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List of Indian Air Force Headquarters and Training Institutes

List of Indian Air Force Command Headquarters and Training Institutes: The Indian Air Force operates through several command headquarters, each led by senior Air Force officers responsible for coordinating operations nationwide. These command headquarters play a vital role in ensuring effective communication and collaboration among Air Force units across the country. The Indian Air Force emphasizes training for all its personnel, including officers and other ranks, tailored to their specific requirements and aptitude levels. Training is conducted at various specialized academies to equip personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge for their respective roles within the Air Force.

List of Indian Air Force Headquarters

The Chief is an Air Chief Marshal ranked “Chief of the Air Staff”. Its headquarters is in New Delhi. The Air Force is organized into seven commands (five operational and two functional commands).
Command Headquarters
Eastern Air Command Shillong
South-Western Air Command Gandhinagar
Southern Air Command Thiruvananthapuram
Western Air Command New Delhi
Central Air Command Allahabad
Maintenance Command Nagpur
Training Command Bangalore

List of Indian Air Force Training Institutes

Here is the list of Indian Air Force Training Institutes where Air Warriors are trained for Air Warfare tactics.
Training Institute Place
Air Force School Sambra (Belgaum)
Flying Instructors’ School Tambaram
Helicopter Training School Avadi
College of Air Warfare Secunderabad
Air Force Administrative College Coimbatore
Air Force Academy Hyderabad
Air Force Technical College Jalahalli (Bangalore)
Elementary Flying School Bidar (Karnataka)
Paratroopers Training School Agra
Institute of Aviation Medicine Bangalore
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Where is Eastern Air Command headquarter located?

The Eastern Air Command headquarter is located in Shillong.

Where is Western Air Command headquarter situated?

The Western Air Command headquarter is situated in New Delhi.