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Russia is Providing India with the S-500 Missile System?

S-500 Missile

Recently the first unit of S-400 Missile System Arrived In India and is ready to be deployed it churned the way for speculations about India could be the first Foreign buyer of the deadly and advanced S-500 System, In this Article we discuss why there is so much noise about the S-500 System, how it is different from the S-400 system? how it could be beneficial for Indian Defense?

S-500 Missile System

 The S-500 Prometey is capable of  intercepting and destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as hypersonic cruise missiles and aircraft. It is the most advanced and one of its kind surface-to-air missile system with a range of around 600 kilometres (370 miles).

  • The S-500 is the most advanced anti-missile system in the world and is expected to have a range of 600km.
  • This missile system is also capable of countering attacks from space.
  • The S-500, also known as Prometey or 55R6M “Triumfator-M”, is a Russian surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic missile system which is the most advanced anti-missile system in the world and is capable of countering attacks from space
  • The S-500 would be able to detect and simultaneously engage up to 10 ballistic hyper sonic targets flying at a speed of 5 kilometres per second (3.1 mi/s; 18,000 km/h; 11,000 mph)
  • The system will be highly mobile and will have rapid deployability.

S 400 vs S 500

S 500 is superior to S 400 in many ways, both of these systems are manufactured in Russia , both are developed by  was developed by the Almaz-Antey Air Defence Concern.

  • S 400 has an operational range of 400 kilometres while S 500 has an operational range of 600 Kms
  • S 400 is able to target and destroy cruise and ballistic missiles while S 500 can destroy and Trigger  Ballistic and Hyper-sonic missiles as well.

Why India Need S 500 Missile System

India is already in possession of S 400 system but here is why we need S 500 system

  • India constantly witnesses border tensions with Pakistan and China
  • China has a very advanced defense System and China too gets its weapon supplies from Russia, so it is no doubt that China will also Purchase the S 500 System
  • Recently China successfully tested its Hyper sonic missile and India currently don’t have any system that can target the Hyper sonic Missiles.
  • Now a days Weapons possessed by a nation mark its position in Global Supremacy.

From the above discussion it is clear that S 500 is a advanced and Incredible Weapon system, Russia has already replaced it’s Missile defense system with S 500 and now is looking for Potential Customers and India stands ahead in the line of customers , it is strategically important for India to have a robust system of defense with advanced artillery hence S 500 will be a great purchase for India in the Upcoming future.

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