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Cost & Benefits of Emigration

The concept of brain drain (the moment of emigration of  trained or highly qualified citizens from one  nation to another) should not be conceptualized when young citizens are migrating to other countries . Because one should not put implication on their move as they are not leaving their nation but with a forward looking thought moving ahead. Instead of using the term brain drain one should use the term Indian Diaspora to describe the people who migrated from territories that are currently within the borders of the Republic of India, the diaspora  also defines their descendants.


The Diaspora at present estimated  over twenty million, that includes NRIs (Indian citizens not residing in India) and PIOs (Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired the citizenship of some other country). It is circulated all over the world. The Indian Diaspora has played an important role in promoting India’s economic presence abroad and indirectly working as an unnamed ambassador. Fields including culture, education, economic development, health, arts , engineering and others Indians have emerged as leaders in some fields as information technology. Moreover all these communities can help India by investment and infrastructure which will definitely add on economic growth.

The real fact is that if we keep the  brain unutilized and the environment where there is no further growth prospect for a specific individual then there will be brain drain faster.The critics apparently say it  is brain drain and they appreciated the fact, BUt instead of oppose and making conflict of the term  the process should be encouraged as one of service to the world. Because of our presence world wide we can seek friendly gestures from neighbouring nation.In the past we  approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for loans and were grateful for obtaining them. Indian institutions still borrow from the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, which are subsidiaries.


It is analysed that receiving a loan is welcomed but the arrival of immigrants is often termed  as infiltration by the host countries. What is eventually a  requirement of the  developing &  organized world is a procedure whereby migration will be seen as export and import.There will be only a solution to make the happiness index rise, when we accept the immigrants . There are many countries one of those is Canada that issues a number of requirements every year and analyses multiple applications, select after interview and once the selection is confirmed there will be no  hassles thereafter. The immigrants also do not face any problems in Canada. Several of my relatives have migrated to Australia, New Zealand, the U.S.A., apart from Canada.


There are some cases where there is a broken heart of visitors and the immigration departments but it’s not a recurring case.
It is seldom realized that infiltration is far more serious than smuggling of goods. The emigrant, after being well settled in his new country, should gradually turn into an envoy or ambassador.If any person behave well in other country he/she is representing nation and somewhere it is to be kept as responsibility to manage their action seeking the result not as their own but the move representing their nation .

It is a must to train and well educate the behavioral requirement to every person leaving the home country by the embassy issuing the passport. Since the world wide population is also not distributed equally migration therefore, is necessary whereby the thickly populated countries could send some of their citizens to the thinly populated places. Citizens generally accept moving to developed economies rather than area where there is less population in terms of permanent settlements so it’s also a factor where to balance the population in area with least population or in place where the economic growth prospects are high.



Russia should be one of the choices except for its culture and extremely cold climate . Generally For Muslims, North Africa stretching from Libya in the east to Morocco in the west will be an area of choice. Even though Japan’s population is declining so we cannot come to a conclusion despite many of its citizens having crossed 100 years. But Japan has a strict immigration policy. Australia and New Zealand follow a procedure similar to Canada’s and has plenty of space .So one should treat world as a globle family and should look forward for growth , one should try to expand rather than getting convinced with the fluctuating thoughts


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