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Modernization of Indian Armed Forces

Modernization of Indian Armed Forces

Look around you. Everything changes. everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.” Dr. Steve Mataboli

So we can see Changes are Important to thrive in this ever changing world and when it comes to Armed  Forces they are the way of exhibiting one’s Prowess to the world so development an Modernization become the most aspects of this power exhibition, keeping the same thought in mind India is in it’s way to become better and more powerful, in this article we will understand the need for Modernization and the efforts to achieve the same.

What do we mean by Modernization of Armed Forces ?

Indian Army is the Third largest army In the world, but the weapons we have the systems we operate are obsolete, we might be ahead in numbers but we need to enhance ourselves for portraying the power our strength signify .

Modernization means preparing the Army for future, Increasing its self reliance and optimizing its resources for the maximum efficiency in the current scenario,equipping it with modern weapon and weapon systems, supporting by technology based systems to meet the upcoming challenges.

Modernization: A Necessity

Without any doubt the Armed forces are in dire Need of modernization, who don’t want Peace? but the cost of sustaining peace and integrity is quite high , a Robust Army ensures a batter geopolitical standpoint, and to insure the power play it is necessary to equip  the military with the latest technology , new and advanced Weapons are a necessity to stand equal to the world powers, a better surveillance system becomes crucial given the hostility of the Neighboring countries. hence there is no option but Modernization to secure the nation from all kind of threats.

Efforts For the Modernization

In a recent Webinar regarding the union Budget  the Prime Minister listed a series of measures taken to boost self-reliance in the defense sector. Rs 4.78 lakh crore has been assigned for the Ministry of Defence in the Budget, with a nearly 19% increase in capital outlay. This Year Great emphasis will be given to the  Indigenisation , which means maximizing the production of defense equipment in India.

  • The Defence ministry has decide to increase the CAB , Capital Acquisition Budget ,around 64% of the modernization funds approx. 70,221 crore has been allocated for purchase from the Domestic sector.
  •  Increase in CAB will  positively impact the enhanced domestic procurement, having a multiplier effect on the industries including MSMEs and start-ups.
  • The Defence India Startup Challenge (DISC) was started by the defense ministry and over 1200 MSMEs participated in the fourth edition of the DISC in 2020.
  • Atma Nirbhar Bharat and Make in India mission will also include Defence sector , we can see the local or private companies can also participate in procurement of defense equipment.
  • The government  has prepared a negative list,which include light combat helicopters, artillery guns; these items will not be imported by anyone thus encouraging self-reliant India.
  • The SRIJAN portal has also been launched to facilitate the two initiatives. Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India
  • Sagarmala project has been started to revamp port Infrastructure which is a welcome step in modernization.

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