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Online Schooling Essay, Can It Be the Future of Education?

Online Schooling Essay

With the pandemic, Digital Education has also boomed like never before and it gave a new shape to the traditional method of prodigy. Due to lockdown, traditional method of schooling was not possible which led to the exponential growth of Online Schooling and it became the only possible way to get education. It also gave a major push to Digital India and Digital economy for which the government was also putting efforts to give it a push by launching schemes like PM e-Vidya.

Online education is basically a way of learning with the help of internet. A way of imparting knowledge with the help of  modernized technology and digitally equipped materials. It has various pros and cons associated with it.

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Online Schooling: Benefits of Online Schooling

  1. Convenient way of learning – A student is no longer required to leave his or her comfort of being at home and learn various things by sitting on the most comfortable chair.
  2. Variety of Content – Since proximity is no more a hurdle, so a student does not need to look for the option available in the area or be it any other condition. He/ She can get access to plethora of content available on the internet easily.
  3. Quality of content – Since now all the teachers and institutes have shifted to internet so it also became a tough task for the institutes to convince the student to buy their courses. So they try their best to provide the quality nd research based content. Even many teachers voluntarily provide the best content to help the students at free of cost.
  4. Bridge the gap of inequality – A Student can learn from a remote corner of the country with the help of Internet. There is a lot of free content which a poor can get access to, in order to learn something.
  5. Cost effective – In Online schooling, a student does not need to pay for travelling, infrastructure and other expenses related to traditional method of learning. So it helps to save a lot much unnecessary wastage of money.
  6. Time Saver – From travelling to fulfilling all other formalities, nothing is required in online learning which helps to save a lot of time of a student.

Online Schooling: Disadvantages of Online Schooling

  1. Health issues – It can be harmful for the health of student due to no physical movements and also can be harmful for eyes. It also effects mentally due to less social interactions.
  2. Compromise with the quality – Since there is a lot available on the internet. So it becomes a task to find something valuable for a student.
  3. Unavailability of technology – Not everyone in this country is privileged to get the access to internet and required gadgets.
  4. Dearth of Practical Knowledge – Student does not get as much opportunities to learn things practically which becomes a hurdle to understand the concept thoroughly.
  5. Less interactive – One of the major advantage of physical class, is the kind of exposure it provides. There is pretty much lesser interaction in Online school than a physical class.

Considering all the above mentioned pros and cons along with the current status of Online Schooling in the country, it can be concluded that largely, it has proved to be beneficial for all the stakeholders associated with it. Be it teachers, students or institutes, everyone was able to get the benefit of it and it helped in shaping the learning method of Indian education style.

And due to this reason, still, it has been in continuation in many coaching institutes and colleges, even after the lockdown has completely lifted and with more and more advancement in technology, it will lead to more improvements in the Indian way of Schooling.

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