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Top 5 Indigenous Armoured Military Vehicles used by Indian Army

In today’s global military landscape, India has emerged as a strong force due to its focus on developing its own defense capabilities. Under the Make in India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat scheme, India is making its own defence equipment. Our goal is not only to manufacture our military weapons and equipment but also to export it to other Nations.

“Make in India” and “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiatives focus on boosting our military strength by encouraging Indian companies to make advanced defense vehicles here. Big companies like Mahindra and Tata have done a great job creating top-notch armoured vehicles. These vehicles are tough, protect against bullets, and are used for missions like stopping terrorism and guarding borders.
These efforts help India rely less on other countries for military gear. They also help our economy grow, create jobs, and build a strong defense industry. We have highlighted five top-notch armoured vehicles made in India that are vital for the country’s armed forces. These vehicles, created by Indian giants Mahindra and Tata, not only enhance national security but also showcase India’s growing strength in defense technology.

Mahindra Armado

This versatile vehicle proves Mahindra’s engineering prowess. It handles various missions, from counter-terrorism to border patrols, with a powerful diesel engine and high-level ballistic protection. Its sturdy build and advanced safety features ensure crew safety in tough situations.

  • Armoured Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV)
  • Versatile for counter-terrorism and border security
  • 3.2-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine, 218 PS, 500 Nm torque
  • STANAG Level 1 ballistic protection, upgradable to Level II
  • Multi-layered bullet-proof glass, air filtration, blast mitigation floor mat


Mahindra Marksman

Known for its innovative design, the Marksman is widely used by defense and police forces for patrolling and riot control. It offers robust off-road capabilities and strong ballistic protection, safeguarding personnel with its reinforced armour.

  • Monocoque construction
  • Used for patrolling, riot control, convoy protection
  • Accommodates up to six personnel
  • Powered by 2.2-liter mHawk or 2.6-liter diesel engine
  • Full-time four-wheel-drive system
  • B6 level ballistic protection with reinforced armour and bullet-proof glass


Mahindra Meva ASV

This unique vehicle combines the utility of a pickup truck with the protection of an armoured carrier. It accommodates up to 11 personnel and performs well both in urban areas and rough terrain, powered by a strong diesel engine and offering solid ballistic protection.

  • Armoured Specialist Vehicle (ASV), pickup-truck design
  • Urban and off-road use, accommodates up to 11 personnel
  • 4.5-liter 8-cylinder diesel engine, 198 PS, 430 Nm torque
  • Heavy-duty suspension, reinforced off-road tires
  • B6 level ballistic protection, stealth mode for radar invisibility


Mahindra Meva Straton

Among the fastest and most powerful armoured carriers, the Meva Straton is ideal for paramilitary and peacekeeping operations. It accommodates up to 10 personnel and provides high-level protection against snipers and armoured bullets, enhancing safety with advanced features.

  • Fastest and most powerful armoured carrier
  • 5.6-liter V8 petrol, 4.6-liter V8 petrol, or 4.5-liter twin-turbo diesel engine options
  • Automatic transmission, full-time four-wheel-drive
  • Accommodates up to 10 personnel
  • B7 level ballistic protection against snipers and armour-piercing bullets
  • Safety features: stealth mode, infrared lights, blast-attenuating seatsArticle

Tata Armoured Personnel Carrier (With Mine Protection) 4X4

This heavyweight vehicle is crucial for paramilitary forces, offering mine protection and the ability to transport up to 14 personnel. Its reliable 4X4 system ensures mobility across various terrains, coupled with customizable ballistic protection for enhanced security.

  • Heavy-duty vehicle with mine protection
  • Suitable for paramilitary forces and state police
  • Cross-country mobility, accommodates up to 14 personnel


These indigenous armoured vehicles underscore India’s self-sufficiency in defense and its dedication to equipping its armed forces with cutting-edge technology. As India continues to advance in military innovation, these vehicles will play a pivotal role in bolstering the nation’s defense capabilities.



Which vehicle is used by the Indian Army?

Mahindra Armado


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