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What is the key to get ‘screened in’ in SSB?

What is the Key to Get ‘Screened in’ in SSB?

Getting screened in is something, for which a defense aspirant is always worried about and always try to find out the exact mantra to achieve the same. Even the hardcore repeaters are fearful of getting screened out. So in this article we will try to understand about those basic requirements that are needed to have some clarity of screening in process.

In order to know the mantra of getting “screened in”, first we should know about it and what it contains. It has basically two components – one is “Officer Intelligence Rating” (OIR) test and the other one is “picture perception and discussion test” (PPDT) .

OIR is basically an aptitude test that is to understand the verbal and non-verbal reasoning of a candidate, which anyone can sail through easily with some practice before hand. For this there is lots of material available online to practice each type of questions for OIR along with some quality based test series to evaluate the performance.

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Now coming to the most important part and that is PPDT (i.e. Picture Perception and Discussion Test). As the name suggests it is test of perception, where candidate has to write a story around a picture which is shown on a screen only for 30 seconds. Time given to write the story is 4 minutes and then it is followed by individual narration and group discussion. Among these three, individual narration is being considered the most important which is followed by performance in GD and so on. Still, you should be focusing equally on all the components of the activity as you are being judged on your overall performance.

Remember the points mentioned below while writing PPDT

  1. Observe the image carefully – First of all, concentrate on the instructions given by assessors as this is the first thing assessors expect you to do to become an officer and after that as the time starts and you see the picture on the screen, just focus on the image and observe it with the full concentration.
  2. Don’t rush to write –  Take your time to analyze the picture properly and only after that try to think about a story around that visual perception. You should understand that most important thing is the theme and the main idea of the story which depends on your power of imagination. So for that you should first analyze the picture in the best way possible and with full concentration try to make a meaningful story on the perceived picture.
  3. Make a story in your mind – As story is divided into three things that is what led to the situation, what is the situation and what will be the outcome. So just have a rough idea of the story in your mind about these three factors around which you will write your final story. It will help you to write a crisp and meaningful story.
  4. Narrate it to yourself – keep repeating your story multiple times. After writing the story, try to narrate it to yourself in your mind 2-3 times so that you could have the confidence before final narration. As you get the ample time before narration so it’s possible and also helpful to do some changes if required. If you feel there is a requirement of some change in your story, so you can do that in your individual narration. You should just have the confidence while narrating it.
  5. Listen to everyone – As soon as the individual narration starts you are supposed to listen to other candidates attentively so that you could consider adding their valuable points in discussion and just feel relaxed while other candidates are narrating their individual story.
  6. Participation in GD – During GD, try to initiate but if you can’t no worries don’t panic. To give your valuable points in GD, first you should know what others have said. So after listening to everyone, what you think is the most common, take those points and try to add all those points in the group discussion. If the idea of your story also resembles with the group, add that too. Try to talk more about such points which help the group to reach some consensus as it is the only motive of the discussion that is to reach to a common meaningful story. When there is a situation of fish market, don’t jump in and shout with the crowd. Stay away from the bay, obviously, at some point of time there will be a pause, at that point of time, pitch in with “HEAD SHOT” points/ideas. Wait for the right time and give the exact points what the board is expecting. And, try not to repeat same points again and again.
  7. Never think about the result during performance – Most importantly don’t think about the results just keep yourself calm, hold your nerve and just enjoy the process.

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