from MS branch

Ways to Become Para Commando Officer After Getting Commissioned

Becoming a Para Commando Officer after getting commissioned requires a combination of physical fitness, mental toughness, and specialized training. Here are some steps you can take to pursue a career as a Para Commando Officer:

  • Officers from all armed Forces can volunteer
  • They should have been in service in less then 5 Years
  • They should be in Shape 1 Medical category
  • They should be graded Excellent in BPET

Before Getting The Balidan Badge the volunteers need to undergo a very strenuous and stringent Training Period. Only those who complete and qualify are inducted as Para commando officers.

Skills Required By a Para Officer

In order to become extraordinary you should have skills that set you apart and as an Para Commando Officer you need to be expert in one or more of the below mentioned Skills.

  • Demolitions
  • First Aid & Trauma Management
  • Communication
  • Combat Survival
  • Weapon including Sniping
  • Unarmed Combat & PTKE (A Philippians Martial Art)
  • Language Skills & Cultural Skills

Para Commando Officer Badges

For every hard work and sheer strength, there is a reward it could be in any form depending on the goal you put your hard work in. But being a Para Commando makes you entitled of various perk but the uniform and Badges tops them all. Given below is a list of all the pieces of honour a Para Officer is entitled to wear.

  • Balidan Badge
  • Shoulder Title
  • Para Wings
  • Regimental Badge
  • Headgear
  • Jump  Indicator Wings
  • Diving Badge
  • Commendation Card
  • Combat Free Falling Badge
  • Tiger Hill Badge
  • Chakrata Badge
  • Medals  & Gallantry Awards
  • Name Plate
  • Unit’s Insignia

Para Commando Salary

The brave-hears of Para Forces live a very challenging yet extraordinary life, they are rewarded aptly for the services they provide,along with the salary provided to a normal Army personnel they are entitled to some extra allowances, A soldier of para sf receives 17300 per month as SF allowance, an additional amount of 6000 per month is given as para pay.

Similarly an entry level Lieutenant in Para forces will receive over 100000/. Below are the allowances a Para Regiment personnel receives.

  • Lifelong Pension
  • Transportation Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • Housing Allowances
  • Kit Maintenance Allowances
  • Field Area Allowances
  • Parachute Pay
  • High Altitude Allowances
  • Special Forces
  • Annual Leave of 2 Months
  • Casual Leave of 20 Days
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn
  • Study Leave of up to 2 Years with Full Pay and all Benefits
  • MBA Program for Retired Officers
  • Death Cum Retirement Gratuity and Foreign Postings.
  • Air/Rail Travel Concession
  • Free Hospital Facilities
  • Low-Interest Loans
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Rations, etc

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Q1. What is the maximum age for Para Commando officer?

Ans. The maximum age for Para Commando officer is 19.5 years.

Q2. Can married candidates apply for the Para Commando officer?

Ans. No, married candidates can not apply for the Para Commando officer.

Q3. Can girls apply for Para Commando officer? 

Ans. No only male candidate can apply for Para Commando officer.

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