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LiFE Movement Launched on World Environment Day

LiFE Movement Launched on World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, that is on fifth of june, Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi launched the ‘Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) Movement’ through video conferencing.

LiFE Movement 

The idea of LiFE is to give a push to the environmentally conscious lifestyle which is majorly focused on ‘Thoughtful and deliberate utilization’ instead of ‘mindless and wasteful consumption. It was introduced by the Prime Minister during the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in 2021 in Glasgow .

Aim of LiFE Movement

  • The LiFE Movement seeks to bring environment friendly change with collective efforts. Its main motive is to push people all acoss the globe to adopt some simple climate-friendly activities in their day to day routine or adoption of environment-conscious lifestyle.
  • India has been applauded globally for focusing on individual behaviour change towards Climate Change
  • The movement aims to develop a global chain of network to connect individuals and named it as ‘Pro-Planet People’ (P3). It will help such people to inculcate environment friendly habits in their lifestyle and to have a shared commitment to achieve the same, among such like minded people.
  • Basically Mission of P3 community envisages creating a sustainable and environment friendly ecosystem.
  • ‘use-and-dispose’ economy will be replaced by a circular economy.
  • ‘Use and dispose’ economy is governed by mindless and destructive consumption where as circular economy is defined by thoughtful and deliberate utilization.
  • In a circular economy, waste is eliminated and products and raw materials are designed in a way that they can be reused for a long period of time, over and over again. Waste is considered as a new raw material. The basic idea of such economy is to reduce waste to a minimum.

World Environment Day 2022

In order to highlight the importance of environment and its protection, a particular day (june 5) of the year has been dedicated to it by UNEP that is “World Environment Day”. Since 1973, It is held annually across the globe and celebrated by millions of people across the world.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Only One Earth.’ This was also the slogan for the first year that is of 1972 conference in Stockholm, where the annual global event was held first time on June 5. At that time it was celebrated with the world’s first world fair that was solely dedicated to the environment and it lasted for six months. First time, World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974 in Spokane city of  USA.

There are various ways to celebrate World Environment Day (WED) all over the world like conducting a tree plantation drive, cleaning up local beaches, conducting various environment related seminars and joining environment protests. Every year the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chooses a particular issue to focus on. One year it might be forests, another year it might be wildlife. And each year there is a new host; a city which is the center point for all the celebrations.

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