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Smart Policing Index 2021


Smart Policing Index 2021: Relevance

  • GS 2: Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability


Smart Policing Index 2021: Context

  • Recently, Indian Police Foundation (IPF) has released the Smart Policing Survey 2021 to gauge public perceptions about the quality of policing in India and the level of public trust in the police.


Smart Policing Index 2021: Key points

  • The Survey is an Index of Public Perceptions & Citizen Satisfaction.
  • IPF has identified six competency-based dimensions and three values-based dimensions of trust for compiling the Smart Policing Index 2021.
  • Thus, the survey is comprised two sets of indicators of SMART policing as dimensions of public trust in policing:
    • one set to gauge perceptions about core professional competencies and the other,
    • to assess the perceived adherence to core values and ethical principles.


Smart Policing Index 2021_3.1

Six competency-based dimensions

  • Perception index of police sensitivity;
  • Perception index of strict and good behaviour;
  • Perception index of accessibility;
  • Perception index of police responsiveness;
  • Perception index of helpful and friendly policing;
  • Perception index of technology adoption.


Three Values Based Indicators

  • Perception index of integrity and corruption-free services;
  • Perception index of fair, unbiased and lawful policing;
  • Perception index of police accountability.


Smart Policing Index 2021: Key findings

  • The survey did not provide for a formal ranking of citizens’ satisfaction this year.
  • The SMART scores are set on a scale of 1 to 10 and the scores indicates the levels of citizen satisfaction, a score of 10 being the highest level of satisfaction.
  • The half-full glass: Around 67% of the citizens believe that the police are doing their job well and strongly support the police, despite police being continuously attacked for insufficient sensitivity, declining public confidence and growing concerns about the quality of policing.
  • The levels of popular satisfaction with the quality of policing were highest in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Kerala, Sikkim, Mizoram and Gujarat.


Smart Policing Index 2021_4.1

About SMART Policing Vision

  • SMART Policing idea was first envisioned and introduced by our Prime Minister at the Conference of DGPs of State and Central Police Organizations, held at Guwahati, in the year 2014.
  • It envisages systemic changes to transform Indian Police to be:
    • S- Strict and Sensitive,
    • M- Modern and Mobile,
    • Alert and Accountable,
    • R- Reliable and Responsive,
    • T- Techno-savvy and Trained.
  • The SMART policing strategy combines the following elements:
    • Development of physical infrastructure,
    • Technology adoption,
    • Focus on the critical soft skills and attitudes,
    • Deep commitment to the values of professional excellence and service to the people.


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