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What Is a Good Score For AFCAT 2024, Know In Detail

The Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is a popular exam for those aspiring to become commissioned officers in the Indian Air Force (IAF) in different branches. It assesses candidates for roles in Flying, Ground Duty (Technical), and Ground Duty (Non-Technical) branches. Knowing what qualifies as a good score in AFCAT 2024 is important for effective preparation and goal-setting. This article explores factors influencing a good score, cutoff trends, and strategies to attain a competitive score in AFCAT 2024.

What Constitutes a Good Score in AFCAT 2024?

Aiming for a good score in AFCAT 2024 means more than just clearing the cutoff. It’s about achieving a score that enhances your chances of progressing through the selection process. Here’s a breakdown:

Minimum Good Score: 165-175

This score range indicates a basic understanding of AFCAT subjects like General Awareness, Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning. To achieve this:

  • Stay updated on current affairs and practice grammar and vocabulary.
  • Brush up on arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
  • Sharpen logical reasoning skills with practice tests.

Competitive Score: 185-195

Scoring in this range shows a stronger knowledge of exam content. To excel:

  • Dive deeper into subjects and manage time effectively.
  • Regularly revise key concepts and learn strategic guessing.

Excellent Score: 200 and Above

A score of 200+ reflects high proficiency and thorough preparation. To reach this level:

  • Gain expert-level understanding and practice consistently.
  • Analyze performance, both mentally and physically, for top-tier performance.

Why a Good Score Matters in AFCAT 2024

  • Qualifying for the AFSB interview.
  • Gaining an advantage in the merit list.
  • Boosting confidence for subsequent selection stages.

Does AFCAT Scores Affect Merit List?

AFCAT is an important examination for aspirants aiming to join the Indian Air Force. One common question among candidates is whether their AFCAT scores directly influence their placement in the merit list. Let’s explore this topic further.

  • Understanding the AFCAT Merit List: The AFCAT Merit List comprises candidates who have scored above the prescribed cutoff marks. While AFCAT scores play a significant role in determining eligibility for subsequent selection stages, they alone do not guarantee placement in the merit list.
  • Factors Considered in Merit List Placement: Alongside AFCAT scores, various other factors contribute to a candidate’s position in the merit list. These factors may include performance in the AFSB interview, medical fitness, educational qualifications, and vacancies available in different branches of the Indian Air Force.
  • AFCAT Scores as a Screening Criterion: While AFCAT scores serve as an initial screening criterion, candidates must excel in subsequent selection stages to secure a position in the final merit list. A high AFCAT score improves one’s chances of progressing to the interview round, but performance in the interview and other assessments ultimately determine merit list placement.

Tips for Achieving a Good Score in AFCAT 2024

  • Understand the exam pattern and create a study plan.
  • Practice regularly with previous papers and mock tests.
  • Strengthen fundamentals and manage time effectively.
  • Stay updated on current affairs and revise regularly.
  • Consider joining coaching or online courses for structured learning.



What is good score for AFCAT 2024?

A good score for AFCAT 2024is given in 3 ranges below:
Minimum Good Score: 160-170
Competitive Score: 180-190
Excellent Score: 200 and above

How many times AFCAT exam is conducted in a year?

AFCAT exam is conducted twice in a year.


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