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List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2022

SSB Group Discussion Topics 2022

List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2022: Group Discussion is the 1st task that is conducted as a part of the GTO testing series. It is conducted on GTO Day 1. It’s a knowledge as well as a communication-based task. It assesses the candidate’s qualities of co-operation and how he/she behaves in a group.

List of SSB Group Discussion Topics 2022

1. Which is better, life of a boarder or a day scholar?
2. Should capital punishment be abolished or allowed to stay in our country?
3. Should co-education be encouraged in India or not ? If so at what stage?
4. Should love marriages be encouraged in our country or not ?
5. Should corporal punishment be permitted in our educational institutions or not ?
6. Should examinations be abolished or allowed to stay in the method of selection of candidates for defence services?
7. Should compulsory military training be introduced in our educational institutions?
8. Should prohibition be enforced in India or not ?
9. Has science proved a boon or a curse to humanity ?
10. Has UNO proved a success or a failure ?
11. Should industries be nationalised or not ?
12. Who serves the country better ? A soldier, a doctor, a scientist or a politician?
13. What is the most helpful for a man ,s success in life ? Knowledge, power or wealth?
14. What quality would you prefer in a wife-beauty, health, wealth, educational or character?
15. Should India remain nonaligned ?
16. Our five year plans – have they improved the lot of the common man or not ? How would the Rolling Plan system help our economy ?
17. The best place for the women is hearth and home and not office.
18. What helps a soldier most-brain, brawn or faith?
19. Should Indian students be allowed to take part in politics ?
20. Should compulsory family planning he introduced in our country?
21. Is war desirable or inevitable ?
22. Are early or late marriage desirable ?
23. Which one would your prefer-health, riches or social status ?
24. Which is worst of the vices-gambling, drinking, smoking or stealing ?
25. Should religious and moral instructions be imparted in our educational institutions?
26. Should sex education be introduced in our schools or college education ?
27. What decides a man’s future- fate or his own efforts ?
28. The Economic Liberalization has only served to widen the gap between the rich and the poor.
29. Should promotion be based on seniority or merit ?
30. Who is a greater culprit-the man who accepts bribe or the man who offers bride ?
31. Should India prepare nuclear weapons in view of Pakistan’s decision to prepare Nuclear Bomb ?
32. Should there be reservation of the seats in Parliament for women ?
33. Are the nuclear blasts by India justified ?
34. Should the basic frame work or our Constitution be changed ?
35. Is the role of the opposition parties in India justified ?
36. A plea for introducing Presidential form of Government in India.
37. Can the present scenario of rampant political corruption be rectified ?
38. Should there be a uniform civil code in Inida ?
39. Is the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) a success or a failure ?
40. Has the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
been able to make any significant contribution to the South Asian region ?
41. Do you think that reservation of seats in the public sector for backward classes should be abolished ?
42. Is the Atomic Power a curse to the humanity ?

SSB Group Discussion Educational Topics

1. Sex education – At what stage should it be introduced in our educational
2. Student in discipline, its causes and remedies.
3. Compulsory Military Training in our educational institutions.
4. Your favourite author/leader.
5. Future of English language in India.
6. Students should not be allowed to take part in politics.
7. Will CD- ROMS replace books in the near future ?
8. Patriotism.
9. Importance of games in schools and colleges.
10. Who influences the life of a child most-parents, teachers or friends.
11. Travelling as a means of education.

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