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Veer Helmet: New Made in India Helmet for Sikh Soldiers

Veer Helmet

As India is moving forward in its journey of Self Reliance, we have a new development in account, The Brave Sikh Soldiers of India are to receive a new gift, i.e. A Combat helmet made specifically for the Sikh Soldiers, The new Helmet is jointly designed by  Global Defense and Homeland Security Company MKU, based in Kanpur.

The Helmet as the company said , will be comfortable to wear over the under turban cloth, the company has  dedicated the helmet to the spirit of valor that Sikh soldiers have embodied for generations – only in India but overseas too.

According to the MKU’s Managing Director Neeraj Gupta, “The turban for a Sikh is his pride. The ‘Veer’ helmet, from our company offers heroic Sikh soldiers the option of safeguarding their body and life while continuing to wear their under-turban cloth.”

MKU’s Chairman Manoj Gupta, says, “We observed a need for better head protection for our Sikh troops. The heroes we empower safeguard our freedom, our security and our way of life. And who better to exemplify this spirit of heroism than our Sikh soldiers!”

Veer Helmet: Features

  • Light Weight
  • Anti- Fungal
  • Anti – Allergic
  • Flame Resistant
  • Excellent Shock absorption technique
  • Chemical safe
  • All weather proof

Apart fro that ‘Veer’ helmet is compatible with MACS (Modular Accessory Connector System). MACS is a first of its kind multi-accessory mounting system that enables the head-mounted sensors and modern combat equipment like night vision goggles, cameras on helmets, and communication systems.

So Far there were no helmets for the Sikh Soldiers to wear, so the Veer helmet is one of its kind,this invention was highly welcomed by the Ministry of Defense, the company has managed to execute one of the largest helmet contracts, for 1.59 Lakh ballistic helmets. MKU is perhaps one of the very few companies from India which has been providing advanced optronic and ballistic protection solutions for soldiers and platforms for military, paramilitary, homeland security, police and Special Forces to over 100 countries. We hope Indian economy witness surge in such companies and realize its dream of becoming an Defense Equipment exporter real soon.

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