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SSB GTO Tasks: How to Approach Group Obstacle Race


GOR is the 5th task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 1. It’s a group task and the candidates have to undergo an obstacle course within a given time. All the GTO groups race against each other.

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Key Aspects of GOR

  • Time Duration: 30 Minutes
  • It is also known as Snake Race.
  • All the GTO Groups will be competing with each other in a race.
  • The race will have some obstacles between the start and the finish line.
  • The group has to hold a rolled up tent (snake) during the entire duration of the race, treating it as an additional group member and taking it through the obstacles.
  • A minimum of 3 group members have to hold the snake at all times while crossing obstacles. While running from one obstacle to the other all the group members have to hold the snake.
  • The snake cannot be put on the ground once the task has started it can only be done so after the group has crossed the finish line.
  • The snake cannot be folded or tossed over obstacles.
  • Some of the obstacles will be painted Red on certain parts. These parts are out of bounds and can’t be touched while attempting the obstacles. A penalty of time will be given if any candidate or the snake touches the Red parts.

The obstacles are listed below

1. Single Ramp
2. Figure of Eight
3. Spider’s Web
4. Double Wall (Balance Beam between the two walls)
5. Single Wall
6. Slide

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Key Points to Remember During GOR

  • The GTO will ask you to come up with a war cry. Please select a war cry which actually brings ‘Josh’ in you and motivates the group as well. Keep shouting the war cry during the task.
  • Strategize as to how your group will tackle different obstacles. Read the dynamics of your group see their fitness levels and their strengths and put them to use effectively.
  • Listen to the GTO’s briefing carefully. Do not break any rule otherwise the GTO will impose a time penalty on your group and it’ll hamper your group’s performance.
  • Do not be selfish it’s a team game and your team spirit is assessed here. Help the group achieve the aim collectively.
  • Have fun because this is one of the most enjoyed events at the selection boards.

To perform well in GOR, physical fitness is very important. Go for a jog or a run everyday to increase and maintain your stamina. Do some push ups, chin ups, sit ups to increase your upper body and core strength. By doing this you’ll be able to do all the obstacles with ease and more importantly help your group members to cross the obstacles.

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