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NABARD Grade A Salary 2024, Allowances, and Job Profile

The National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) conducts the NABARD Grade A exam to select candidates for Assistant Managers in Rural Development Banking Services. Before applying for any post the first question that comes to mind is the salary offered with that post. This article covers the details of the NABARD Grade A 2024 Salary structure, in-hand salary, probationary term, benefits, and career advancement aspects. For more, continue reading below.

NABARD Grade A Salary 2024

The NABARD Grade A position is for an Assistant Manager, and upon joining the bank, the individual would have many opportunities for professional development. One of the best opportunities is to work for the most reputable bank. The salary for the Grade A Assistant Manager position at the National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD) is been discussed further in the article. The table below lists the total amount of payment that qualified candidates for the NABARD Grade A Exam 2024 will receive.

Component Amount (Rs.)
Basic Pay 44,500
Pay Scale 44,500 – 1,50,000
Monthly Gross Emoluments 1,20,000

NABARD Grade A: Salary Structure

NABARD Grade A Officers make between Rs. 58,000 and Rs. 62,000 per month in hand salary. Along with Dearness Allowance, Local Compensatory Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Special Allowance, Family Allowance, and Grade Allowance, the base NABARD Grade A Salary is Rs. 44,500/-per month. The following table shows the salary structure:

NABARD GRADE A Salary Structure
Organization National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
Post Name Assistant Manager
Basic Pay Rs. 44,500/-
Pay Scale Rs. 44,500/- per month in the scale of Rs. 44,500 – 2500 (4) – 54,500 – 2850 (7) – 74,450 – EB – 2850 (4) – 85,850 – 3300 (1) – 89,150 (17 Years)
Monthly Gross Emoluments Rs. 1,00,000/-
Allowances & Benefits DA, HRA, LCA, TA, etc.
Probation Period 2 years (extendable up to 1 year)
Official Website nabard.org

NABARD Grade A Salary 2024: Increments

On the scale of Rs. 44500 – 2500 (4) – 54500 – 2850 (7) – 74450 – EB – 2850 (4) – 85850 – 3300 (1) – 89150 (17 Years), the NABARD Grade A Officer is paid Rs. 44,500/-p.m. The payscale for NABARD Grade A Salary 2024 is fixed, and the payscale level decides the structure. Currently, the starting gross monthly salary is about Rs 70,000. The NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager’s salary structure is described below.

Period Basic Pay (INR) Increment (INR)
For the first four years Rs. 44500 Rs. 2500
For the next 7 years Rs. 54500 Rs. 2850
For the next 4 years Rs. 74450 Rs. 2850
For the next 4 years Rs. 85850 Rs. 3300 for 1 year
Max. Basic Pay Rs. 89150 Till retirement

NABARD Grade A Salary 2024: Deductions

Check the deduction the for Provident fund, medical premium, income tax, and other total earnings parameters in the table below.

Particulars Amount
Prov. Fund/NPS Rs. 6130
Medical Premium Rs. 180
Lounge Subs Rs. 400
Income Tax Rs. 2323
Relief Fund Contribution Rs. 200
Total Deduction Rs. 9053

NABARD Grade A Salary Slip

The NABARD Grade A pay slip is an overview that offers a comprehensive analysis of the basic pay, dearness allowance, housing allowance, medical allowance, and other allowable allowances that Grade A officers employed by NABARD are eligible to receive. We have included a sample of the NABARD Grade A Salary Slip for your reference below.


nabard grade a prime batch

NABARD Grade A Allowances & Benefits

Along with the NABARD Grade A Salary 2024, candidates also receive some additional salary and perks which are discussed below.

NABARD Grade A Allowances include:

  1. Dearness Allowance
  2. Local Compensatory Allowance
  3. House Rent Allowance
  4. Grade Allowance
  5. Family Allowance
  6. Dispensary Allowance
  7. Furniture Allowance
  8. Vehicle maintenance
  9. Newspaper
  10. Internet
  11. Telephone expenses
  12. Book grant
  13. Furnishing of residence

NABARD Grade A Benefits include:

  1. Newspapers, the internet, phone bills, book grants, living expense reimbursement, and so on, based on eligibility
  2. Free dispensary setup in addition to medical expense reimbursement, and out-of-patient care (OPD) is provided.
  3. Leave Travel Concession (once every two years for the individual and their dependents)
  4. Concessional interest rates on advances and loans for homes, cars, children’s education, and personal computers
  5. Some centers or residential accommodations also offer the government quarters facility.
  6. NABARD Grade A officers are also granted access to the NPS facilities.

NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager Probation

There are more responsibilities associated with the profile as an Assistant Manager of NABARD Grade A. Since the work culture is sometimes described as administrative, the profile must carry out important duties. NABARD Grade A job comes with a two-year probationary period that can be extended for another year.


NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager Job Profile

The NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager’s assigned Job profiles and range of duties are listed below.

  • Help the manager by handling the several administrative responsibilities that the CGM assigns you.
  • Discuss policy matters about rural and agricultural development within the framework of various state and federal government programs.
  • Take part in rural-based initiatives with the state government and banking industry.

Regardless of your qualifications, you will be assigned to any department as an Assistant Manager. The Chief General Manager (CGM) of the local NABARD office will be the person to whom you must report.

NABARD Grade A Officer Job Profile: General Post

  • Perform administrative, managerial, and/or other tasks as delegated by the CGM
  • Addressing policy concerns for different state and federal government initiatives pertaining to agriculture and rural development
  • Coordinating with the banking sector and state governments on matters pertaining to rural activities
  • Perform clerical jobs and work under the manager.

NABARD Grade A Officer Job Profile: Information and Technology Officer (ITAO)

  • Security Analytical
  • Networking Database Management
  • Application Development
  • Related areas and server management
  • Database analysis with Oracle, MSSQL, and MySQL

NABARD Grade A Officer Job Profile: Finance Officer

  • Treasury Administration
  • Risk Control
  • Managing statutory and/or regulatory compliances for retail bonds, public issuance, etc.

NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager Growth

NABARD Grade A Growth offers attractive benefits and a salary package that promotes career advancement. A good opportunity is provided to candidates by the banking industry, which posts a respectable number of openings. Many applicants now enjoying a secure life with a solid income annually apply for the position.

  1. Assistant Manager
  2. Manager
  3. Assistant General Manager
  4. Deputy General Manager
  5. General Manager
  6. Chief General Manager
  7. Executive Director
  8. Director

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Q 1. What is the Basic Pay of NABARD Grade A Salary 2024?

Ans. The Basic Pay of NABARD Grade A is Rs. 44,500/- p.m.

Q2. What is the Payscale of NABARD Grade A Salary 2024?

Ans. The Payscale for NABARD Grade A posts is Rs. 44,500/-p.m. in the scale of Rs. 44500 – 2500 (4) – 54500 – 2850 (7) – 74450 – EB – 2850 (4) – 85850 – 3300 (1) – 89150 (17 Years).

Q3. What is in-hand salary for the NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager?

Ans. The initial is in-hand salary for the NABARD Grade A Assistant Manager is approximately Rs. 1,00,000/- p.m.