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100+ Economy Questions for NDA & CDS 2023

100+ Economy Questions for NDA & CDS 2023

The economy is the structure which under all economic activities are operated and that’s why it has given importance in almost every competitive exam. Even in defence exams like NDA and CDS, economy questions play a great role to score well in order to clear the exam.

100+ Economy Questions for NDA & CDS 2023_30.1

Therefore, to get good marks in the examination, you must remember this category of questions. We are providing you with the most important 100 + questions which you must go through before going for CDS or NDA.

Economy Questions for NDA & CDS 2023 PDF

Increase your knowledge of the Indian Economy by solving the questions and answers provided below in the article. In almost all types of competitive exams; questions based on the Indian Economy are asked. Here, we have compiled more than 100 questions on the different sections of the Indian Economy that would be very useful for all types of defence exams, especially CDS and NDA.

100+ Economy Questions PDF for NDA & CDS 2023

We have compiled the most important questions of the economy that will help you to gain good marks in your CDS and NDA exams which are very near. These economy questions are well-researched by our team of experts. You can download the PDF of economy questions for NDA and CDS 2023 below.

100+ Economy Questions for NDA & CDS 2023_40.1

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Who is eligible for NDA exam?

Only unmarried male and female aspirants aged between 16.5 and 19.5 are eligible to apply for NDA.

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