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Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023

Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Analysis: Agniveer Vayu Written Exam  is scheduled to conduct from 20th May 2023. There are three groups under which students have appeared i.e. Science, Other than Science, Science and other than Science. Large number of students have appeared for the Agniveer Vayu and we have provided you the feedback directly from the students who have appeared in the examination.

IAF Agniveer Vayu Exam Analysis: Difficulty Level

Agniveer Vayu examination 2023 is being conducted all across India at different examination centers. Students who have appeared in the examination are waiting for the IAF Agniveer Vayu Exam Analysis 2023 so that they can get the idea of how their paper was. Team DefenceAdda is in constant touch with the students who have appeared to get the direct feedback from them.
The overall difficulty level of both the papers were moderate. Candidates need to secure the marks above the cut off in order to clear the written examination. We have received feedback from the students who have appeared in the examination. The overall difficulty level of the Agniveer Vayu Exam was moderate. Candidates can check the overall difficulty level of all four sections.
Section Difficulty Level 
General Knowledge Moderate
General English Easy
Mathematics Easy
Science Moderate
Total Easy to Moderate

Air Force Agniveer Analysis: Topic Wise Questions

We have compiled the Questions  which were asked in Agniveer Vayu based on the feedback received from students. You can download the PDF from the given link below.

Agniveer Vayu Exam Questions [Day 1] – Download PDF [Link Inactive]

Army Airforce Agniveer English Subject

Check Army Airforce Agniveer English Subject Analysis here.

English No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension 4
Antonyms 1
Synonyms 1
Correct Spelt 1
Error Detection 1
Jumbled Sentence 1
Active & Passive 1
Idioms & Phrases 1
Narration 1
Fill in the Blanks 7
Tenses 1
Total 20

Questions asked on 22nd May 2023 (All Shifts) 

  1. That can not be read easily – Illegible
  2. Adjective of Noun – Satisfaction – Satisfactory
  3. Synonym of Delightful – Enjoyable
  4. Spelling of Manageable, Happiness, Definition and Attendance
  5. Active to Passive – Who gave you permission to enter?
  6. Change Narration – Amit Said, “I bought a car yesterday”.
  7. Antonym of Inevitable – Avoidable/Doubtful/Preventable
  8. The children are playing ——- the park. – Use appropriate Preposition
  9. He was very exhausted —– He did not stop working. (Fill in the blanks)
  10. Meaning of Tremendous – (Enormous/Large)
  11. Synonym of Consequence?
  12. Antonym of Abrupt?
  13. Correct Spelling of Burglar, Adversity, Amateur and Controversy
  14. Synonym of Eager
  15. Meaning of “feeling someone’s pulse” – To try to know somebody
  16. Active to Passive”, “Sohan was interviewing the political leaders”
  17. My Sister and ——– are pleased to accept your invitation (Fill in the blanks)
  18. Adjective of noun Slave
  19. Spelling of Broadcast, Knowledge, Opposite and Suddenly
  20. Synonym of Liberal
  21. Antonym of Comic
  22. Noun of Verb Defy
  23. The police caught the thief – active to passive
  24. Meaning of Phrase – Snake in the Grass
  25. An owl can see in the night so it is called ———— (Nocturnal)
  26. When he saw his old house he felt nostalgic. (Replacement of Nostalgic)
  27. He is enough kind to help him – Find error
  28. Reema is more prettier than her sister. – Find error
  29. We has finished out lunch half an hour ago – Find the error
  30. His house is different —- and ———- your house . (From, to)

Questions asked on 21st May 2023 (All Shifts) 

  1. Odd One Out – Cow, Goat, Horse, Lion
  2. Synonym and Antonym
  3. Adjective of Admire
  4. Synonym of Eradicate
  5. Antonym of Deep
  6. Meaning of Injurious
  7. The teacher taught that the earth moves around the sun – Find the error
  8. He and you are doing this work since morning – Find the error
  9. The train – before we reached the station. (Fill in the blanks using verb leave)
  10. He has known me (Active to Passive)
  11. He has —— completed his work. (Add adverb Using verb Success)
  12. Spelling of Forfeit
  13. Antonym of Unjustifiable
  14. No sooner (Than)
  15. From the bottom of one’s heart – Meaning of this phrase?
  16. Where is Brahdeshwar Temple situated? – Tamil Nadu
  17. Who is the incumbent CM of Tamil Nadu?
  18. Who hosted SCO meeting 2022?
  19. Nagarjuna Dam is in which state?
  20. Ctrl+A is used for which operation?
  21. Where was National Games 2022 organised?
  22. Indian Constitution accepted federal system from which country?
  23. Which animal is an Amphibian?

Questions asked on 20th Jan 2023

  1. Antonym of Jocular: Serious
  2. Synonym of Eternal
  3. Antonym of Nostalgia
  4. Synonym of Agony
  5. Synonym of Manage
  6. Antonym of Rectify
  7. Spelling of accommodation
  8. Spelling of foreign
  9.  Synonym of significant
  10. Synonym of Harmony
  11. Synonym of amicable
  12. Synonym of abomination? acquit and yell

Army Airforce Physics Subject

Check Army Agniveer Physics Subject here.

Physics No. of Questions
Physical World and Measurement 1
Kinematics & Law of Motion 2
Work , Energy & Power 1
Gravitation 3
Thermodynamics 2
Properties of Bulk Matter 1
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 1
Kinetic Theory of Gases 1
Oscillation and Waves 1
Electrostatics 1
Current Electricity 2
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism 3
Electromagnetic Wave 1
Optics 3
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 1
Atoms & Nuclei 1
Electronics Device 0
Communication System 0
Total 25

Questions asked on 22nd May 2023 (All Shifts)

  1. Numerical on p = h/λ
  2. Numerical on Torque and Energy
  3. Numerical on Energy Density
  4. Numerical o n Resistance and length
  5. Numerical on Induced Charge
  6. Numerical on f₁ = (μ – 1)(R₁ – R₂)
  7. Numerical on Ratio of Momentum, Kinetic Energy given
  8. Numerical on Parallel Plate Capacitor
  9. Numerical on g=GMr2
  10. Numerical on F=6πrηv
  11. Relation between temperature and conductivity

Questions asked on Jan 2023

  1. Dimensional Formula of Gravitational Constant ?
  2. Highest Wavelength in EM Wave? Radio Waves
  3. Valency of Uranium ?
  4. Entropy Based on Which Law
  5. Scientific name of Tulsi
  6. Dimension of force
  7. SI value of current
  8. Plural of father in law
  9. Entropy is based on
  10. Dimension of plank constant

Army Airforce Agniveer Mathematics Subject

Check Indian Army Agniveer Mathematics Subject here.

Mathematics No. of Questions
Set , Relations and Functions 2
Trignometric Functions 1
Complex Functions 0
Vectors 1
Three Dimensional Geometry 1
Straight Lines 2
Sequences & Series 2
Relation & Functions 1
Probability 1
Mathematical Induction 0
Permutation & Combination 2
Parabola 0
Matrices 1
Limits & Derivatives 1
Integral 0
Hyperbola 0
Trignometric Equation 3
Ellipse 0
Differential Equation 1
Definite Integral 2
Continuity & Differentiability 0
Complex Number & Quadric Equation 3
Circles 1
Binomial Theorem 0
Application of the Integrals 0
Application of the Derivatives 0
Total 25

Questions asked on 22nd May 2023 (All Shifts)

  1. Question on Trignometry
  2. Question on Permutation and Combination
  3. Question on Probability (Chance of Triplet on Dice)
  4. Question on Integration
  5. Question on LCM and HCF
  6. Question on Time and Distance
  7. Question on Mensuration, Profit and loss,

Questions asked on 20th Jan 2023

Q. Value of Sin 15 ? (√3−1)/(2√2)

Q. Probability of impossible events

Q. Mean of 204 and 324

Q. Mensuration, Average, Percentage and Partnership

Reasoning and General Awareness

Check Indian Army Agniveer Reasoning and General Awareness subject here.

RAGA No. of Questions
Verbal Reasoning 9
Non Verbal Reasoning 5
Arithmetic 4
Advance Mathematics 4
Indian Polity 1
History 3
Geography 2
Current Affairs 1
Miscellaneous 1
Total 30

Questions asked on 22nd May 2023 (All Shifts)

  1. Question on Number Series, Relation, Clock, Position in Row.
  2. Odd One out.
  3. Mixed Coding
  4. Missing Number
  5. Where is Jogfalls located?
  6. Which lens is used in Side Glass?
  7. Who won Golden Boot 2022?
  8. Computer Shortcuts of Copy and Paste
  9. G20 Summit in November was conducted in?
  10. Who is the incumbent Defence Minister of India?
  11. Topmost institution of Parliament?
  12. Which element is used in Bulb?
  13. Full form of HDD?
  14. Who is the CM of Maharashtra?
  15. Who has the record of making 29 runs in a test match?
  16. Who instituted Arya Saamaj?
  17. Where is Molem National Park Situated?
  18. Which is the smallest state of India?
  19. Who won Miss India 2022?

Questions asked on 21st May 2023

  1. a/b +c = d , a*c +b = d
  2. Question on Venn Diagram- Cricket Players, Cricket Fans, Tennis Player
  3. Question on Blood Relation
  4. Coding Decoding (Mixed)
  5. Satyajeet Roy is related to?
  6. Droupadi Murmu is ___ President of India? 15th
  7. 68th National Film Award was given to? Ajay Devgan and Surya
  8. Question related to Indus Water Treaty?
  9. Question related to definition of Democracy?
  10. Who won Wimbeldon Tennis Women Singles?
  11. Who wrote “Sare Jaha se Acha Hindustan hamara”? Iqbal
  12. Clock Question
  13. Direction Question
  14. Figure Series
  15. Figure series with Direction
  16. Seating Arrangements
  17. Number Series 6, 11, 21, 36?
  18. A=26, SUN = 27, CAT=?

Questions asked on 20th Jan 2023

  1. Capital of Ukraine – Kyiv
  2. Rasleela Associated With Which State – Uttar Pradesh
  3. CM of Telagana – KC Rao
  4. Sattriya Dance Associated with Which State- Assam
  5. FIFA 2022 World Cup Held in – Qatar
  6. Who Made Lal Qila – Shahjahan
  7. City of Bangles = Firozabad
  8. INC Esbtablished – 28 Dec 1885
  9. Green Revolution Started Year – 1965
  10. Miss Earth 2022 – Mina Sue Choi
  11. First British Viceroy in India ?
  12. Next Olympic will held in which year?
  13. “Delhi abhi door hai” was a statement given by?
  14. CM of MP? Shivraj Singh Chouhan
  15. Vijay hazare trophy is associated with?
  16. Vayusena diwas – 8 oct
  17. Players in team of kabaddi? – 7 players
  18. First five year plan – 1951
  19. Chief election commissioner of Indian – Rajeev Kumar
  20. Khanjar defence exercise is conducted between? India and Kyrgyzstan
  21. Bara lacha pass connect – Leh and Manali
  22. Dandi March started from – Sabarmati Ashram – 1930
  23. CM of Rajasthan. – Ashok Gehlot
  24. Vice chairman of NITI Aayog – Suman Beri
  25. Total number of Vedas – 4
  26. Pulicat lake is in. – Tamil Nadu
  27. Us open women’s single winner 2022- Iga swiatek
  28. When India participated for the first time in Olympic – in Paris, 1900
  29. Harit kranti started from which state – Punjab, Haryana, UP
  30. Chief guest of Indian Republic day – President of Egypt
  31. Messi belongs to which country?
  32. Who won Miss Universe 2023?
  33. What controls complete computer system?
  34. Who decides the money bill?
  35. How does fish breathe?

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis : Good Attempts

We have checked the difficulty level of the Exam and now we will provide the estimated number of good attempts to get the call for the next phase of the examination. These are just estimates, so aspirants you start preparing for Interview as and when the exam is over. As today’s exam was moderate so, on average the number of good attempts is between 65 to 70 for science and other than science stream. So, let’s look at the type of questions asked in the Agniveer Vayu Exam. Candidates can check the detailed information about the number of good attempts from the table mentioned below.
Section Good Attempts
Science 52 – 55
Other than Science 35 – 40
Science and other than Science 65 – 70

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis: Video

Our team of expert faculty has coordinated with the students who appeared in Agniveer Vayu Written Exam and conducted a live analysis for Agniveer Vayu Exam on 20th Jan 2023. The candidates who want to know the analysis in detail can go through the video analysis of Air Force Agniveer Exam from below.

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Pattern 2023

Online test will be assessed on the basis of following marking scheme :-

  • One mark for every correct answer.
  • Nil (0) marks for an attempted question.
  • 0.25 marks shall be deducted for every wrong answer.
Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Pattern 2023
S.No Name of the Test Duration
1 Science Subjects 60 minutes
2 Other Than Science Subjects 45 minutes
3 Science and Other Than Science Subjects 85 minutes

Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Analysis 2023_40.1


Q1. What is the Cut Off for Agniveer Vayu exam?

Ans. Official Cut Off will be released by the Indian Air Force. You can check the expected cut off in the article.

Q2. What is the Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Difficulty level?

Ans. Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Difficulty level was moderate. Check the Number of Good Attempts in the article above.

What is the number of good attempts in Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam?

Check Subject wise number of good attempts for Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam in the given article.

Where can I access Agniveer Vayu exam analysis?

DefenceAdda is organising Agniveer Vayu Live exam analysis on the DefenceAdda youtube channel.

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