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Xylem in Plants is Responsible for?

Xylem in Plants is Responsible For

  1. Transport of Food
  2. Transport of Water
  3. Transport of Amino Acids
  4. Transport of Water

Ans. (2) Transport of Water

Xylem in Plants is Responsible For: Solution

Xylem is responsible for transport of water in plants. Xylem is a type of transport tissue in vascular plants.  The basic function of Xylem is to transport water from roots to stems and leaves, but it also transports nutrients, including minerals and inorganic ions, upwards from the roots to the rest of the plant.

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Xylem (blue) transports water and minerals from the roots upwards

Xylem can be found:

  • in vascular bundles, present in non-woody plants and non-woody parts of woody plants
  • in secondary xylem, laid down by a meristem called the vascular cambium in woody plants
  • as part of a stelar arrangement not divided into bundles, as in many ferns.

Xylem transports water and soluble mineral nutrients from the roots throughout the plant. It is also used to replace water lost during transpiration and photosynthesis.

Functions of Xylem

  • Transports water and mineral salts from roots to stems to leaves.
  • It transports water and soluble minerals only unidirectional.
  • It is composed of hollow non-living cells (continuous lumen).
  • It provides mechanical support to plants because of Lignified walls.

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Xylem Plant: Faqs

Q1. What are the 3 types of xylem?
Ans. xylem tracheary (vessel) elements, xylary fibres, and xylem parenchyma cells
Q2. Is xylem a tissue or organ?
Ans. xylem is a tissue.

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