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Dams and Reservoir: List of Dams and Reservoirs in India

List of Dams and Reservoirs in India: With various upcoming Defence examinations such as UPSC CAPF ACs, AFCAT, Indian Navy Sailor Entry AA & SSR, candidates are actively seeking comprehensive information online. To cater to this demand, we are furnishing a comprehensive compilation of dams and reservoirs in India. This compilation holds significant relevance from the perspective of Defence exams.

Dams and Reservoirs

India is a country with a vast network of rivers, making it an ideal location for the construction of dams and reservoirs. These water storage systems not only provide hydroelectric power but also play a significant role in irrigation, flood control, and water supply for domestic and industrial purposes.

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List of Dams and Reservoirs in India

India is home to several dams and reservoirs that are important sources of water for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and other purposes. These water resources have helped transform the country’s agriculture and power sectors, contributing significantly to its economic growth. Here are some more important dams and reservoirs in India:

Name of Dam State River
Nizam Sagar Dam Telangana Manjira River
Somasila Dam Andhra Pradesh Pennar River
Srisailam Dam Andhra Pradesh Krishna River
Singur dam Telangana Manjira River
Ukai Dam Gujarat Tapti River
Dharoi Dam Gujarat Sabarmati River
Kadana dam Gujarat Mahi River
Dantiwada Dam Gujarat Banas River
Pandoh Dam Himachal Pradesh Beas River
Bhakra Nangal Dam Himachal Pradesh and Punjab Border Sutlej River
Nathpa Jhakri Dam Himachal Pradesh Satluj River
Chamera Dam Himachal Pradesh Ravi River
Baglihar Dam Jammu and Kashmir Chenab River
Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam Jammu and Kashmir Indus River
Uri Hydroelectric Dam Jammu and Kashmir Jhelum River
Maithon Dam Jharkhand Barakar River
Chandil Dam Jharkhand Swarnarekha River
Panchet Dam Jharkhand Damodar River
Tunga Bhadra Dam Karnataka Tungabhadra River
Linganamakki dam Karnataka Sharavathi River
Kadra Dam Karnataka Kalinadi River
Alamatti Dam Karnataka Krishna River
Supa Dam Karnataka Kalinadi or Kali river
Krishna Raja Sagara Dam Karnataka Kaveri River
Harangi Dam Karnataka Harangi River
Narayanpur Dam Karnataka Krishna River
Kodasalli Dam Karnataka Kali River
Malampuzha Dam Kerala Malampuzha River
Peechi Dam Kerala Manali River
Idukki Dam Kerala Periyar River
Kundala Dam Kerala Kundala Lake
Parambikulam Dam Kerala Parambikulam River
Walayar Dam Kerala Walayar River
Mullaperiyar Dam Kerala Periyar River
Neyyar Dam Kerala Neyyar River
Rajghat Dam Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Border Betwa River
Barna Dam Madhya Pradesh Barna River
Bargi Dam Madhya Pradesh Narmada River
Bansagar Dam Madhya Pradesh Sone River
Gandhi Sagar Dam Madhya Pradesh Chambal River
Yeldari Dam Maharashtra Purna river
Ujani Dam Maharashtra Bhima River
Pawna Dam Maharashtra Maval River
Mulshi Dam Maharashtra Mula River
Koyna Dam Maharashtra Koyna River
Jayakwadi Dam Maharashtra Godavari River
Bhatsa Dam Maharashtra Bhatsa river
Wilson Dam Maharashtra Pravara River
Tansa Dam Maharashtra Tansa river
Panshet Dam Maharashtra Ambi River
Mula Dam Maharashtra Mula river
Kolkewadi Dam Maharashtra Vashishti River
Girna Dam Maharashtra Girana river
Vaitarna Dam Maharashtra Vaitarna river
Radhanagari Dam Telangana Bhogawati River
Lower Manair Dam Telangana Manair River
Mid Manair Dam Telangana Manair River and SRSP Flood Flow Canal
Upper Manair Dam Telangana Manair River and Kudlair River
Khadakwasla Dam Maharashtra Mutha River
Gangapur Dam Maharashtra Godavari river
Jalaput Dam Andhra Pradesh and Odisha Border Machkund River
Indravati Dam Odisha Indravati River
Hirakud Dam Odisha Mahanadi River
Vaigai Dam Tamil Nadu Vaigai River
Perunchani Dam Tamil Nadu Paralayar River
Mettur Dam Tamil Nadu Kaveri River
Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam also Rihand dam Uttar Pradesh Rihand River
Tehri Dam Uttarakhand Bhagirathi River
Dhauli Ganga Dam Uttarakhand Dhauli Ganga River

Dams in Gujarat

Dams in Gujarat were mainly constructed to control floods, but they later started to function as water suppliers and reservoirs. Out of a total of 541 Indian Dams, Gujarat has around 21 large dams. The five chief dam-related projects of Gujarat are Sardar Sarovar, Ukai, Dantiwada, Kadana and Dharoi dam projects. These projects are considered to be the main sources of water for irrigation and drinking across the state. Given below is the list of some of the Dams in Gujarat.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

  • Sardar Sarovar Dam was one of the main projects executed in Gujarat. 30 large dams were planned for Narmada River in Gujarat.
  • The multi-purpose Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) irrigates a land of more than 1.8 million hectares.Ukai Dam
  • Ukai Dam has been constructed across the Tapti River in the Surat district.
  • It has the largest reservoir in Gujarat known as ‘Vallabh Sagar’.
  • It is the second-largest dam in the state and has the second largest storage capacity among the existing dams in Gujarat.

Dantiwada Dam

  • Dantiwada Dam is located on the outer reaches of Dantiwada in Banaskantha District of Gujarat.
  • The dam is considered to be a prime tourist attraction of the district and attracts many visitors to its scenic surroundings and natural beauty.
  • Situated nearby is Balaram Ambaji Wild Life Sanctuary which forms the division between the Dharoi Dam and Dantiwada Dam

.Dharoi Dam

  • Dharoi Dam is located at Dharoi in Sabarkantha District.
  • Dharoi Dam was constructed for supplying drinking water to urban areas including Ahmedabad, which is located around 85 kilometres away.
  • Dharoi Dam was built across the Sabarmati River in the year 1973.
  • The dam is one of the popular tourist spots in Gujarat.

Kadana Dam

  • Kadana Dam is another popular dam in Gujarat.
  • The prime objective behind its construction on the Mahi River was to control floods in the catchments.

Dholidhaja Dam

  • Dholidhaja Dam, located in Surendranagar is the chief source of water for the cities of Wadhwan, Joravarnagar, Ratanpar and Surendranagar.
  • The dam is on the Bhogavo River and supplies clean drinking water to almost 4 lakh people in and around the cities.

Kamleshwar Dam

  • Kamleshwar Dam or Hiran I Dam is located inside the Gir Forest National Park on the Hiran River in Visavadar, Junagadh district.
  • It is a rock-fill embankment dam with a height of about 25 m. The reservoir is famous for crocodiles and birds.

Other Dams in Gujarat
Some of the other Dams in Gujarat are Khodiyar Dam, Mitti Dam, Sukhi Dam and Nayka Dam.

Dams in Maharashtra

There are approximately 1821 dams in Maharashtra. The dam is the central structure in a multi-purpose plan designed to conserve water resources on a regional basis.

Mula Dam 

  • Mula Dam located nearby Baragoan Nandur Village is a noteworthy dam of Maharashtra State.
  • Mula Dam is the largest dam in the district of Ahmednagar and was constructed in the year of 1974.
  • This dam is situated in the picturesque backdrop and is a well-known place of tourist attraction.

Koyna Dam 

  • Koyna Dam is another main dam of Maharashtra state which is located in Koyna Nagar.
  • The Nath Sagar or the Jaikwadi Dam is located nearby Paitan which is situated nearly 50 km distance away from the district of Aurangabad.
  • This dam, constructed on the Godavari River, is at a distance of about 115 km from the district of Ahmednagar.

Ujani Dam 

  • Ujani Dam is constructed on the Bhima River and very popular site of the Maharashtra state.
  • Ujani Dam is located Pune district’s Taluka of Indapur. It occupies very large area for rainfall collections.

Mulshi Dam 

  • Mula River has got a very well-known dam named as Mulshi Dam which is situated in the district of Pune.
  • This dam and its water are solely used for farming and irrigation purposes.
  • Mulshi Dam is operated by Tata Power Company Ltd., to produce electricity at the nearby sited Bhira Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Panshet Dam

  • Panshet Dam was commissioned only for rural agriculture purposes nearly 40 years back and is the main water source for the Thane district.
  • Used for Hydro-electric Power generation and irrigating the agricultural lands for better crops.

Bhandardara Dam

  • Bhandardara Dam is one of the oldest, most important and major dams of the Maharashtra state.
  • Bhandardara Dam was built and erected in 1926 over Arthur Lake of the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
  • This dam is very famous for its sightseeing and scenic tourist attractions.
  • Bhandardara Dam is constructed at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and is one of the oldest dams in Asia.

Vaitarna Dam 

  • Vaitarna Dam of Thane is separated into three parts namely upper Vaitarna Dam, middle Vaitarna Dam and lower Vaitarna Dam according to the stream of the Vaitarna River.

Pawna Dam 

  • Pawna Dam is very near to Lonavala which was built across Pawna River and thus the name.
  • The surrounding area of this Dam is acknowledged as one of the best tourist target where visitors can enjoy the ferryboat services across the river to promote the sightseeing in Lonavala.

Girna Dam 

  • The Girna Dam is situated in the district of Nasik in Maharashtra state.
  • This dam is drained by the Godavari River and Girna River, the two main Rivers of Maharashtra.
  • Girna Dam was built for the specific purpose of field irrigation after collecting the overflow water of these two Rivers during the rainy season.

Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam 

  • Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam is under construction and is being taken care of by the state Government of Maharashtra.
  • The basic reason for the construction of the Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam is to facilitate and enhance the water irrigation of the area.

Kolkewadi Dam 

  • The Kolkewadi Dam is an essential part of the hydroelectric project of the Koyna Dam which is located in the region of Konkan of Maharashtra state.
  • The Kolkewadi Dam is situated at the site which is largely the sparingly inhabited area of Maharashtra state.

Dams and Reservoirs in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state and what enhances its beauty are the water reservoirs and dams. It also helps the state earn a profit. These dams provide water to the land as well as is used for drinking purposes. With the help of this stored water, Tamil Nadu generates electricity. Below, we have given a list of Dams in Tamil Nadu.

Name Purpose River
Aanaimaduvu reservoir Irrigation Anaimaduvu
Adavinainarkovil Dam Irrigation Thamirabarani River
Aliyar Reservoir Hydroelectric, Irrigation Aliyar River
Amaravathi Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Amaravati
Anaikuttam Dam Irrigation Arjuna Nadhi
Andiappanur Odai Dam Pambar
Avalanche Dam Hydroelectric Avalanche & Emerald Streams
Barur Dam Barur
Berijam Lake Kodiyetan Ar
Bungihalla Bund Bhavani
Chinnar Dam Irrigation Chinnar
Chittar I Dam Irrigation Chittar
Chittar II Dam Irrigation Chittar
East Varahapallam dam East varahapallam
Emerald Dam Hydroelectric Emerald
Eravangalar Dam Hydroelectric Eravangalar
Gatana Dam Irrigation Gatana nadhi
Glenmorgan Hydroelectric Glenmorgan St
Glenmorgan Forbay Dam Hydroelectric
Golwarpatti Dam Arujuna & Gowsiha
Gomukhinadi Dam Irrigation Gomukhinadhi
Gundar Dam Irrigation Gundar
Highways Dam Hydroelectric Highways St.
Irukkangudi Dam Irrigation Vaippar, Arjuna
Kadamparai Dam Hydroelectric Kadambarai
Kamraju Sagar (Sandy Nalla) Dam Sandynallah
Kariakoil Dam Irrigation Kariakovil
Karuppanadhi Dam Irrigation Karuppanadhi
Kelavarapalli Dam Irrigation Ponniar
Kesarigulihalla Dam Irrigation K.gulihalla
Kodaganar Dam Irrigation
Kodumudiyar Dam Irrigation Nambiyar
Krishnagiri Dam Irrigation Ponniar
Kullursandai Dam Irrigation Vaippar
Kundah Palam Dam Hydroelectric Kundah
Kunderipallam Dam Kunderipallam
Kuppanatham Dam Cheyyar
Kuthiraiyar Dam Irrigation Kuthiraiyar
Kuttiyadi (Augmentation Main ) (Padinjarethara) Hydroelectric Karamenthodu
Kuttiyar Dam Kuttiyar
Lower Bhavani Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Bhavani
Lower Kodayar Dam Hydroelectric Kodayar
Lower Nirar Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Nirar
Mambazhathuraiyar Mambazhathuraiyar
Manalar Dam Hydroelectric Manalar
Manimukthanadhi Dam Flood Control, Irrigation Manimuktha
Manimuthar Dam Irrigation Manimuthur
Manjalar Dam Irrigation Manjalar
Maravakandi Forbay Dam Hydroelectric Aravarihalla
Marudhanadi Dam Irrigation Maurdhanadhi
Mettur Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Kaveri
Mirugandanadhi Dam
Mordhana Dam Irrigation Koundanyanadhi
Moyar Forebay Dam Hydroelectric
Mukurthy Dam Mukurthi
Nagavathi Dam Irrigation Nagavathy
Nallathangal Odai Dam Nallathangal Odai
Nambiar Dam Irrigation Nambiar
Nanganjiyar Dam Irrigation Nanganjiyar
Nilayur Bed Dam Irrigation Vagai
Noyyal Athupalayam Dam Irrigation Noyyal
Noyyal Orathupalayam Dam Irrigation Noyyal
Palar Porundalar Dam Irrigation PalarPorundalar
Pambar Dam Flood Control,Irrigation Pambar
Papanasam Dam Hydroelectric Thambraparani
Parappalar Dam Irrigation Parappalar
Parson’s Valley Dam Hydroelectric Parson Valley Stream
Pechiparai Dam Irrigation Kodaiyar
Pegumbahallah Forebay Dam Hydroelectric Pengumbahallh
Periyar Forebay Vairavanar
Perumpallam Dam Perumpalam
Perunchani Dam Irrigation Paralayar
Pilavukkal Kovilar Dam Kovilar
Pilavukkal Periyar Dam Periyar
Pillur Dam Hydroelectric Bhavani
Poigaiyar Dam Irrigation Poigai
Ponnaniar Dam Irrigation Ponnaniyar
Poondi Dam Irrigation Kosasthalaiyar
Porthimund Dam Hydroelectric Porthimund St
Puthen Dam Irrigation Kodayar
Pykara Dam
Rajathope Kanar Dam Irrigation Rajathopekanar
Ramanadhi Dam Irrigation Ramanadhi
Sathanur Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Ponniar
Sathiyar Sathaiyaru
Servalar Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Servalar/ Tambiraparani
Shanmuganadhi Dam
Shenbagathope Dam Irrigation Kamandalar
Sholayar Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Sholayar
Shoolagiri Chinnar Dam Irrigation Shoolagiri Chinnar
Siddhamalli Dam Irrigation
Sothupparai Dam Irrigation Varaganadhi
Thirumurthi Dam Irrigation Palar
Thoppaiyar Dam Irrigation Thoppaiyar
Thumblahalli Dam Flood Control, Irrigation Pulapatti
Upper (Erode) Dam Uppar
Upper Aliyar Dam Hydroelectric Aliyar
Upper Bhavani Dam Hydroelectric Bhavani
Upper Kodayar Dam Hydroelectric Kodayar
Upper Kodayar Diversion dam Kodayar
Vadakku Paichaiyar Dam Irrigation Vadakkupaichaiyar
Vaigai Dam Hydroelectric, Irrigation Vaigai
Vaniar Dam Irrigation Vaniar
Varadhamanadhi Dam Varadhamanadhi
Varattar Dam Irrigation
Varattupallam Dam Irrigation Varattupallam
Vattamalaikarai Odai Dam Irrigation V.K. Odai
Vembakottai Dam Irrigation
Vennir-Ar Dam Vennirar
Vidur Dam Irrigation Varahanadi
West Varahapallam Weir Dam W.V.Pallam
Western Catchment No. I Dam Hydroelectric Arickyampuzha
Western Catchment No. II Dam Hydroelectric Karampuzha
Western Catchment No. III Dam Hydroelectric Karampuzha
Willington Dam Irrigation Vellaru

Dams and Reservoirs in Karnataka

Check all the important Dams and Reservoirs of Karnataka below –

Dam/Reservoir River Completed year
Almatti Dam Krishna 1999
Basava Sagara Dam(Narayanpur Dam) Krishna 1982
Raja Lakhamagowda dam Ghataprabha 1977
Renuka Sagara Dam Malaprabha 1972
Vani Vilasa Sagara Vedavathi 1907
Upper Tunga Dam Tunga 2007
Bhadra Dam Bhadra 1965
Tungabhadra Dam Tungabhadra 1953
Hemavathi Reservoir Hemavathi 1979
Kabini Reservoir Kabini 1974
Harangi Reservoir Harangi 1982
Krishna Raja Sagara Dam Kaveri 1931
Linganamakki Dam Sharavathi 1964
Chakra Reservoir Chakra 1985
Savehaklu Reservoir Chakra 1980
Mani Reservoir Varahi 1988
Supa Dam Kali 1987
Kodasalli Dam Kali 2000
Kadra Dam Kali 1997
Shanti Sagara Haridra
Karanja Dam Karanja 1989

Dams and Reservoirs in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is well known for its fertile lands, and plains and has the most Dams, Reservoirs, Lakes, Ponds, Wells, and Canals across the Eastern Ghats of India. It also has the second largest river delta consisting of river systems of Krishna and Godavari rivers in the country.

Name & Place River Basin Constructed Year
Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Vijayapuri South Krishna River 1967
polavaram, bank of godavari Godavari river under construction
Srisailam Dam, Srisailam Krishna River 1981
Polavaram Project, Polavaram Godavari River Under Construction
Somasila Dam, Somasila village Penna River 1989
Pulichinthala Project, Pulichinthala village Krishna River 2009
Nallamalasagar Reservoir, Markapur Krishna River Under Construction
Jalaput Dam, Jalaput Machkund River 2000
Gandikota Reservoir, Gandikota village Penna River and Chitravathi River 2013
Kalyani Dam, Tirupati Swarnamukhi River 1977
Brahmamsagar Reservoir, Bramhamgari Matham Penna River 1984
Velugodu Balancing Reservoir, Velgode Galeru River 2016
PABR Dam, Penna Ahobilam Penna River 1983
Vykuntapuram Barrage, Amaravati Krishna River Under Construction
Chitravathi Balancing Reservoir, Parnapalli village Chitravathi River 2003
Mylavaram Dam, Mylavaram Penna River 1981-82
Dowleswaram Barrage, Rajahmundry Godavari River 1850
Mid Pennar Dam, Marutla village Penna River 1980
Veligallu Dam Reservoir, Galiveedu Papagni River 2008
Rajolibanda Dam, Kurnool Tungabhadra River 1956
Gundlakamma Reservoir Project, Chinnamallavaram Gundlakamma River 1978
Tatipudi Reservoir, Tatipudi Gosthani River 1968
Prakasham Barrage, Vijayawada Krishna River 1855
Thotapalli Barrage, Thotapali village Nagavali River 2015
Sanjeevaiah Sagar Dam, Gajuladinne village Handri River 2013
Sunkesula Barrage, Kurnool Tungabhadra River 1861
Jeedipalli Reservoir, Jeedipalli village Handri River 2012
Gollapalli Reservoir, Penukonda Handri River 2016


Dams in Kerala

Check all the important dams of Kerala below –

Name of Dam District Impounding River
Neyyar dam Thiruvananthapuram Neyyar river
Thenmala (Parappar) dam Kollam Kallada river
Idukki dam Idukki Periyar river
Kundala dam Munnar, Idukki Periyar river
Mattupatti dam Munnar, Idukki Streams of Muthirappuzha, Chanduvarai river and Kundali river
Mullaperiyar dam Idukki Periyar river
Chalakkudy Dam (Sholayar dam) Chalakkudy, Thrissur Chalakudy river
Peechi dam Thrissur Manali (Peechi) river
Vazhani dam Thrissur Keecheri river
Chulliyar dam Muthalamada, Palakkad Chulliyar river
Kanjirapuzha dam Palakkad Kanjirapuzha River
Malampuzha dam Palakkad Malampuzha river
Mangalam dam Palakkad Cherukunnapuzha River
Parambikulam dam Palakkad Parambikulam river
Pothundi dam Palakkad Bharatapuzha river
Siruvani dam Palakkad Siruvani river
Walayar dam Palakkad Kalpathipuzha river
Banasura Sagar dam Kalpetta, Wayanad Kabini river
Aruvikkara dam Thiruvananthapuram Karamana river
Thunakkadavu Palakkad Chalakkudy river
Peruvaaripallam Dam Palakkad Chalakkudy river
Perigalkuthu dam Thrissur Chalakkudy river
Kuttiady dam Kozhikode Kuttiyady river
Pamba dam Pathanamthitta Pampa River

Oldest Dam in India

Kallanai Dam in Tamil Nadu is the oldest dam in India.

  • It is also known as Grand Anicut. It is built across Kaveri river and it is in the Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.
  • Kallanai Dam was built by King Karikalan of the Chola dynasty in c. 100 BC – c. 100 AD.

Highest Dam in India

Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand is the Highest Dam in India.

  • The dam’s height is 260.5 m (855 ft) and its length is 575 m (1,886 ft).
  • It is built on the Bhagirathi River.

Longest Dam in India

Hirakud Dam in Odisha is the Longest Dam in India.

  • Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River and it is around 25.79 km long.
  • The year of completion of Hirakud dam is 1953

Reservoirs in India

Here we have listed important and major reservoirs with their state and river. Candidates can check the list below.

Reservoir State River
Dindi Reservoir Telangana Krishna River
Lower Manair Reservoir Telangana Manair River
Tatipudi Reservoir Project Andhra Pradesh Gosthani River
Gandipalem Reservoir Andhra Pradesh Manneru River
Himayat Sagar Reservoir Telangana Osman Sagar
Shriram Sagar Reservoir Telangana Godavari River
Gobind Sagar Reservoir Himachal Pradesh Sutlej River
Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir Himachal Pradesh Pong Dam Lake
Ghataprabha Reservoir Karnataka Ghataprabha River
Hemavathi Reservoir Karnataka Hemavati River
Tawa Reservoir Madhya Pradesh Tawa River
Balimela Reservoir Odisha Sileru River
Aliyar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Aliyar River
Chittar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Chittar River
Krishnagiri Reservoir Tamil Nadu Thenpennai River
Manimuthar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Tamirabarani River
Pechiparai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kodayar River
Shoolagiri Chinnar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Chinnar River
Thunakadavu Reservoir Tamil Nadu Thunacadavu River
Varattu Pallam Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kaveri River
Vidur Reservoir Tamil Nadu Sankaraparani River
Amaravathi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Amaravathi River
Gundar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Berijam Lake
Kullursandai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Arjuna Nadi
Pambar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Pambar River
Periyar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Periyar River
Stanley Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kaveri River
Uppar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Uppar River
Vattamalaikarai Odai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Odai River
Willingdon Reservoir Tamil Nadu Periya Odai River
Bhavanisagar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Bhavani River
Kodaganar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Kodagananar River
Manimukthanadhi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Krishna River
Parambikulam Reservoir Tamil Nadu Parambikulam River
Sholayar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Chalakkud River
Thirumurthi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Parmabikulam and Aliyar River
Varadamanadhi Reservoir Tamil Nadu Aliyar River
Vembakottai Reservoir Tamil Nadu Vaippar River
Manjalar Reservoir Tamil Nadu Manjalar River
Salal Project Jammu and Kashmir Chenab River
Chutak Hydroelectric Project Jammu and Kashmir Suru River
Indirasagar Project Madhya Pradesh Narmada River
Narmada Dam Project Madhya Pradesh Narmada River
Rihand Project Uttar Pradesh Rihand River and Son River

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Difference Between Dams and Reservoirs

A dam is a barrier to the flow of a river. It could be a stone wall, or a concrete wall across the river to stop the flow. This is called Dam. A reservoir may be a clay or rock deposit. These dams are well-designed and constructed to completely stop the flowing water. Appropriate drainage channels have been installed on top of the dam so that flood water can safely flow downstream.

A reservoir is a part where water is stored behind a dam. They are designed to accumulate to keep all the water flowing throughout the year, given the storage capacity of the valley behind the dam. The Reservoir is designed to accommodate the expected sludge from the inlet.

A dam and a reservoir are both often designed for a life of 100 years.

Dams and Reservoir: List of Dams and Reservoirs in India_40.1


Which is the Oldest Dam in India?

The Kallanai Dam, also known as the Grand Anicut, is considered the oldest dam in India. It was built on the Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu over 2,000 years ago.

Which is the Highest Dam in India?

Tehri Dam is the Highest Dam in India.

Which is the Longest Dam in India?

Hirakud Dam is the Longest Dam in India.

What is the purpose of building dams in India?

Dams are built for various purposes, such as irrigation, flood control, hydroelectric power generation, and drinking water supply.

What are some of the environmental concerns associated with building dams?

The construction of dams can lead to deforestation, displacement of local communities, loss of biodiversity, and alteration of river ecosystems. The creation of reservoirs can also lead to methane emissions and affect downstream water quality.

Which state in India has more dams?

Maharashtra has the maximum number of large dams in India.

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