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How to Prepare for General Awareness Section of AFCAT 2 2023

How to Prepare for General Awareness Section

Everyone has thought of flying an aircraft at least once in his childhood. The Indian air force gives you a fantastic opportunity to make your dream come true, that too just after your graduation. The Indian air force invites applications for the AFCAT examination twice a year. AFCAT 2 2023 exam is going to be held in the last week of August.

AFCAT 2 2023 Exam Date: August 25, 26 and 27, 2023.

Now that only few days are left for the examination, the candidate should revise all the GK topics. In this article, we have provided the PDF for General Awareness through which you can revise all the important GA topics in one go.

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AFCAT 2023 Exam Pattern: Get Details Here

AFCAT 2023 Exam will be conducted in a single phase. To be acceptable for the post one needs to score minimum qualifying marks both in the written test and the AFSB test as prescribed by the Indian Air Force. Candidates will be selected in order of the marks secured by them in both written and SSB. The final Merit list would be updated in the official website of the Indian Air Force after all SSB are conducted for AFCAT Entries.

Pattern of the online exam for AFCAT

Exam Subject Duration No. of questions Max. marks
AFCAT General Awareness, verbal ability in English, Numerical ability and reasoning and military aptitude test 02 Hours 100 300

NOTE: The Online examination will consist of objective-type questions and will be in English only.


General Awareness Section Strategy

The score in the AFCAT written exam has great importance for the final merit because every year a lot of candidates don’t make it to the prestigious Indian Air Force Academy even after getting recommended by the AFSB.

Out of 4 sections, the General Awareness section is considered a little tougher because of the vast syllabus. This article guides the candidates on how to prepare for the General Awareness for the AFCAT exam.

The General Awareness section contains questions from the following topics:


No. of questions


6-8 questions

Current Affairs

5-6 questions

Indian Polity

3-4 questions


3-4 questions

Science and Technology

2-3 questions


2-3 questions

Current Affairs

As you can see from the table that the Current Affairs and the Geography questions cover a major portion. So candidates should begin with these two subjects as there is a better cost-benefit ratio.

  • Knowledge of Important events that have happened in India in recent years.
  • Current important world events.
  • Prominent personalities—both Indian and International including those connected with cultural activities and sports.
  • Award and Honors, Books and Authors, Important Dates, Scientific Research.

Current Affairs can be prepared from any standard magazine. Adda247 also covers the current affairs on its various study materials. We also provide the daily current affairs quiz here. This will help you in covering your daily current affairs. Practice them on a regular basis and you will feel the difference.

Check Complete List of Static GK for AFCAT


Topics it include, are as follows –

  • The Earth, its shape and size.
  • Latitudes and Longitudes, Concept of time. International Date Line. Movements of Earth and their effects. Origin of Earth.
  • Rocks and their classification;
  • Weathering—Mechanical and Chemical, Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
  • Ocean Currents and Tides Atmosphere and its composition;
  • Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure, Planetary Winds, Cyclones and Anti-cyclones;
  • Humidity; Condensation and Precipitation; Types of Climate, Major Natural regions of the World.
  • Regional Geography of India: Climate, Natural vegetation. Mineral and Power resources; location and distribution of agricultural and Industrial activities. Important Sea ports and main sea, land, and air routes of India.
  • Main items of Imports and Exports of India.

For Geography start with the NCERTs and if time permits you can go for the famous geography book by Goh Cheng Leong. One should regularly attempt quizzes on the Adda247 app, they are helpful to test one’s performance.


Topics it include, are as follows –

  • A broad survey of Indian History, with emphasis on Culture and Civilisation.
  • Freedom Movement in India. Elementary study of Indian Constitution and Administration.
  • Elementary knowledge of Five Year Plans of India.
  • Panchayati Raj, Co-operatives and Community Development.
  • Bhoodan, Sarvodaya, National Integration and Welfare State, Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Forces shaping the modern world; Renaissance, Exploration and Discovery; War of American Independence.
  • French Revolution, Industrial Revolution and Russian Revolution.
  • Impact of Science and Technology on Society.
  • Concept of one World, United Nations, Panchsheel, Democracy, Socialism and Communism. Role of India in the present world.

For History, first, go for modern history and Indian Freedom Struggle then the remaining portion. The more times you read the more you would remember.

Science and Technology

Topics it include, are as follows –

  • Difference between the living and non-living. Basis of Life—Cells, Protoplasms and Tissues.
  • Growth and Reproduction in Plants and Animals.
  • Elementary knowledge of the Human Body and its important organs.
  • Common Epidemics, their causes, and prevention.
  • Food: Source of Energy for man. Constituents of food, Balanced Diet.
  • The Solar System: Meteors and Comets, Eclipses. Achievements of Eminent Scientists.

For Science and Technology, NCERTs and quizzes on DefenceAdda should be sufficient. Repeated reading is necessary for this process. The aim should be abstracting the relevant information according to the UPSC syllabus the essence, not to mastery over a topic.


Topics it include, are as follows –

  • Economic Planning in India. 2.1 Five-Year Plans before the Liberalisation.
  • Government Schemes & Programmes in India.
  • Prime Minister’s Plan for all Sections of the Country.
  • Money and Banking.
  • Structure of Banking Sector in India.
  • International Agencies and Trade.

In the Economics section, first, you should know the various economic terms and their meanings such as inflation, repo rate. Know about the various curves. Prepare a short note with highlighted keywords and relate them to a current issue in a pragmatic way.

Indian Polity

Topics it include, are as follows –

  • Constitution of India- Basic Idea, Historical Background, Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Union and its Territory
  • Indian polity and governance – Constitution
  • Political system
  • Panchayati Raj Public Policy, Rights Issues etc.

For Indian Polity, one may refer to NCERTs and quizzes. Indian Polity has a very vast syllabus so one can choose it to read at last. By attempting quizzes you will come to know what’s important and what’s not because the syllabus is very vast. You should not ignore other topics for this one topic. Finally, attempt mocks tests and topic-wise quizzes as much as possible. Consistent revision in the final days is the key to success.

In order to holistically cover this syllabus, Adda247 has launched the Adda247 test series that encompass a range of questions that match the level of frequently asked questions, previous year questions, and new pattern questions for every Competitive Examination. They simulate the real tests and let you know how to attempt the questions in a way that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions within the stipulated time. AFCAT Test series also give you an All India Rank so as you can assess where you stand.

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, it has become difficult for students to travel and attend classes. It’s better to stay at home and study with the help of online study material.

Good luck with the upcoming AFCAT 2 2023 Exam.

Click here to Download General Awareness Capsule for AFCAT 2 2023

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When is the AFCAT 2 2023 Exam to be conducted?

The exam date for AFCAT 1 2023 is August 25, 26 and 27, 2023.

How many Topics are there in General Awareness section of AFCAT 1 2023?

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What is the number of vacancies for the AFCAT 2 2023 Exam?

Total AFCAT 2 2023 vacancies are 276 announced by IAF.

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