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Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2022, All Shifts

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis

Agniveer Vayu Written Exam  is schedule to conduct from 24th July to 30th July. There are three groups under which students have appeared i.e. Science, Other than Science, Science and other than Science. Large number of students have appeared for the Agniveer Vayu and we will provide you the feedback directly from the students who have appeared in the examination.

Agniveer Vayu Exam Analysis: Difficulty Level

Agniveer Vayu examination 2022 is going to be conducted all across India at different examination centers. Students who have appeared in the examination are waiting for the Agniveer Vayu Exam Analysis 2022 so that they can get the idea of how their paper was. Team DefenceAdda is in constant touch with the students who have appeared to get the direct feedback from them.
The overall difficulty level of both the papers were moderate. Candidates need to secure the marks above the cut off in order to clear the written examination. We have received feedback from the students who have appeared in the examination. The overall difficulty level of the Agniveer Vayu Exam was moderate. Candidates can check the overall difficulty level of all four sections.
Section Difficulty Level 
General Knowledge Moderate
General English Easy
Mathematics Easy
Science Moderate
Total Easy to Moderate

Air Force Agniveer Analysis: Topic Wise Questions

We have compiled the Questions  which were asked in Agniveer Vayu based on the feedback received from students. You can download the PDF from the given link below.

Agniveer Vayu Exam Questions [Day 2]


English No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension 4
Antonyms 1
Synonyms 1
Correct Spelt 1
Error Detection 1
Jumbled Sentence 1
Active & Passive 1
Idioms & Phrases 1
Narration 1
Fill in the Blanks 7
Tenses 1
Total 20

Questions asked on Day 1

Q. Synonym of Laconinc?

Q. Antonym of Adamant?

Q. Synonym of Lethargic?

Q. A man who kills his wife?

Q. One who talks too much?

Questions asked on Day 2

Q. Synonym of Seeks?

Q. Synonym of Judiciary?

Questions asked on Day 4



Physics No. of Questions
Physical World and Measurement 1
Kinematics & Law of Motion 2
Work , Energy & Power 1
Gravitation 3
Thermodynamics 2
Properties of Bulk Matter 1
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 1
Kinetic Theory of Gases 1
Oscillation and Waves 1
Electrostatics 1
Current Electricity 2
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism 3
Electromagnetic Wave 1
Optics 3
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation 1
Atoms & Nuclei 1
Electronics Device 0
Communication System 0
Total 25

Questions asked on Day 1

Q. Rocket Principle?

Q. Luminous Intensity Unit?

Q. Working of Rocket?

Q. Escape Velocity?

Q. Formation of Rainbow?

Q. Dimension Unit of G?

Q. Bulk Models or Young Models?

Q. V-t Graph for zero acceleration?

Questions asked on Day 4

Q. When current flow in one direction, the phenomenon is called?

Q. What is the sink temperature of a carnot engine whose efficiency is 100%? 0 degree or 273k

Q. Joule is the unit of? Work/Energy

Q. Determine refractive index of a substance of critical angle is 45 degree? 1.414

Q. Total number of bones in human body? 206

Q. How many chambers are there is Human Heart? Four

Q. In which layer of Atmosphere is Ozone present? Stratosphere


Mathematics No. of Questions
Set , Relations and Functions 2
Trignometric Functions 1
Complex Functions 0
Vectors 1
Three Dimensional Geometry 1
Straight Lines 2
Sequences & Series 2
Relation & Functions 1
Probability 1
Mathematical Induction 0
Permutation & Combination 2
Parabola 0
Matrices 1
Limits & Derivatives 1
Integral 0
Hyperbola 0
Trignometric Equation 3
Ellipse 0
Differential Equation 1
Definite Integral 2
Continuity & Differentiability 0
Complex Number & Quadric Equation 3
Circles 1
Binomial Theorem 0
Application of the Integrals 0
Application of the Derivatives 0
Total 25

Reasoning and General Awareness

RAGA No. of Questions
Verbal Reasoning 9
Non Verbal Reasoning 5
Arithmetic 4
Advance Mathematics 4
Indian Polity 1
History 3
Geography 2
Current Affairs 1
Miscellaneous 1
Total 30

Questions asked on Day 1

Q. First Indian Satellite?

Q. Rajya Sabha Seat of UP?

Q. Who won the Men Wimbeldon 2022?

Q. Agriculture Minister of Maharashtra?

Q. State Animal of Rajasthan?

Q. President of France?

Q. Who formed the INA?

Q. Who was the Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?

Q. Four : 48 :: Six : ?

Q. 122 : 11 :: 170 : ?

Questions asked on Day 2

Q. Who won the Summer Olympic in 2024? Paris

Q. Who is the CM of Gujarat? Bhupendra Patel

Q. What is known as Desert of Bharat? Thar Desert

Q. From where Satyamev Jayate is taken from? Mundak Upanishad

Q. Nobel Prize in Literature in the year 2021? Abdul Razzak

Q. Full form of PDF? Portable Document Format

Questions asked on Day 4

Q. Congress First President?

Q. Physical feature of a region as a whole? Geography

Q. Where is Bharatpur National Bird Sanctuary? Rajasthan

Q. Lovelina Borgohain is related to? Boxing

Q. Full form of USB? Universal Serial Bus

Q. Who is the author of Wings of Fire? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari

Q. Who won American Open 2021? Daniel Medvedev

Q. Vriddheshwar Temple is situated in? Maharashtra

Q. Fundamental rights are taken from which country? USA

Q. Pegasus Software is made by? NSO Group (Israeli Cyber Arm)

Q. First Lokpal of India? Pinaki Chandra Ghosh

Q. Manu Bhakkar is related to? Shooting

Q. Chilika lake is situated in? Odisha

Q. First Lord Governor after Lord Mount Batten? C Rajagopalachari

Q. Which is not a type of Computer Memory? FRAM

Q. Full form of CPU? Central Processing Unit

Q. First indegenous made Fighter Jet? Tejas

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis : Good Attempts

We have checked the difficulty level of the Exam and now we will provide the estimated number of good attempts to get the call for the next phase of the examination. These are just estimates, so aspirants you start preparing for Interview as and when the exam is over. As today’s exam was moderate so, on average the number of good attempts is between 65 to 70 for science and other than science stream. So, let’s look at the type of questions asked in the Agniveer Vayu Exam. Candidates can check the detailed information about the number of good attempts from the table mentioned below.
Section Good Attempts
Science 52 – 55
Other than Science 35 – 40
Science and other than Science 65 – 70

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis: Video

Our team of expert faculty has coordinated with the students who appeared in Agniveer Vayu Written Exam and conducted a live analysis for Agniveer Vayu Exam on 27th July 2022. The candidates who want to know the analysis in detail can go through the video analysis of Air Force Agniveer Exam from below.

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2022, All Shift_40.1

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Pattern 2022

Online test will be assessed on the basis of following marking scheme :-

  • One mark for every correct answer.
  • Nil (0) marks for an attempted question.
  • 0.25 marks shall be deducted for every wrong answer.
Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Pattern 2022
S.No Name of the Test Duration
1 Science Subjects 60 minutes
2 Other Than Science Subjects 45 minutes
3 English, Physics and Mathematics 85 minutes

Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2022, All Shift_50.1Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Analysis 2022: FAQs

Q1. What is the Cut Off for Agniveer Vayu exam?

Ans. Official Cut Off will be released by the Indian Air Force. You can check the expected cut off in the article.

Q2. What is the Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Difficulty level?

Ans. Indian Airforce Agniveer Exam Difficulty level was moderate. Check the Number of Good Attempts in the article above.

Thank You, Your details have been submitted we will get back to you.

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