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CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023, 11th June Shift-Wise Exam Review

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023: The CAIIB BFM Exam has been successfully conducted on 11th June 2023. Candidates who are interested in knowing the shift-wise CAIIB BFM difficulty level and questions asked can refer to the article below.  The exam analysis will help the candidates to determine the difficulty level of the exams. The CAIIB BFM 11th June Shift-wise exam analysis is as follows.

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023: Shift 1

As per the exam analysis, the CAIIB BFM Shift 1 Exam 2023 was Tough. 10 questions were asked without any options. Check the questions asked in the CAIIB BFM Exam 2023 below.

  1. For travelers proceeding for Haj/ Umrah pilgrimage, the full amount of entitlement ($250,000) in cash or up to the cash limit as specified by the Haj Committee of India.
  2. Variance is Defined As
  3. MRR % in Securitization
  4. For D- SIB the leverage ratio is 4%, For other banks it’s 3.5%
  5. SWIFT Full Form
  6. Cash Management Bills (CMBs)
  7. Negative Publicity Imposes Which Risk
  8. Numerical on Modified Duration
  9. A TOM deal is done on 4th May (Thursday) by a bank in India with a bank in the USA. If 5th May is a holiday in India and 8th May is a holiday in the USA, the settlement date will be?
  10. SMA2 is called when due for — days and upto 90 days
  11. If the 64-day volatility is 56%, what would be the approximate 1-day volatility
  12. What is the minimum retention requirement(MRR) for the originator of residential mortgage-backed securities
  13. PCL Limits Calculation-5 Marks
  14. Operational RWA and Capital Charge-5 marks
  15. NRO NRE Account Case Study
  16. Duration Calculation-5 Marks
  17. Market Risk – Treasury Ops- 3 Marks
  18. ALCO & ALM Related- 3 questions
  19. Altman Z Score Min Required-2 Questions
  20. PCL drawdown by exporter Case Study
  21. Difference between NRO and NRE account
  22. Method of fixing the rate of exchange between one currency and another through the help of a third currency is called?
  23. Going Concerned
  24. Model Risk
  25. Country Risk Classification
  26. Forex Settlement Date Calculation
  27. RAROC
  28. Volatility
  29. CRR, SLR Case Study
  30. Capital Charge-1 Question
  31. IFSC-1-3 Questions
  32. Bond Face Value
  33. Packing Credit Limit
  34. Basel 3
  35. Fetters
  36. BPS
  37. EDBP Case Study
  38. IFSCA
  39. Expected Loss
  40. Chain Rule
  41. Types Of Risk
  42. Bank Book & Trading Book
  43. Credit Risk Characteristics
  44. Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rates
  45. Operational RWA & Capital Charge
  46. LRS Education Purpose
  47. Case Study From Foreign Exchange
  48. DSIB Leverage Ratio
  49. EBID Ratio
  50. CMB Amount
  51. Mid Office, Back Office, Front Office
  52. VaR
  53. CCB Numericals
  54. Call Option

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023: Shift 2

The CAIIB BFM Exam for shift 2 and 3 were also tough. The questions asked in the 2nd and 3rd shift of the CAIIB BFM Exam 2023 have been shared below.

  1. RAROC Full Form
  2. Spot Rate Numerical Question
  3. Basis Risk
  4. NPA Case Study
  5. SWIFT Full Form
  6. PCR Full Form
  7. NDTL Case Study
  8. NRE NRO Case Study
  9. EBID
  10. Funding Risk
  11. Market Risk Other Name
  12. SMA Case Study
  13. RWA Case Study
  14. Forex-2 Case Study
  15. Tier 1 & Tier 2 Capital
  16. CCB Comes Under Which Tier
  17. PCA Full Form
  18. GIFT City
  19. NPA -Asset Classification
  20. Red Clause LC
  21. External Commercial Borrowings-2-3 Questions
  22. Forex-12 Questions
  23. RADIX Full Form
  24. Integrated Treasury
  25. LC Document Related
  26. Cross Rate-USD/INR
  27. Capital Charge
  28. Operation Risk
  29. Education Loan Limit Under IFSC
  30. Upgradation of SME NPA Accout to regular account after how many days
  31. CCB In Which Capital
  32. MT 700
  33. HQLA Case Study
  34. Capital Adequacy
  35. NRI Case Study
  36. VAR
  37. Case Study On Liquidity Ratio including HQLA
  38. LCR and NSFR
  39. Case Study on Future, Forward Options
  40. IBU Licence
  41. Cash Ready Added in Export Bill Case Study
  42. Cross Rate Numerical
  43. Altman Z Score
  44. Modified Duration and Duration
  45. Volatility
  46. SMA 2
  47. Variance
  48. RWA Numerical Question
  49. NRE NRO Difference
  50. RFC Account
  51. Case Study On Futures
  52. Tax Collected Source limit For Education Loan
  53. SMA 1
  54. Market Risk
  55. Basel Pillar 2
  56. COSO Objective
  57. Basel 3 Case Studies Numerical

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What was the difficulty level of the CAIIB BFM Shift 1 Exam 2023?

The CAIIB BFM Shift 1 Exam 2023 was tough.

What was the difficulty level of the CAIIB BFM Shift 2 and 3 Exam 2023?

The difficulty level of the CAIIB BFM Shift 2 and 3 Exam 2023 was tough.

What questions were asked in the CAIIB BFM Exam?

Candidates can check the shift-wise CAIIB BFM questions in the article above.

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