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IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size 2023, Dimension, Size

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size 2023

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size: Verify the IBPS RRB photo and signature upload size 2023 before submitting the form online. Before uploading all of their documents, candidates can read this article. The standard file size, file format, and dimensions specified in the official notification should be followed by the IBPS RRB Photo and Signature size 2023 that you upload in your online form. Candidates looking for information on IBPS RRB thumb impression and declaration sizes, photo and signature sizes for IBPS RRB, IBPS RRB Clerk photo and signature sizes, IBPS RRB Clerk scale 2 photo and signature sizes, and IBPS RRB scale 3 photo and signature sizes can refer to the information provided here in this article. This article clarifies all of your questions about the IBPS.

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size 2023: Important Dates

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size: The key application deadlines are listed here for the benefit of candidates who are preparing. Along with the crucial dates, we have covered IBPS RRB Photo and Signature Size 2023 in this article. Candidates who are interested can read this article.

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size 2023 – Important Dates

Organization Head Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
Exam Regional Rural Bank
Post Name PO & Clerk
Online Application Starting date 01.06.2023
Online Application Closing date 21.06.2023

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size, Dimension, Size: Specifications

IBPS RRB Photo And Signature Size: When completing the form, candidates must bear the following requirements in mind.

IBPS RRB Photo: Specifications

When choosing a photo to upload in the form, candidates should keep the following in mind:

  • A recent color passport-size photo that is no older than six months from the registration date is required.
  • Selfies or photos taken with a mobile device will not be accepted; instead, choose a conventional photograph taken with a DSLR camera or by a qualified professional photographer.
  • The photograph’s actual size should be 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm.
  • The image should be 200 x 230 pixels in size.
  • The image’s digital file size should range from 20 kB to 50 kB.

IBPS RRB Signature: Specification

  • The signature should be 140 x 60 pixels in size.
  • The preferred signature size is 3.5 cm wide by 1.5 cm high.
  • The digital signature should have a size of 10 kB to 20 kB.
  • The signature must be written in black ink with blue dots on white paper.
  • BLOCK letters will not be accepted as a signature.
  • The running hand should be used to sign the document.
  • There should be no smudging of the uploaded signature.

IBPS RRB Left Thumb Impression: Specification

  • On a piece of white paper, use a blue or black ink pad to print the candidate’s left thumb.
  • On the white paper, the signature area should be uploaded, not the entire document.
  • The signature should be on a piece of white paper that is 4 cm x 3 cm in size.
  • The thumb impression’s digital size should range from 20kB to 100kB.
  • The signature image should have a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels at 200 DPI, or 3 cm by 3 cm.

NOTE: A candidate may use his right thumb if he lacks a left thumb. The left hand’s finger impression can be used if both thumbs are missing. In the absence of fingers, a toe impression may be taken. In all of these situations, the candidate should specify in a handwritten declaration if they are unable to upload their left thumb impression.

IBPS RRB Hand Written Declaration

When submitting their application online, candidates must upload a handwritten declaration certifying that all of their supporting documentation is accurate and will be available for inspection by IBPS at any time.

  • The declaration text may be typed, signed, or inscribed with a thumbprint if the candidate is unable to write.
  • The declaration must be written entirely in English and in the candidate’s handwriting.
  • The application will be deemed invalid if it was written by another person or in a language other than English.
  • The declaration should have a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels at 200 DPI, or 10 cm by 5 cm (width by height).
  • The writing shouldn’t be in capital letters.
  • The file should be between 50 and 100 kbs. in size.

The text for the handwritten declaration is as follows – I, _______ (Name of the candidate), hereby declare that all the information submitted by me in the application form is correct, true, and valid. I will present the supporting documents as and when required.”

Things To Keep In Mind While Filling IBPS RRB Form

Things to consider when completing the IBPS RRB form.

  • The image ought to be recent and well-lit. Applications with blurry photos won’t be accepted and may even be deemed invalid.
  • In the photograph, the candidate SHOULD NOT be sporting fancy goggles and hats.
  • Any religious headgear or scarf that hides the candidate’s face is prohibited.
  • The picture must be taken front, not from the side.
  • The uploaded signature should NOT be smudged.
  • Only the candidate should sign the document.
  • The candidate’s left thumbprint shouldn’t be smudged.
  • The candidate can take several thumbprints and choose the best one that clearly shows the thumb.

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Whether the candidates can upload their signature in any color ink?

No, the candidates can upload the signature with a black ink pen only.

Where the aspirants can get the article about IBPS RRB Photo And Signature size 2023?

For the convenience of candidates, we are here providing the article for IBPS RRB Photo and Signature size 2023. The 2023 IBPS RRB photo size should range from 20kb to 50kb. Additionally, the 2023 IBPS RRB signature size should range from 10kb to 20kb.

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