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Tips to tackle Progressive Group Task (PGT) in SSB Interview

Progressive Group Task

Progressive Group Task or PGT is the 3rd task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 1. It’s a task of communicationgroup co operation and application of practical knowledge. The candidates are assessed on their problem-solving skills and how they behave in a group.

Key Aspects of Progressive Group Task

  • Time Duration: (30 – 45minutes
  • A series of 3 or 4 Major Obstacles will be there. Each Major Obstacle will contain 2 or small Sub Obstacles within them.
  • The task of the group is to overcome all the Major Obstacles in the given time.
  • Helping material provided: Rope, Plank, Wooden Log and Load.
  • Rule of Colour: If anything has White painted on it, this means that it can be touched by the candidate as well as the helping materials. If anything has Red painted on it, this means that it’s out of bounds and can’t be touched by the candidate or the helping material. If anything has Blue painted on it, this means that the candidate can touch it but it’s out of bounds for the helping material and it can’t be touched by it.
  • Rule of Distance: No distance of more than 4 feet can be jumped or leaped. It has to be bridged and crossed.
  • Rule of Rigidity: No two helping materials can be tied together with the rope in order to extend the reach. However the helping materials can be tied to structures of the obstacles.
  • Rule of Infinity: The start and the finish line of the obstacles are extended till infinity. It means that one cannot cross from the sides of the obstacle.
  • Rule of Group and Load:  The group, helping materials and the load should move ahead together through the obstacle.

Key Points to Remember During PGT

  • Listen to the GTO’s briefing carefully and do not miss out on any information. It’s important to clarify each and everything about the task.
  • See the resources (helping materials) that have been provided to you. You have to make the best use of them as a group while crossing the obstacles.
  • There may be people who’ll try to lead and do everything themselves. You can kindly ask them to let everyone participate and move ahead together as a group.
  • The obstacles can be crossed with basic practical knowledge and common sense. Don’t lose your composure and cool. The GTO will pressurize you with time, but keep the group spirit high and keep thinking.
  • Don’t fight over ideas just try and implement the ideas and see which one works rather than deciding and wasting time.
  • Carefully look at the structures they will have certain projections on them which can help you to overcome them. See how the helping materials can be incorporated with these projections to help you move forward.
  • Don’t forget any helping material behind since they are your resources which get you across the obstacles. Don’t forget the load as it has to be treated as another group member.
  • Do not look at the GTO throughout the entire duration of the task as it shows an attention seeking behaviour.
PGT requires a basic knowledge of reasoning and problem-solving skills. Moreover, a good command over communication will help you to contribute effectively during the task. To improve your problem-solving skills solve riddles, try to do things in a different way, see if something can be done with another approach. Always remember that it’s a group task and not a one-man show, you have to work with and for the group and triumph as a part of the group.
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