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Can Girls Join SSC MTS?

Often it is presumed that SSC MTS is not a good job for girls due to its post-list. However, this is not true. SSC MTS is a Group C Central Government job with posts like- clerk, daftary, and others. Among these, certain posts are suitable for girls. Like other candidates, female candidates are also given the same salary and benefits selected in SSC MTS. The government also encourages female candidates to come forward and participate in the recruitment process.

How is SSC MTS a good job for girls?

If you are still sceptical about joining SSC MTS as a girl, check the points below and make a decision.

  • Work Environment: SSC MTS jobs are typically office-based in government departments, providing a secure and structured work environment.
  • Fixed Working Hours: The job usually has fixed working hours, reducing the need for late-night work, which enhances safety.
  • Government Policies: Government offices adhere to strict policies against harassment and ensure a safe working environment for female employees.
  • Supportive Infrastructure: Offices are often equipped with facilities such as separate restrooms for women and security personnel.
  • Travel and Accommodation: In many cases, female employees are provided with travel allowances and accommodation facilities, ensuring safe commutes.
  • Leave and Health Benefits: Female employees have access to various leave benefits, including maternity leave and medical leave, ensuring their well-being.

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