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What is SSB Interview, Detailed Explanation

What is SSB Interview: The Interview is the process in which the candidate is in direct conversation with the IO (Interviewing Officer) and is assessed on his/her personality and is asked questions pertaining to the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) filled by the candidate.

What is SSB Interview: Detailed Explanation

The SSB Interview can last from anything to about 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. The Interviewing Officer starts talking in a very relaxed manner with you at the start and then starts asking questions based on your PIQ. The questions are generally asked in a rapid fire sequence and about 8-10 questions will be asked at one go. The candidate has to answer the questions in the same sequence as asked. In between the Interviewing Officer may ask some other questions as well to get some things clarified. The IO may ask 5 – 6 rapid fire sequences during the interview.

The questions will be ranging from a myriad of topics like your education from school, favourite teachers and why do you like them, questions regarding your friends, family and colleagues, the subjects you liked at school or college, what you like about your job, questions regarding your pocket money or salary and how you utilize it, your goals dreams and aspirations, sports and co-curricular activities, general awareness, current affairs, defence news, geopolitics and India’s relations with its neighbours.

The Interviewing Officer may put the candidate in stressful situations at times just to see how they react. More or less the interview is a conversation. The candidates shouldn’t feel nervous or lose their morale before, during or after their interview.

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