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MPPSC Syllabus 2024, Check Prelims and Mains Exam Pattern

In Madhya Pradesh Public Service PSC exam for civil services is highly popular and to crack this exam candidate must hold a strong knowledge of MPPSC Syllabus topics. There are numerous topics such as GS 1-6, Hindi, Hindi, and other subjects. The MPPSC 2024 Syllabus is important for candidates as it helps them prepare for the exam effectively with a structured study plan. In this article, we have the complete syllabus and other preparation tips.

Quick MPPSC Syllabus Updates

  • Almost 19,000 candidates submitted their application forms in the session for the MPPSC Examination.
  • To be selected for the MPPSC Exam candidate must obtain at least 30% approx, it may be changed according to the new session.

MPPSC Syllabus 2024

MPPSC Syllabus offers thorough content categorized by subject for both the Prelims and Mains Exam, helping candidates organize their studies based on the significance of each chapter and topic. Additionally, the MPPSC Commission has revealed the Exam Pattern for both the Prelims and Mains Exam which gives a clear understanding of the exam’s structure and content, hereby facilitating effective preparation for aspirants.

Full Form of MPPSC Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
Exam Type State Civil Services Examination
Mode Offline
Total Duration 120 Minutes (2 Hours)
Exam Structure Prelims, Mains, Interview
Official Website https://mppsc.mp.gov.in/

MPPSC Syllabus 2024- Highlights

The MPPSC State Service Exam Syllabus 2024 was announced by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission. This test is intended to select applicants for different positions in state government agencies and departments. For the Prelims and Mains Exams, refer to the MPPSC Syllabus 2024 in the table below.

MPPSC Exam Pattern 2024

MPPSC Exam is conducted in three patterns each year. Candidates who planning or already applied for the MPPSC 2024 Exam should check the below table for in-depth information.

MPPSC Exam Pattern 2024
Exam Name Type of the Exam/Duration Marks
MPPSC Prelims Exam General Studies-Objective (2 Hours)

General Aptitude Test- Objective (2 Hours)



MPPSC Mains Exam General Studies-I (3 hours)

General Studies-II (3 hours)

General Studies-III (3 hours)

General Studies-IV (3 hours)

Hindi (3 Hours)

Hindi Essay (2 hours)







MPPSC Interview Personality Test 175

Prelims Examination:

  • The Prelims examination comprises two primary papers
    – General Studies
    – General Aptitude Test
  • Both papers are in multiple-choice question (MCQ) format.
  • Each paper carries a total of 200 marks.
  • Candidates have a time limit of 2 hours (120 minutes) for each paper.
  • There is no negative marking for incorrect answers in the MPPSC Prelims.

Mains Examination:

  • The Mains examination encompasses five core papers:
    – General Studies I
    – General Studies II
    – General Studies III
    -General Studies IV
    -Hindi Essay
  • The first three General Studies papers are worth 300 marks each, while the fourth General Studies paper is valued at 200 marks.
  • The Hindi paper also carries 200 marks, and the Hindi Essay paper is awarded a maximum of 100 marks.
  • All papers, except the Hindi Essay, have a time allocation of 3 hours (180 minutes) for completion.
  • The Hindi Essay paper allows candidates 2 hours (120 minutes) for completion.
  • MPPSC Prelims Syllabus 2024

Candidates can check the MPPSC Prelims Syllabus in this section. Candidates must be well versed with the MPPSC Syllabus so that they can strategize their preparation accordingly. The syllabus for the MPPSC Prelims exam 2024 is as follows:

MPPSC Syllabus 2024 for Prelims

The MPPSC Prelims Syllabus acts as a screening stage similar to the UPSC Prelims. Candidates’ marks in this initial round won’t be considered for the final merit list. In the MPPSC Prelims Syllabus, there are two General studies papers.

MPPSC Pre Syllabus Paper – General Studies

The MPPSC Prelims Syllabus for General Studies Paper I is an extensive curriculum encompassing subjects such as History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science, Environment, and Current Affairs. It assesses candidates’ knowledge and comprehension of various facets of MP and India, spanning a wide range of topics from ancient history to contemporary events.

MPPSC Prelims Syllabus 2024 General Studies Paper I
1. History, Culture, and Literature of Madhya Pradesh
  • Major events and major dynasties in the history of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Contribution of Madhya Pradesh to the freedom movement.
  • Major arts and sculpture of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Major tribes and dialects of Madhya Pradesh
  • Major festivals, Folk music, folk arts, and folk literature of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Important Literator of Madhya Pradesh and their literature.
  • Religious and tourist places of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Important Tribal Personalities of Madhya Pradesh
2. History of India
  • Major features, Events, and administrative, Social, and Economical Systems of Ancient and Medieval India.
  • Social and Religious Reform movements in the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Independence struggle and the Indian National Movement for Freedom.
  • Integration and Reorganization of India after Independence.
3. Geography of Madhya Pradesh
  • Forest, Forest Produce, Wildlife, Rivers, Mountains, and Mountain ranges of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The climate of Madhya Pradesh
  • Natural and Mineral Resources of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Transport in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Major Irrigation and Electrical Projects in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Agriculture, Animal husbandry, and Agriculture based industries in Madhya Pradesh.
4. Geography of the World and India
  • Physical Geography:- Physical features and Natural regions.
  • Natural Resources:- Forest, Mineral resources, Water, Agriculture, Wildlife, National Parks/ Sanctuaries/Safari.
  • Social Geography:- Population related Demography (Population growth, Age, Sex ratio, Literacy)
  • Economic Geography: – Natural and Human Resources (Industry, Modes of Transport).
  • Continents/Countries/Oceans/Rivers/Mountains of the world.
  • Natural Resources of the World.
  • Conventional and Nonconventional Energy Resources.
5. ( A) Constitutional System of Madhya Pradesh
  • Constitutional System of Madhya Pradesh (Governor, Council of Ministers, Legislative Assembly, High Court).
  • The three-tier system of Panchayati Raj and Urban Administration in Madhya Pradesh
(B) Economy of Madhya Pradesh
  • Demography and Census of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Economic Development of Madhya Pradesh
  • Major Industries of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Castes of Madhya Pradesh, Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes of Madhya Pradesh, and Major Welfare Schemes of State.
6. Constitution Government and Economy of India
  • Government India Act 1919 and 1935
  • Constituent Assembly.
  • Union Executive, President, and Parliament.
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties of the Citizens and Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • Constitutional Amendments.
  • Supreme Court and Judicial System.
  • Indian Economy, Industrial Development and Foreign Trade, Import and Export.
  • Financial Institutions- Reserve Bank of India, Nationalised Banks, Security, and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Non-Banking Financial Institutions.
7. Science and Technology
  • Basic Principles of Science.
  • Important Indian Scientific Research Institutions and their Achievements, Satellite and Space Technology.
  • Environment and Biodiversity.
  • Ecological System
  • Nutrition, Food, and Nutrient.
  • Human Body.
  • Agricultural Product Technology.
  • Food Processing
  • Health Policy and Programmes.
  • Pollution, Natural Disasters, and Management.
8. Current International and National Affairs
  • Important Personalities and Places.
  • Major Events
  • Important Sports Institutes, Sports Competitions, and Awards of India and Madhya Pradesh.
9. Information and Communication Technology
  • Electronics, Information and Communication Technology
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security
  • E-Governance
  • Internet and Social Networking Sites
  • E-commerce.
10. National and Regional Constitutional/ Statutory bodies
  • Election Commission of India.
  • State Election Commission.
  • Union Public Service Commission.
  • Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.
  • Comptroller and Auditor General.
  • NITI Aayog.
  • Human Rights Commission.
  • Women Commission.
  • Child Protection Commission.
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission.
  • Backward class Commission.
  • Information Commission.
  • Vigilance Commission.
  • National Green Tribunal.
  • Food Preservation Commission etc.

MPPSC Pre Syllabus Paper II- General Aptitude Test

The MPPSC General Aptitude Syllabus is designed to assess a candidate’s reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities. It covers various areas such as quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, data interpretation, and analysis. This syllabus includes numerical and theoretical concepts, requiring candidates to thoroughly understand these topics for successful performance in the examination.

The MPPSC General Aptitude Syllabus is an important aspect of the MPPSC exam and requires thorough preparation to achieve high scores. Here’s a summary of the syllabus topics:

  1. Comprehension.
  2. Interpersonal skills including communication skills.
  3. Logical reasoning and analytical ability.
  4. Decision-making and problem-solving.
  5. General mental ability.
  6. Basic numeracy.
  7. Hindi Language Comprehension Skill (Class X level).

Note:- Questions relating to Hindi Language Comprehension skills of Class X level will be tested through passages from the Hindi language only without providing English Translation thereof in the question paper.

MPPSC Syllabus 2024 PDF

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has released the MPPSC Syllabus PDF along with MPPSC Notification 2024. The Syllabus PDF is a comprehensive document that outlines the topics and subjects covered in the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) Exam. It provides candidates with detailed information about the areas from which questions will be asked in the exam. The MPPSC Syllabus PDF is easily accessible on the official website of the commission or through other reliable sources. Candidates can download the MPPSC Syllabus 2024 PDF from the link given below.

Download MPPSC Syllabus 2024 PDF

MPPSC Syllabus 2024 for Mains

The MPPSC Syllabus for Main Exam consists of six descriptive papers covering various topics. These include General Studies 1, 2, 3, and 4, along with Hindi Essay and Hindi Language exams. To understand the specific subjects covered in the MPPSC 2024 main question paper, candidates can refer to the following table.

MPPSC Mains Syllabus 2024
Exam Syllabus
General Studies-I
  • History and Culture
  • Indian History
  • World History
  • Mughals and their administration
  • Impact of British rule on the Indian economy
  • India as Republic
  • Indian culture, geography, water management, disaster management.
General Studies-II
  • Constitution including Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policies, centre, and State Legislatures
  • Social Issues
  • Social Sectors including health, education, and empowerment
  • Education System
  • Human resource development
  • International Organisations and
  • Public Affairs, expenditures, and international organizations
General Studies-III
  • Science and Technology
  • Logical reasoning
  • Data Interpretation
  • Energy and sustainable development
  • Indian Economy
General Studies-IV
  • Social workers/ reformers
  • Aptitude
  • Emotional Intelligence and
  • Case studies on various topics such as ethics and integrity
General Hindi and Grammar – V Unit I Short Answer Questions
Unit II Figure of Speech
Unit III – Translation of sentences from Hindi to English and from English to Hindi.
Unit IV – Sandhi and Samas, Punctuation
Unit V – Elementary Grammar and Vocabulary-

  • Administrative terminology (Hindi/English)
  • Idioms and proverbs
  • Antonyms
  • One word for many words
  • Tatsama and Tadbhava
  • Synonyms
  • Standard Terminology
Unit VI – Unread Passage
Unit VII – Pallavan – The meaning of the underlined or given lines is Pallavan.
Unit VIII – Summary – Summarize the paragraph in one-third words.
Hindi Essay – VI Unit I – First Essay (about 1000 words)
Unit II – Second Essay: Contemporary Problems and Solutions (about 500 words)
Unit III – Draft writing government and Semi-Government letters, circulars, forms, advertisements, orders, endorsements, reminders, report writing, notifications, note writing, etc. (about 250 words) (any two).

MPPSC Syllabus 2024 for Interview

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission will release the final merit list, determined by the main exam and interviews.

  • The last phase of the MPPSC exam is an interview, which assesses the candidate’s personality.
  • The interview stage of the MPPSC State Service Examination carries a total of 175 marks.
  • Since there is no fixed syllabus for this stage, candidates are encouraged to participate in numerous mock interviews with peers and colleagues to improve their chances of success.
  • This stage aims to evaluate the candidate’s abilities and skills.

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Is MPPSC Notification 2024 out?

MPPSC Notification 2024 has been released on 30 December 2023.

What does MPPSC stands for?

MPPSC stands for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.

What is the time duration for MPPSC Prelims Exam 2024?

The time duration for MPPSC Prelims Exam is 4 hours (2 for each subject)

What are the stages for MPPSC Exam 2024?

There are 3 stages for MPPSC Exam- Prelims, Mains and Interview.

What is the MPPSC Prelims exam date?

The MPPSC Prelims exam 2024 is scheduled for 23 June.


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