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Who Wrote The Discovery of India?

Who Wrote The Discovery of India?

The Discovery of India was written by India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru when he was incarcerated in 1942–1945 along with other Indian Freedom fighters at Ahmednagar jail for participating in Quit India Movement.

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The Discovery of India

  •  He used his solitude in prison in writing this book and he gave tribute to his dear country and its rich culture by penning down his thinking and information about India’s set of experiences.
  • It is a spectacular piece of work which covers the set of experiences, a comprehensive view of Indian history, culture, philosophy, ideas, workmanship, religion, science, economy, society and developments of one of the old civilizations of the world.
  • From the Vedic history including the Upanishads and Vedas to the modern British history of India, he covered every aspect, influential characters and important takeaways in his writings.
  • One television series with the title “Bharat Ek Khoj” was also released in 1988, which was based on this book.

Hence, the correct answer is Jawahar all Nehru. 

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Given below is the list of some other important books written by him –

Glimpses of World History
Letters for a Nation
A Bunch of Old Letters
The Discovery of India
Words of Freedom: Ideas of A Nation
Letters from a Father to his Daughter
The Struggle for Civil Liberties
The Unity of India Collected Writings 1937-1940
An Autobiography: Toward Freedom
Nehru’s India: Select Speeches

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