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SBI Apprentice Salary 2024, Job Profile, Career Growth

SBI Apprentice Salary 2024

The SBI Apprentice Salary 2024 includes a great benefits package that goes above and beyond the base pay. Candidates who are interested in the SBI Apprentice Recruitment 2024 and searching for SBI Apprentice Salary 2024, should read the complete article. Candidates who are selected for the Apprentice will get a stipend of Rs. 15000/- per month throughout the apprenticeship training program. The training period for one year, as mentioned in the SBI Apprentice Notification. SBI Apprentice Salary 2024, In-Hand Salary, Job Profile, and Career Growth are discussed below.

SBI Apprentice Salary 2024 Overview

For the duration of the apprenticeship training program, candidates who are selected for the Apprenticeship will get a salary of Rs. 15000/- each month. Candidates review the table for more important details related to SBI Apprentice Salary 2024.

SBI Apprentice Salary 2024
Organization State Bank of India.
Posts Apprentice
Category Salary
Montholy Salary Rs.15000/- Per Month
Job Type Contract Based
Job Duration One year
Allowance No Any Allowance( SBI Apprentice is contract based post)
Official Website @www.sbi.co.in

SBI Apprentice Salary Structure 2024

Candidates who have been selected for the position of SBI Apprentice will work for the bank for one year while receiving a monthly stipend for their efforts. The specifications of the stipend, which will be the SBI Apprentice Salary 2024 for the upcoming year for Aspirants, must be reviewed by candidates.

SBI Apprentice Salary 2024
Post Stipend
SBI Apprentice Rs.15000/- Per Month

SBI Apprentice Perks And Benefits

The SBI Apprentice initiative is not a permanent or contractual position inside the bank. The bank will not consider the candidates it selects as apprentices to be its employees. Therefore, they are not qualified to receive any of the benefits or allowances offered to SBI employees.

Note: The trainees will not receive any additional bonuses or perks besides their monthly pay.

In-Hand SBI Apprentice Salary 2024

Candidates should be informed that they won’t get paid if they accept an offer to work as an SBI Apprentice. Instead, a stipend will be given to them as payment for the work they do over the year-long training term. For the duration of their one-year engagement, those who qualify for a Rs. 15,000 stipend would get the whole amount without any deductions.

SBI Apprentice Job Profile 2024

In the following sections, we’ll examine a few topics that will help you understand the precise responsibilities of an SBI Apprentice.

  • Rather than being a permanent position or a contract with the bank, this job description is part of an apprenticeship program.
  • Candidates who are chosen for this position profile will engage in administrative tasks to become familiar with the system.
  • The candidate’s primary responsibility during the training period will be to provide after-sale services.
  • The supervisors will give tasks for the SBI Apprentice to do.

SBI Apprentice Promotion And Career Growth 2024

  • The work of an SBI Apprentice helps individuals get ready for a future career in banking. After completing the training time, the candidates will receive an internship certificate as part of this program.
  • Candidates who have no previous experience working for private banks can take advantage of this opportunity to train in the banking industry right away. This apprenticeship program can be quite beneficial for you if you intend to apply for any banking job profile.

SBI Apprentice Training Period 2024

Individuals who are selected for the SBI Apprentice position will work for the bank for a period of one year. The bank is under no obligation to hire the apprentices full-time after the apprenticeship period is over. On the basis of their success during their SBI apprenticeship program, apprentices will only be chosen for permanent job profiles.


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Is SBI Apprentice a Permanent Job?

No, SBI Apprentice is not a Permanent Job.

What is the Training Period for SBI Apprentice 2024?

The Training Period for SBI Apprentice 2024 is 1 Year.

What will be the monthly stipend of SBI Apprentice?

The monthly stipend of SBI Apprentice will be Rs.15000/-.

Are there any other allowances for SBI Apprentice apart from the Salary?

No other incentives or allowances will be given to the apprentices.

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