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Today’s (November 22, 2021) Important Headlines from The Hindu

Subject Page(Delhi A.) Headline Relevance(Prelims & Mains)
GS 2 1 SKM seeks legal backing for MSP, repeal of electricity Bill

(Agricultural Marketing Direct & Indirect Farm Subsidies)

1. Draft Electricity Amendment Bill, 2020-21

2. MSP

3. Commission for Air Quality Management in the National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas Act, 2021

GS 2 6 Sifting the pile

(Government Policies & Interventions, Health)

1. ‘Swachh Survekshan’ awards
GS 2 6 On the brink

(Bilateral Groupings & Agreements)

1. Donbas Region

2. Minsk Accord

3. Minsk II’ peace agreement

GS 2 7 Making Ayurveda a real science

(Government Policies & Interventions, Health)

Elaborate how the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major challenge for science and why should more and more people move towards Ayurveda?
GS 3 9 Five MPs likely to move dissent notes to Data Bill panel report

(Cyber Security, IT & Computers; Government Policies & Interventions)

1.  Joint Parliamentary Committee

2. Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill

3. Pegasus case

GS 2 9 PM likely to join Joe Biden’s Democracy Summit

(Important International Institutions, Global Groupings)

1. Summit for Democracy

2. 2+2 meeting of Indian and Russian Foreign and Defence Ministers

3. South and Central Asian (SCA) region

4. G-7

5. D-10

GS 2 10 Life expectancy lower for urban poor, says study

(HealthImportant International Institutions)

1. Life Expectancy
GS 2 11 Protests break out in Pak. port city over CPEC

(HealthImportant International Institutions)


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