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SSB Interview Questions and Answers 2023

SSB Interview Questions and Answers 2023

The SSB interview is the same for CDS, NDA, AFCAT and other similar defence exams. A personal Interview is an activity that enables the Interviewing Officer (IO) to assess the personality of the candidates by posing general and technical questions.

The candidate will be interviewed by the President, Vice-President or the interviewing officer of the SSB Board to assess the personality of the candidate in order to know if he or she is having enough officer-like qualities to get into the Indian Armed Forces. Personal Interview is one of the deciding factors for defence aspirants after clearing the written exam which finally makes a way to become an officer in the Indian armed forces.

In this article, we will tell you the most important questions which will help you to stay prepared during your SSB Interview Process. Given below are the most important recently asked questions at different SSB boards for which you need to find the best answers for yourself so that you could answer them confidently on the day of the interview.

Questions for SSB Interview 2023

Let’s discuss some of the most asked questions in the interview along with some tips to tackle them –

  1. What is the meaning of your name and how do you live up to your name?
    Tip – Make sure that you know the meaning of your name, also who gave you this name and the reason behind giving you this particular name and try to connect its meaning with some of your behavioural characteristics in order to answer the second part of the question.
  2. Tell your 2-3 strengths and weaknesses.
    Tip – Before going to SSB you are supposed to know about yourself the most. Try to analyze your personality by doing self-introspection. Make sure you are able to tell your strengths and also mention only those weaknesses which can be corrected.
  3. Tell me about your best friends and do you think they should change something in themselves?
    Tip – Make sure you have a little discussion around this question with your friends so that you could answer it with surety and try to note down certain points related to them so that a properly framed answer could be given. Also, don’t sound very negative even if you want to change something in them. Pick something which can be taken lightly For eg – A friend who always shows up a little late.
  4. What is special about your native place?
    Tip – You are supposed to google a lot many things which are associated with you and note that down before appearing in SSB so that you don’t have to stay mum while answering anything. Know about your place, its history, famous things and anecdotes related to it and note it down somewhere so that you could recall it while answering.
  5. Two Qualities in your parents that you like and dislike.
    Tip – Take out a little time to think about people are who important to you in your life and frame a well-organized answer about them. Never be negative about people who are close to you. Pick such qualities which can be corrected easily like my father needs to take more care of his health or need to do more workout.
  6. How do you spend time with your family?
    Tip – Think about this beforehand, if you live with your family or somewhere else you just need to be sure that you sound close to your family and try to tell with some examples in order to sound more authentic.
  7. What are your hobbies and how often do you spend your time doing the same?
    Tip – A hobby is considered to be a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time. So just tell them about such activity related to you and how much time you generally give to that. Try to be as honest as possible, you might try adding something but don’t say anything which is completely untrue. They are smart enough to identify where you are lying.
  8. What is your daily routine?
    Tip – To tell a daily routine you must have a disciplined routine first so make sure you follow the same and try to note it down so that you could answer the question with confidence and never try to add things which you don’t follow. It is actually an easy task for assessors to identify such made-up things.
  9. Explain your relationship with your siblings.
    Tip – Keep it real and tell the importance of your siblings in your life and vice versa by providing some examples. Try to tell some sweet and memorable incidents to back your statements. Your real-life incidents will help the interviewer to know more about your personality. Remember such incidents beforehand and be ready to answer with confidence.
  10. Can you tell me about any latest examples of when you helped your friends and they helped you?
    Tip – Again be truthful while answering such questions as it is a long conversation and faking anything won’t sustain long. So try to tell real-life examples. Make sure that you ponder such basic questions and you should have something to tell you. Tell all the examples that you remember until the interviewer gets satisfied with your answer.
  11. If you don’t get a recommendation this time then what would be your plan B?
    Tip – You must be aware of all your entries through which you can apply and mention them.
  12. Tell me about your academic performance from class 8th to graduation.
    Tip – It’s a commonly asked question in rapid-fire rounds so you must be well aware of all your academic grades and achievements in chronological order.
  13. What inspires you to join the armed forces?
    Don’t think about the quality of the answer. Try to be real and tell them honestly whatever motivates you and inspires you the most to join the armed forces.
  14. What do you know about the armed forces?
    It is a basic thing that they expect from you to be well-read about the armed forces and all the parameters associated with it. your passion must be reflected in your answer. But most importantly not everyone can know everything so if there is something which you don’t know. Don’t try to guess anything, rather, tell them that you don’t know it and will read about it later. your honesty will be appreciated at every step.
  15. What is your plan B other than joining the Indian armed forces?
    Be practical. Have plan B and tell them confidently about it and don’t feel that there is no Plan B. Remember, there is always some other plan. you just need to do some brainstorming to present a satisfactory answer.
  16. What are your cocurricular achievements?
    As already mentioned, the first and basic thing about SSB is to know about yourself. So just know what you are, what you have done and what you are looking for. Prepare some exhaustive answers to such questions.
  17. Tell me about your family.
    As normally a person is close to his or her family so it’s expected to be well aware of your family and its components and majorly try to know about your importance and role in the family. Try to answer this question with some supportive examples. From your father to the youngest sibling, tell about everyone in proper order.
  18. Tell about some recent current affairs topics.
    You are expected to be well aware of current happenings in the world. So the best way is to include newspapers in your daily routine. As it will help you to polish your English speaking skills along with the understanding of news.
    The best way is to prepare at least 2-3 current affairs topics in detail as there is a possibility that the interviewer might ask you to tell about some topics of your choice.
  19. What do you do to keep yourself fit?
    If you are planning to join the armed forces you are supposed to be fit and also your routine must have some activities to keep you physically and mentally fit. Tell about all such activities truthfully. It is advised that the candidates should involve themselves in some regular exercise so that they could also perform well in all the physical tests.
  20. Tell me about the subjects you chose at your graduation.
    Recall your college time a little, as many formal, as well as informal questions, are generally asked about your college life. Go through your academic experience and remember it so that you could answer any question related to it with confidence. No matter how lame your answer is, just try to be honest because they more care about honesty and confidence to accept you rather than showing something which you don’t even possess.





What is the SSB interview?

The SSB interview is a selection process conducted by the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) to assess candidates for recruitment as officers. It consists of various tests and assessments to evaluate a candidate's personality, intelligence, and aptitude for a career in the armed forces.

How can I prepare for the SSB interview?

To prepare for the SSB interview, you can focus on the following areas:
a. Improve your general knowledge, especially related to current affairs and defense-related topics.
b. Enhance your communication skills, both verbal and written.
c. Work on your physical fitness and participate in outdoor activities.
d. Develop your leadership qualities, team-building skills, and social interaction abilities.
e. Practice solving logical reasoning and aptitude questions.
f. Familiarize yourself with the SSB interview process by studying books and previous candidates' experiences.

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