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List of Nuclear Power Plants in India 2022

List of Nuclear Power Plants in India 2022

Nuclear power is considered to be the strength of any country as it provides energy security to the nation. For that, Nuclear Power plants are being established across the world in different countries as per their capabilities and requirements. These nuclear power plants generate nuclear energy, the energy which is created by splitting atoms—specifically, uranium atoms and the atom then break into two smaller and lighter atoms. As energy remain conserved, so the lost mass is converted into heat, which is then consumed to produce electricity. This process demands a controlled environment, which is provided by Nuclear power plants.

Though it is quite expensive when it comes to the construction of Nuclear power plant, the nuclear energy it produces, has the advantage of being one of the most cost-effective among all the energy sources available as the cost of electricity production from nuclear energy is much lower than the energy production cost from gas, coal, or any other source. Another benefit of using Nuclear power plants is that it is not affected by external climatic factors and prove to be effective in creating predictable and steady energy output. One of the major concerns related to generating energy is that it is harmful to the environment and for that too, the Nuclear power plant is better than others as it reduces over 555 million metric tons of Greenhouse gas emissions every year. So it is considered to be good even from an environmental point of view.

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India’s fifth-largest source of electricity generation is Nuclear Energy after sources like hydroelectricity, wind power gas, and coal. India’s nuclear energy program was started around the period of independence which was headed by Homi J. Bhabha

The Apsara Research Reactor of Mumbai became Asia’s first nuclear research reactor. India does not have sufficient domestic uranium reserves and that’s why India imports uranium from other countries to fuel its nuclear power sector. Russia has always been the primary exporter of nuclear fuels to India.

At this time, India does have 22 operational nuclear reactors which are having a total installed capacity of approximately 6,780 MW. In this article, we will provide you with the full list of operational, Under-construction and scheduled nuclear power plants in India. Check the list below –

Operational Nuclear Power Plant of India 2022

Power Plant Place Operator Type Total Capacity(MW)
Kaiga Karnataka NPC IPHWR-220 880
Kakrapar Gujrat NPCIL IPHWR – 220

IPHWR – 700

Kudankulam Tamil Nadu NPCIL VVER – 1000 2000
Madras(Kalpakkam) Tamil Nadu NPCIL IPHWR – 220 440
Narora Uttar Pradesh NPC IPHWR – 220 440
Rajasthan Rajasthan NPC CANDU

IPHWR – 220

Tarapur Maharashtra NPC BW

IPHWR – 520


Total = 7480

Under Construction Nuclear Power Power Plant of India 2022

Power Plant Place Operator Type Total Capacity(MW)


Tamil Nadu BHAVINI PFBR 500
Kakrapar Unit 4 Gujarat NPCIL IPHWR – 700 700
Gorakhpur Harayan NPCIL IPHWR – 700 1400
Rajasthan Unit 7 and 8 Rajasthan NPCIL IPHWR – 700 1400
Kudankulam Unit 3 ,4 5 and 6 Tamil Nadu NPCIL VVER – 1000 4000
Total= 8000

Scheduled Project of Nuclear Power Plant of India 2022

Power Plant Place Operator Type Total Capacity(MW)
Kaiga Karnataka NPCIL IPHWR – 700 1400
Jaitapur Maharashtra NPCIL EPR 9900
Kovvada Andhra Pradesh NPCIL AP1000 6600
Kavali Andhra Pradesh NPCIL VVER 6000
Gorakhpur Harayana NPCIL IPHWR- 700 2800
Maha Banswara Rajasthan NPCIL IPHWR – 700 2800
Chutka Madhya Pradesh NPC IPHWR – 700 1400
Chennai Tamil Nadu BHAVINI FBR 1200
Tarapur Maharashtra AUTHOR 300
Total = 32400

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List of Nuclear Power Plants FAQs

Que – Name the first Nuclear Power Plant in India?
Ans – The Tarapur Nuclear Reactor in Maharashtra is the oldest nuclear facility in India.

Que – Currently, What is the number of Nuclear reactors in India?
Ans – India has 22 nuclear reactors in operation in operation in 8 nuclear power plants.

Que – What is the current total installed capacity of nuclear reactors in India?
Ans –  India has a total installed capacity of 7,380 MW.

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