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National Space Day, All you need to know about

National Space Day

National Space Day is celebrated on the first Friday of May. It was founded by Lockheed Martin in 1997 to inspire young people to learn about space and its many mysteries. The day also celebrates the advancements that have been made in space exploration and promotes STEM education.

Space is a vast and mysterious place that has captured the imagination of people for centuries. There is still so much to learn about space, and National Space Day is a great opportunity to explore this fascinating topic. There are many ways to celebrate National Space Day, such as visiting a planetarium, watching a documentary, or reading a book about space. You can also learn about the International Space Station or build a model rocket.

On August 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that India would observe August 23 as National Space Day, marking the day when India’s Chandrayaan-3 successfully touched down on the Moon. Additionally, he revealed that the lunar location where the lander made contact would be designated as ‘Shivashakti,’ and the spot where Chandrayaan-2 had its landing would be referred to as the ‘Tiranga Point.’

Importance of National Space Day

It is celebrated by doing various activities like learning about space missions, theories and facts related to it. People generally visit libraries, exhibitions, museum and watch space documentaries to observe this day.

National Space Day holds several important roles and significance:

  • Inspiring Future Generations: It encourages young people to become interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.
  • Educational Opportunities: National Space Day often involves educational activities and events that provide valuable learning experiences. These activities can include lectures, workshops, and interactive exhibits that help the public, especially students, gain a better understanding of space-related topics.
  • Promoting STEM Education: STEM education is essential for the advancement of space exploration and numerous other scientific endeavors.
  • Highlighting Space Exploration Achievements: The day celebrates the achievements of space agencies, scientists, engineers, and astronauts.
  • Fostering Scientific Curiosity: National Space Day nurtures curiosity about the cosmos. It encourages people to ask questions about space and the universe, promoting a deeper understanding of our place in the cosmos and the mysteries that still await discovery.
  • Economic and Technological Impact: Space exploration has significant economic and technological benefits. It leads to the development of new technologies and economic growth.

From sending first human on the surface of the Moon to discovering water on Mars, science has achieved a lot to know about space. but this lot is actually nothing if we talk about certain facts. All the stars, celestial bodies and galaxies that we know about, so far, it’s actually just the four percent of the universe and rest ninety six percent is yet to be explored. So as universe is ever expanding, so is the study of it. There is a lot to learn and lot to study about.

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