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List of Indian Army Tanks with Their Photos

Indian Army Tanks

A country’s defense sector acts like it’s backbone, the more robust the defense Sector is the more powerful a country is considered, in today’s world the winner Nation is the one with military prowess and scientific advancements. India is one of the big players in this game of showcasing one’s strength and might, India is the second largest importers of defense equipment and now  is shifting it’s focus toward becoming self reliant in defense technologies and in upcoming years it can become a potential exporter.

If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.
— Heinz Guderian

In This article we are Going to talk about the Indian Army Tanks, India’s Brave Soldiers coupled with these  mighty Tanks become in conquerable powers Rendering enemy with no option but to loose. There Are various kinds of Tanks that are used by the Indian Army, each having its peculiar characteristics let’s Discuss the Indian Army Tanks one by one.

List of Indian Army Tanks

1. Indian Army Tanks- Vickers MK-VI


Tank Name Vickers MK-VI
Year 1936
Max speed 52kmph
Max Range 201 km
Manufactured By Vickers- Armstrong UK

2. Indian Army Tanks-M3 Stuart


Tank Name M3 Stuart
Year 1941
Manufactured by America Car and Foundry Company
Max speed 58 kmph
Max Range 113 km

3. Indian Army Tanks-M4 Sherman


Tank Name M4 Sherman
Year 1942
Manufactured by American locomotive/Detroit tank arsenal/lima locomotive
Max speed 39 kmph
Max Range 193 km

4. Indian Army Tanks- Centurion A41


Tank Name Centurion A41
Year 1945
Manufactured by Leyland Motors /Vickers/Royal ordanance factory
Max speed 35 kmph
Max Range 190 km

5. Indian Army Tanks- T54 MBT


Tank Name T54 MBT
Year 1949
Manufactured by state factories
Max speed 48 kmph
Max Range 400 km

6. Indian Army Tanks- T-72


Tank Name T-72
Year 1972
Manufactured by Malyshev HMB Plant in Kharkov, Ukraine,UKBM Nizhny Tagil, Russian Federation
Max speed 60 kmph
Max Range 500 km


7. Indian Army Tanks- T-90MBT


Tank Name T-90MBT
Year 1995
Manufactured by Uralvagonzavod in Nizhnyi Tagil, Russia.
Max speed 65 kmph
Max Range 650 km

8. Indian Army Tanks-DRDO Arjun


Tank Name DRDO Arjun
Year 2004
Manufactured by DRDO/CRVDE/ Heavy vehicles factory India
Max speed 68 kmph
Max Range 483 km

Indian Army Tanks- T90M Bhishma


Tank Name T90M Bhishma
Year 2009
Manufactured by Heavy vehicles factory India
Max speed 60 kmph
Max Range 550km

These were some battle tanks that are currently being used by India, some of them are old yet effective, India is Advancing on the technology to make more Advanced and Efficient Indigenous Tanks.


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