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OTA Gaya Passing Out Parade to Be Held On 8th June 2024

Officers Training Academy, Gaya is all set for Passing out Parade of the Officer Cadets of TES-43 (Technical Entry Scheme) and SCO-52 (Special Commissioned Officers). Kith and kin of all the Officer cadets can witness the Pipping Ceremony, showcasing the dedication, discipline, and hard work of the cadets as they march forward from the academy’s esteemed portals. Passing out is the official graduation ceremony following the completion of a course by military held to mark the graduation of military personnel from their training program.

You can watch the Passing out Parade live on Youtube and Doordarshan Channel on 8th June 2024 at 0500 hrs. 


The passing out parade is a celebratory event marking the culmination of rigorous training for military personnel. It symbolizes their readiness to serve their country with honor and dedication. As they march in uniform precision, their achievements are recognized and applauded by peers, instructors, and family members. The parade is a poignant moment of transition, where recruits transform into proud servicemen and women, ready to uphold the values of duty, loyalty, and courage. It’s a testament to their commitment and sacrifice in service of a greater cause.

Officers will take their PEHLA KADAM  the first step toward the new and adventurous life of an Army Officer in the Indian Army. All those adventures and thrill are awaiting for them which they will have to face with bravery and true comradeship.


The Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of MoD (Army), and the Army Training Command announced the date of the OTA Gaya POP through their official Twitter accounts.




What is Passing out Parade?

Passing out is the official graduation ceremony following the completion of a course by military or other uniformed service personnel at their respective training school, college, or military academy, largely in Commonwealth nations.

What is TES entry?

TES stands for Technical Entry scheme in which 12th pass candidates can join the Indian Army.


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