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BPSC Salary 2024, BPSC Group A Officer Job Profile and In Hand Salary

The Bihar Public Service Commission determines the BPSC Salary 2024 based on the 7th pay commission guidelines. Before applying for the job, candidates must know about the different parts of the monthly BPSC salary. According to the latest updates, the in-hand BPSC salary ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 70,000, with a grade pay of Rs 4600 or Rs 5400. In addition to the basic salary, various attractive allowances and benefits are included in a BPSC Officer’s monthly salary.

BPSC Salary 2024

The BPSC salary and other benefits associated with the BPSC job keep the aspirants driven and motivated towards various BPSC Posts. The Bihar Public Service Commission provides an excellent career opportunity, including an attractive salary and other powers, benefits, and the chance to serve the nation.

In this article, Aspirants can gather complete information regarding-

  • Monthly BPSC salary,
  • BPSC Grade Pay
  • BPSC Posts and Departments
  • BPSC Salary Structure
  • BPSC career progression, as well as the
  • BPSC perks and allowances, etc.

70th BPSC Salary 2024

Annually, BPSC announces openings for the Bihar Combined Competitive Examination (BPSC CCE), a reputable opportunity for state service careers. Staying informed about the latest BPSC Salary structure is crucial for candidates. The commission offers gazetted positions with an impressive pay scale and additional benefits. Alongside the attractive salary, candidates can seize enough opportunities for career growth and promotions within BPSC. The Bihar PSC CCE is highly esteemed, drawing aspirants seeking a rewarding career in Bihar’s administrative services.

BPSC Officer Salary and Group Level

The BPSC exam serves as a first step to prestigious positions such as SDM, Deputy Collector, DSP, Revenue Officer, Assistant Commissioner, and other gazetted posts offered by the commission. All these positions come under the Level 9 pay scale in the BPSC salary structure, with grade pay of Rs. 5400/-.

Candidates seeking details about the monthly BPSC salary, job responsibilities, and other important aspects should refer to this article for comprehensive information. It provides valuable insights into the roles and benefits associated with these esteemed positions attained through the BPSC exam.

BPSC Salary 2024 Job Profile

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) presents a lucrative opportunity for candidates aspiring to serve in Bihar state. In the government offices of Bihar, many different tasks are waiting for candidates to do. Candidates appointed for civil service positions through the BPSC exam must diligently execute all assigned responsibilities outlined by higher authorities. The BPSC Officer Job Profile encompasses the following roles and duties:

  • Assisting senior departments in ensuring operational efficiency.
  • Upholding law, order, and discipline within their designated jurisdiction.
  • Serving as revenue officer, responsible for tax collection and submission of reports to the government.
  • Implementing social welfare schemes and programs while fostering and maintaining peace and safety in their operational areas.

BPSC Salary Structure 2024

A BPSC Officer’s monthly salary comprises the Basic Pay, Dearness Allowances (DA), Transport Allowances (TA), and House Rent Allowance (HRA). Under BPSC Salary, selected candidates get a basic salary of around INR 42,900 per month, and it is accompanied by additional benefits such as HRA and DA. Therefore, the overall BPSC Officer salary includes basic pay, along with several other benefits, allowances, and perks.

  • During the first year, BPSC officers do not receive any Dearness Allowance, which is granted to them as per the state government’s policies.
  • For instance, taking inspiration from the Central government, the Bihar State government has increased the Dearness Allowance rate to 17% effective from October 2019.
  • Regarding House Rent Allowance (HRA), the Bihar state government provides 20% of Basic Pay for positions based in the state capital, i.e., Patna, and 15% for those serving in district and block-level postings across other regions.
BPSC Salary Structure
Post Name BPSC Pay Scale
Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Rs 61,500- Rs 72,000
Anchal Padadhikari Rs 43,400- Rs 47,800
Excise Inspector Rs 43,400-Rs 47,800
Range Officer (Forest Department) Rs 43,400- Rs 47,800
ASI Rs 52,500
Block Minority Welfare Officer Rs 43,400- Rs 47,800
Inspector Rank Officers Rs 61,400
Sub Inspector Rs 49,800
Assistant Superintendent Jail Rs 35,500-Rs 39,900
Police Constable Rs 26,500
Deputy Superintendent Rs 61,500-Rs 72,000
Assistant Engineer Rs 64,300
Assistant Operators Rs 36,000

BPSC Salary- Grade Pay & Grade Level

Apart from the basic salary, the monthly BPSC Officer salary comprises several other allowances such as Travel Allowance, Dearness Allowance, and House Rent Allowance. For the position of Secretary, the monthly BPSC salary can soar up to Rs. 2,00,000. On the other hand, the BPSC SDM salary can fall within the range of Rs. 61,500 – Rs. 72,000.

BPSC Post Name & Grade Pay
BPSC Post Name Grade Level Grade Pay
Deputy Collector 9 5400
Deputy Superintendent of Police 9 5400
District Commandant 9 5400
Bihar Education Service 9 5400
Assistant Commissioner of State Taxes 9 5400
Electoral Officer 9 5400
Planning Officer / District Planning Officer (Gazetted) 9 5400
Junior Registrar 9 5400
Food and Supply Inspector 7 4600
Labor enforcement officer (non-gazetted) 7 4600
Revenue Officer 7 4600
Block Panchayat Raj Officer (Bihar Panchayat Service) 7 4600

BPSC Salary- Perks and Allowances

BPSC officers are offered various benefits and perks owing to the demanding nature of their job.

  • Security: BPSC Officers are provided with a personal security guard, and in certain cases, security forces are also allocated to them in case of life threats.
  • Vehicles: BPSC Official vehicles are allotted to several posts for official purposes.
  • Subsidies: BPSC officers receive highly subsidized bills for electricity, water, gas, and phone connections. When visiting other states, officers can stay in government guest houses at subsidized rates.
  • Job Security: Moreover, job security is excellent for PCS officers as they cannot be dismissed without a rigorous inquiry and investigation process.
  • Post-Service Appointments: In addition to lifetime pensions and retirement benefits, BPSC officers may also be appointed to various commissions, and their invaluable administration experience is sought-after by private consulting companies.

BPSC Department & Posts List

BPSC is a good chance for people who want to work for the government in Bihar state. You can apply for different jobs in the state administrative system. Every year, they announce job openings with a good salary. All the jobs in BPSC are important and respected. Check out the table below for the BPSC Department and Posts List.

BPSC Post List and Concerned Department
Department Post
Home Department (Reserve Branch) Deputy Superintendent of Police
Home Department (Special branch) District President
Home Department Prisoner, Prison, and Correctional Services Inspectorate
Commerce-Tax Department Assistant Commissioner of State Taxes
Election Department Electoral Officer
Labor Resources Department Planning Officer / District Planning Officer
Sugarcane Industries Department Officer
Home Department Bihar Probation Service (Probation Officer)
Transport Department Additional District Transport Officer
City Development and Housing Department Municipal Executive Officer
Consumer Protection Department Food and Supply Inspector
Labour Resources Department Labor enforcement officer (Non-gazetted)
Revenue and Land Reforms Department Revenue Officer
Panchayati Raj Department Block Panchayat Raj Officer (Bihar Panchayat Service)
Minority Welfare Department Minority Welfare Officer

BPSC Salary 2024 Promotion and Career Growth

To become a BPSC Officer, aspiring candidates need to understand and address the community’s social and economic problems, making plans to improve their lives. BPSC Officers have big responsibilities in their functional areas. BPSC officer’s career growth depends on how many years they’ve worked and how well they do their job. After getting promoted, BPSC Officers may qualify for different roles, like the ones mentioned below.

  • Assistant Tax Commissioner
  • City Executive Officer
  • Block Panchayat Officer
  • District Audit Officer
  • Assistant Director Social Security
  • Bihar Education Service
  • Supply Inspector
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Revenue Officer
  • Election Officer
  • Bihar Administrative Service


Bihar Administrative Service officers start their job at pay level 9 with basic pay of 53,100. After working at this level, they move up to level 11 and become Senior Sub-Divisional Magistrates (Sr SDMs). It’s important to mention that there is no pay level 10 in Bihar Administrative Service and other high-ranking services in Bihar.

However, BPSC officers at level 9 have a chance to reach level 10 through the Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) scheme if they don’t get promoted to Sr SDM within 10 years.https://www.adda247.com/upsc-exam/bpsc-70th-notification/

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What is the basic salary of a BPSC Officer?

The basic salary of a BPSC Officer is approximately INR 42,900 per month.

What are the allowances given to BPSC officers?

The allowances given to BPSC officers include Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Transport Allowance.

Is there a provision for job security in BPSC?

Yes, BPSC Officers enjoy great job security and the process of firing an Officer requires extensive inquiry and investigation.

What are the post-retirement benefits of a BPSC Officer?

Post-retirement benefits of a BPSC Officer include lifetime pensions and other retirement benefits, as well as the possibility of being appointed to different commissions.

Are BPSC Officers provided with vehicles for official purposes?

Yes, various posts of BPSC are allotted vehicles for official purposes.

Are BPSC Officers eligible for subsidized bills?

Yes, BPSC Officers generally get highly subsidized electricity, water, gas, and phone connections.

Are BPSC Officers allowed to use Government guest houses during official trips?

Yes, BPSC Officers enjoy subsidized accommodation in Government guest houses when visiting other states and can use respective state Bhavan.

Is the BPSC Officer Salary in Bihar higher than other states?

The BPSC Officer Salary in Bihar is competitive with other state services, and includes several allowances and benefits.

What kind of promotions can a BPSC Officer receive?

Promotions for BPSC Officers are based on the years of service and the work they have performed, and can lead to positions such as District Magistrate, Divisional Commissioner, Etc.

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