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What is Assam Rifles in Indian Army: Roles and Responsibility

About Assam Rifles in Indian Army

The Assam Rifles, a prominent important force in the Indian Army, which plays a vital role in ensuring security and maintaining peace in the Northeastern regions of the country. It was established in 1835 and holds the distinction of being one of the oldest paramilitary forces in India, with a rich legacy of service and dedication. The Assam Rifles holds a distinct position as one of the six central armed police forces (CAPFs) overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Its primary mission involves safeguarding the Northeastern regions of India and the Indo-Myanmar border, providing essential assistance to the Indian Army in upholding law and order.

Roles and Responsibilities

What sets the Assam Rifles apart is its unique operational duality. While administratively it falls under the purview of the MHA, operationally, it operates under the control of the Indian Army. This sets it apart from the other central armed police forces (CAPFs). The following are the key roles and responsibilities of the Assam Rifles:

  • Maintaining Law and Order: In areas facing disturbances, the Assam Rifles step in to maintain law and order. Their swift response and strategic presence act as a barrier against unlawful activities, ensuring the safety and security of the place.
  • Security for Government Structures and Officials: Assam Rifles are entrusted with the responsibility of providing security to critical government structures, as well as government officials. This helps in safeguarding vital infrastructure and ensuring the smooth functioning of administrative operations.
  • Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Operations: During times of natural disasters or humanitarian crises, the Assam Rifles extend their support by actively participating in relief and rescue operations. Their assistance in such crucial times is invaluable and contributes to the well-being of affected communities.
  • Border Patrolling and Counter-Insurgency Operations: Assam Rifles personnel are actively engaged in patrolling the borders and conducting operations against insurgent groups. Their vigilant presence helps in safeguarding the nation’s borders and countering security threats effectively.
  • Specialized Operations: Apart from their regular duties, Assam Rifles personnel undergo specialized training in diverse operations like jungle warfare, combat diving, mountaineering, and more. This helps them to handle a variety of challenging situations effectively.

In terms of structure and leadership, the Assam Rifles mirrors a regimented setup similar to the Indian Army. It boasts a substantial force of over 63,000 personnel organized into 46 battalions. Notably, the senior ranks within the Assam Rifles are occupied by Army officers, and the overall command of the force rests in the hands of an Indian Army Lieutenant General. This integrated leadership ensures a seamless coordination and synergy between the Assam Rifles and the Indian Army in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

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What is Assam Rifles?

The Assam Rifles, a prominent important force in the Indian Army, which plays a vital role in ensuring security and maintaining peace in the Northeastern regions of the country. It was established in 1835.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Assam Rifles?

The roles and responsibilities of Assam Rifles are: maintaining law and order, security of government structures and officials etc. Read the complete roles of the Assam Rifles in the article above.

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