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SSB Emotions Test: Check your Emotional Intelligence

SSB Emotions Test


Time : 5 Minutes                                                        Total Questions: 25
Note- Round your responses which-ever you feel is correct in the paper 
from the followings:-
(a) Always (b) Sometimes (c) Rarely (d) Never
Q.1 Don’t you feel upset when your views are not agreed to by others.
Q.2 Don’t you like serious life.
Q.3 On scolding from teachers/boss you get depressed.
Q.4 You have some misunderstanding with your friends.
Q.5 Your subordinates are not happy with you.
Q.6 You develop arguments with your teachers/seniors /close friends.
Q.7 You have differences with your parents on home affairs.
Q.8 You fight with your neighbours.
Q.9 You supported your friends against college authorities.
Q.10 You loose temper over trifle.
Q.11 Your close friends fall in bad company.
Q.12 You become emotional on loosing your point in discussion.
Q.13 Don’t you reach late.
Q.14 Don’t you feel uneasy while disturbed untimely.
Q.15 You loose temper while not getting proper respect by your juniors.
Q.16 You have bitter arguments with your elder brother..
Q.17 In spite of being only son, you take risks in life.
Q.18 You get fed up for un tasty food.
Q.19 Don’t you make mistakes in your decisions.
Q.20 Your friends feel that you are sentimental.
Q.21 You love easygoing life.
Q.22 Don’t you show resentment to your parents.
Q.23 Don’t you get depressed on a sad news.
Q.24 Don’t you avoid the company of introverts.
Q.25 Don’t you like a humorous life.


(a) Always (b) Sometimes (c) Rarely (d) Never
Q.1 You helps your enemies/critics.
Q.2 On scolding from teachers you get depressed.
Q.3 Promotions are based on qualities of individuals.
Q.4 During your captainship your team has wining the matches.
Q.5 You have been doing well in your exams.
Q.6 You come in conflicts with others.
Q.7 You help your neighbours in need.
Q.8 Your friends obey you when they miss classes.
Q.9 People listen to your arguments.
Q.10 You loose temper on your brothers.
Q.11 You have deference with your mother.
Q.12 During group discussion you found no one listening you.
Q.13. You have been casual in your exams/sports.
Q.14 Your friends whom you have helped have teamed up with your opponents in school/college elections.
Q.15 Your neighbours are very quarrelsome.
Q.16 You have found your science subject difficult/easy.
Q.17 His class teachers were too strict.
Q.18 You found it hard to concentrate on your studies.
Q.19 Don’t you help during drought conditions in your area.
Q.20 You don’t get disheartened when your parents don’t give you the required money.
Q.21 Your parent could not afford your expenditure.
Q.22 You run short of money.
Q.23 You feel home sick.
Q.24 You feel lonely.
Q.25 You take risk in life.


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