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NDA Exam Analysis 2024, Maths, GAT Question Paper Difficulty Level

NDA Exam Analysis 2024

The NDA 1 Exam 2024 is conducted and Analysis is now available on this Defence Adda247 page. Here, you can find a detailed breakdown of the exam, including topic-wise analysis and an overall assessment.

Let’s start with the Mathematics section. Based on student feedback, the CDS Question paper for Maths was considered moderately difficult. The exam included many questions on Functions, Trigonometry, Probability, Algebra, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, Matrices, Circle, Calculus, Determinants, and other topics.

Moving on to the CDS Question paper for General Ability Test (GAT), students found it relatively easier than the Mathematics paper, falling into the easy to moderate difficulty range. The GAT section covered topics like Current Affairs, including recent events as well.

NDA exam analysis gives useful insights into the exam’s difficulty levels, types of questions, and student opinions. Reviewing this analysis can help candidates evaluate their performance and assess their readiness for the exam.

NDA Exam Question Paper 2024

Here is an overview of the NDA 1 2024 Exam Question paper exam analysis conducted recently:

General Ability Test (GAT): This paper had 150 questions in total. Candidates attempted around 95 to 105 questions, showing that the paper was manageable, ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty.

Mathematics: The Mathematics paper had 120 questions. Candidates did well, attempting around 47 to 52 questions. The paper was considered moderately difficult.

Paper Total Questions Good Attempts Difficulty Level
GAT 150 95-105 Easy to Moderate
Mathematics 120 47-52 Moderate

NDA Exam Maths Question Paper Analysis

The analysis of the NDA Maths section for 2024 shows that the questions were moderately challenging. Although most questions were doable, some were more complex and required extra time and careful thought from the candidates.

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Trigonometry 3 Moderate
Height & Distance 2 Easy
Sequence & Series 4 Moderate
Complex number 2 Easy
Inequality and Logarithms 1 Moderate
Permutation and combination 7 Moderate
Quadratic equation and cube roots 6 Easy
Binomial theorem 3 Moderate
Matrices and Determinants 9 Moderate
Probability 3 Moderate
Binary 2 Easy
Sets Relations and Functions 7 Easy
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability 4 Moderate
Differentiation & its application 8 Moderate
Integration & its application 5 Moderate
Differential Equation 4 Moderate
Vector 6 Hard
Conic Section 3 Moderate
Lines & Angle 4 Moderate
3D Geometry 5 Moderate
Static & DI 6 Moderate
Circle 3 Moderate

NDA Exam GAT Paper Analysis

In the NDA written exam, the General Ability Test (GAT) is very important. It includes 50 questions on English language and comprehension, plus 100 questions covering a range of General Knowledge topics like current affairs, history, physics, geography, and others. This analysis gives a detailed breakdown of how the questions are spread across different subjects and their perceived difficulty level.

Subject Total Questions Level
English 50 Moderate
History 13 Moderate
Polity 3 Easy
Geography 19 Moderate
Current Affairs 10 Moderate
Static GK 3 Moderate
Economy 2 Moderate
Physics 21 Moderate
Chemistry 18 Moderate
Biology 11 Moderate

NDA Exam Analysis 2024, Maths, GAT Question Paper Difficulty Level_3.1

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