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RBI Governors List From 1935 to 2023, Check All Details Here

RBI Governors List

RBI or Reserve Bank of India is the Central Bank of India and as its preamble says it is established “to regulate the issue of Bank notes and keeping of reserves with a view of securing monetary stability in India and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country to its advantage; to have a modern monetary policy framework to meet the challenge of an increasingly complex economy, to maintain price stability while keeping in mind the objective of growth.

RBI Governors

The RBI Governor is appointed by the Government of India and serves as the chief executive of the central bank. The role of the RBI Governor encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including maintaining price stability, managing inflation, promoting economic growth, supervising financial institutions, and representing the RBI at national and international forums. Over the years, several eminent individuals have held the prestigious position of RBI Governor, each leaving their unique imprint on the Indian economy and financial landscape.

  • The Governor of the Reserve Bank of India is the chief executive officer of India’s central bank
  • He is the ex-officio chair of its Central Board of Directors.
  • Indian Rupee currency notes, issued by the Reserve Bank of India, bear the Governor’s signature.
  • Since its establishment in 1935 by the Government of India, the RBI has been headed by twenty-five governors.
  • Sir Osborn smith was the first Governor of RBI

RBI Governors: A Brief History

In 1926, the Hilton Young Commission recommended the setting up of the Reserve Bank of India. The Reserve Bank of India came into existence on April 1, 1935, in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act of 1934. Initially, The central office of RBI was established in Kolkata but in 1937 it was permanently shifted to Mumbai. The Central Office is where the Governor sits and where policies are formulated. During the colonial era, RBI was privately owned. After independence, in 1949,  the Reserve Bank was fully owned by the Government of India.

RBI Governor : Shaktikanta Das

Shaktikanta Das (born 26 February 1957) is a retired 1980 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Tamil Nadu cadre. Currently serving as the 25th Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), he was earlier a member of the Fifteenth Finance Commission and India’s Sherpa to the G20.

Shaktikanta Das was earlier appointed in 2018 and later on reappointed in 2021. “The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the reappointment of Shaktikanta Das as Reserve Bank of India Governor for a period of three years beyond 10.12.2021 or until further orders, whichever is earlier,” an official statement stated.

RBI Governors List From 1935 to 2023

Below we are providing you with a table containing the list of all the RBI Governors of India so far –

S. No. Name of Governor Tenure
1 Sir Osborne Smith April 1, 1935 – June 30, 1937
2 Sir James Braid Taylor July 1, 1937 – February 17, 1943
3 Sir C.D. Deshmukh August 11, 1943 – June 30, 1949
4 Sir Bengal Rama Rau July 1, 1949 – January 14, 1957
5 K.G. Ambegaonkar January 14, 1957 – February 28, 1957
6 H.V.R Lyengar March 1, 1957 – February 28, 1962
7 P.C Bhattacharya March 1, 1962 – June 30, 1967
8 L.K. Jha July 1, 1967 – May 3, 1970
9 B.N. Adarkar May 4, 1970 – June 15, 1970
10 S. Jagannathan June 16, 1970 – May 19, 1975
11 N.C. Sen Gupta May 19, 1975 – August 19, 1975
12 K.R. Puri August 20, 1975 – May 2, 1977
13 M. Narasimham May 3, 1977 – November 30, 1977
14 I.G. Patel December 1, 1977 – September 15, 1982
15 Manmohan Singh September 16, 1982 – January 14, 1985
16 Amitav Gosh January 15, 1985 – September 4, 1985
17 R.N. Malhotra February 4, 1985 – December 22, 1990
18 S. Vpnldraramanan December 22, 1990 – December 21, 1992
19 C. Rangarajan December 22, 1992 – November 21, 1997
20 Bimal Jalan November 22, 1997 – September 6, 2003
21 Y.V. Reddy September 6, 2003 – September 5, 2008
22 D. Subbarao September 5, 2008 – September 4, 2013
23 Raghuram G. Raj an September 4, 2013 – September 4, 2016
24 Urjit Ravindra Patel September 4, 2016 – December 10,2018
25 Shaktikanta Das December 12, 2018 – to Present


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Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI?

Sir C. D. Deshmukh was the first Indian Governor of RBI.

How many governors Does RBI have in India?

Total 25 governors have served the RBI so far

Is Manmohan Singh RBI governor?

Dr Manmohan Singh was the fifteenth governor of RBI.

Who is the current RBI governor?

ShaktiKanta Das

How is the RBI Governor appointed?

The RBI Governor is appointed by the Government of India. The appointment is made by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, consisting of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

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