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How to Develop Hobbies for SSB Interview

How to Develop Hobbies for SSB Interview: Everybody loves to practice their hobbies, you hobbies tells what kind of personality your are, how creative, practical, emotional etc you are. Hence, your hobbies and interest plays very important role in the SSB interview. You should have very productive hobbies which automatically develops your personality day by day. Many defence aspirants questions what things they should mention in this part of the PIQ form. We will guide you as to how to develop productive hobbies and interest in your life so that it helps you in having upper hand in this part of the SSB personal Interview.

How to Develop Hobbies for SSB Interview

Your Hobbies tells lot about your personality and qualities you have. So to have very productive hobby and interest all you need is curiosity to learn new things. As we grow older, we tend to lose interest in new things and live unpretentious lifestyle without taking interest in anything.

If you want to develop new hobbies, you have to change yourself first. Learn new things and start practising them regularly and make them part of your life.
Here, we are mentioning some productive Hobbies that can be beneficial in your SSB interview.

1. Best Out of Waste, Art and Craft: We all love to do art and craft work, but can we do the same thing with the waste material and make it useful. This way it will also reflect some of the officer like qualities. Try making pots from the waste bottles and material that is available in your house. Make start doing tile painting and candle making from the waste crockery available in your House.

2. Painting: It also increase your imagination power and helps you to think creatively. Whenever you feel free you can do painting or drawing whatever you feel like. Watch online videos to learn the basics of painting and try it whenever you get time. Buy a drawing book and practise in your free time.

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3. Travelling and Exploring: We all love travelling and going to new places. Make it your Hobby of going to a new place twice in a month or whenever you get time. Explore that place fully instead of relaxing there. Meet new people and talk to them.

It will help you to answer everything about that place and you will have good reasoning ability. Read about the place you have decided to visit. You should know good as well as the bad qualities of that place.

4. Cooking: Yet another hobby that tells a lot about your personality. Cooking is also very interesting hobby. How well you can cook using less resources. What all have you tried cooking, how many time you have done experiments with your cooking to make something interesting.

5. Reading: A very important hobby that develops your overall personality. You should have keen interest in knowing things from all spheres. Start with small books and slowly slowly you will start with big ones. Read books related to various topics, don’t limit yourself.

6. Solving Puzzle: Solving puzzle games and Rubiks Cube keep your brain active and alert. It also increases your problem solving ability. Inculcate this hobby and practise it for 15-20 minutes everyday.

7. Writing: Developing this habit will be an asset for you in the SSB interview. Improving your writing skill would be beneficial for writing psychological stories and also help you in thinking big. Take help from internet. Reading will also help you in improving your writing skills.

8. Domestication of Animals: This is yet another interesting hobby. Having your own small zoo in your home if you have the ample amount of space. Birds like Cockatoo, Parakeets, Pigeons, Ducks, Goose, Guinea Fowls and animals like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamster, Dogs, Cats etc can be very interesting pets.

You can make house for them in your backyard and care for them everyday. It also increases your sense of responsibility towards your work. Remember you should know everything about the pets you have.

9. Gardening: This is also very interesting hobby which can be developed by anyone. It keeps you attached with the mother nature and you can pot as many plants and trees you want. Bonsai collections is also a sub-part of this. You can have your own personal nursery at home. Watering and cutting them regularly helps them to grow. Don’t wait plant more and more trees and have your own nursery.

10. Photography: Rightly said Photography is a way of feeling, touching, loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. You will not forget the moments if you have captured them.

There is lot of things to be captured and explored wherever you go or visit try to capture it and have a good collections of photos. Remember know everything about your camera and the techniques you use to capture the moments. What all type of photography have you done so far

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