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List of Defence Exams for Females in India

List of Defence Exams for Females in India

India’s Armed Forces have a rich history of courageous men and women who have served the nation with valor and dedication. Over the years, the Indian Armed Forces have opened doors for females to join their ranks and contribute to the nation’s defense. With numerous opportunities available, aspiring women can pursue a career in the military through various defense exams.

Defence Exams for Females

There are several defense exams for females in India that provide opportunities to join various branches of the Indian Armed Forces. These exams provide a pathway to fulfill their aspirations and serve the nation with pride. Let us explore the list of defense exams for females in India that offer a chance to embark on a remarkable journey of service and courage. Here is a list of some prominent defense exams for females:

  1. Combined Defense Services (CDS) Examination: The CDS examination, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), is a prominent gateway for women to join the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), and Air Force Academy (AFA). It provides opportunities for women to become officers in the armed forces and contribute to the nation’s defense.
  2. Short Service Commission (SSC) in the Army: The Indian Army offers women the opportunity to join as Short Service Commissioned Officers in various branches, including the Army Medical Corps (AMC), Judge Advocate General (JAG), Army Education Corps (AEC), and Army Dental Corps (ADC). These positions allow women to utilize their specialized skills and contribute to the diverse needs of the Army.
  3. Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT): The AFCAT provides women with the chance to join the Indian Air Force (IAF) as officers in the Flying Branch, Ground Duty (Technical), and Ground Duty (Non-Technical) branches. It tests candidates on their aptitude, reasoning, and general awareness, opening doors to a career in the IAF.
  4. Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET): The INET is an entrance exam specifically designed for women aspiring to join the Indian Navy. It offers opportunities to become officers in various branches such as the Naval Armament Inspection Cadre, Naval Architecture, Education Branch, and Law Cadre. The exam assesses candidates’ knowledge, reasoning, and aptitude for naval service.
  5. National Defense Academy (NDA) Examination: While the NDA exam is exclusively for male candidates, women can apply for the Naval Academy through the NDA Examination conducted by the UPSC. This examination allows women to pursue a career in the Indian Navy as officers.
  6. Judge Advocate General (JAG) Entry Scheme for the Army: The JAG entry scheme enables female law graduates to join the Indian Army as officers in the legal branch. Through this entry scheme, women can contribute their legal expertise in various legal matters within the Army.
  7. Army Education Corps (AEC) Entry: The AEC entry scheme allows women to join the Indian Army as officers in the Education Corps. This position involves imparting knowledge and providing educational guidance to soldiers, fostering their personal and professional development.
  8. Army Dental Corps (ADC) Entry: Female dental professionals can join the Army Dental Corps as commissioned officers. This entry scheme enables them to provide dental care and contribute to the oral health and well-being of military personnel.
  9. Women Special Entry Scheme (WSES) in the Indian Army: The Women Special Entry Scheme offers an exclusive entry route for women to join the Indian Army in various branches, including the Technical Graduate Course (TGC) and the Short Service Commission (SSC) in different arms and services.
  10. Military Nursing Service: The MNS (Military Nursing Service) Exam is a prominent defense exam exclusively for females in India. It is conducted by the Indian Army to recruit female candidates as Commissioned Officers in the Military Nursing Service.

These exams provide opportunities for females to join various branches and services of the Indian Armed Forces. It’s important to note that the eligibility criteria, selection process, and vacancies for these exams may vary, and it is advisable to refer to the official notifications and websites of the respective organizations for detailed and up-to-date information on specific exams and positions.



What are the eligibility criteria for defense exams for females in India?

The eligibility criteria vary depending on the specific exam and branch. Generally, candidates must be Indian citizens, meet age requirements (which may differ for different exams), have educational qualifications (such as 10+2 or graduation), and fulfill physical and medical standards.

Are there any physical fitness requirements for defense exams?

Yes, physical fitness is an essential aspect of joining the defense forces. Candidates are required to meet specific physical standards, which may include parameters such as height, weight, vision, endurance, and physical fitness tests.

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