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List of Countries Who Import Defence Products From India

Currently, India ranks among the leading importers of defense equipment globally. However, there has been notable progress in the export of defense products, albeit slower compared to other countries, including major exporters like the US, Germany, Australia, Finland, France, Israel, South Africa, and Sweden. These nations are part of a group of 42 countries, which also includes Azerbaijan, Estonia, Indonesia, Guinea, Seychelles, and the Philippines. India stands as the world’s second-largest importer of defense equipment in 2020, trailing only behind Saudi Arabia, accounting for a 9.5% share of global imports, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

List of Countries Who Import Defence Products from India

The given below is the list of countries who import Defence products from India.

Sr. No. Country Item
1. Australia 5.56x45mm Ball MK N(SS109)
2. Azerbaijan Sleeves-Mechanical Part
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR, Ballistic Vest Level IIIA, Hard Armour Plates ICW Level IV, Weight
3. Botswana Round 84mm Models
4. Estonia Sleeve 2 bady
5. Finland Passive Night Sight
6. Germany Over-vest with 2 Plate, Helmet, PE Panel, Bomb Suppression Blanket, Soft Armor Panel, Shiel with accessories
7. Guinea MK-4 Sleeping Bag Complete with inner lining
8. Indonesia Modules and Programming cards
9. Israel an empty outer cover of the Mortar Shell a SLEEVE 2- BADY
10. Malaysia Brake Parachute with Pulley, Repair Kit and Manual for Brake.
11. Namibia Unit Level Switch Board (ULSB) Mk III
12. Norway Rifle
13. Seychelles Costal Surveillance System
DO-228 Aircraft
14. Singapore Spare part of the Radar like Power Supply Module Card, Radar Distribution Card, Amplifier, Bus Bar Interface Card
Bullet Proof Vest, Helmet with Accessories
15. South Africa Rail Detonators
16. Sweden Shelter SDGM, Technical Platform
155x52mm Cal Barrel
17. Turkey Laser Transmitter
18. UAE Mine Protected Vehicle & Primer and Ammunition, Over-vest, Helmet, Soft Armor Panel
CARPET LEVEL IIIA for protection of Civil Helicopters
19. USA Date Link, Errogator
Over-vest, Helmet, Hard Armor Panel, Soft Armor Panel, Polyethylene Plate PE Plate, Ceramic Plate
20. Vietnam Acoustic Test Facility and Pressure Test Facility
21. Oman Over-vest, Helmet, Ceramic Plate
22. France Flexar Panel, Soft Armor Panel, Vehicle Armor Panel
23. Czech Republic Ceramics Plate (tender)
24. Philippines Over-vest
25. Netherlands Hard Armor Plates
26. Spain Over-vest with 2 ceramic plate, Vehicle Armor Panel, Ceramic Plate, Helmet
27. Korea Over-vest
28. Saudi Arabia BOMB BLANKE, TCeramic Plate, Helmet with Accessories, Over-vest, Night Vision Monocular & Night Vision Binocular
29. Sri Lanka Over-vest, PE plate, Bulk Memory control Card, Power Supply, Trigger Board Raw DC Supply Board, Processor card-IRDP.
30. Thailand Night Vision Binocular, Over-vest, PE plate
32. Burkina Faso Overvest with 2 Plate
33. Mexico Vehicle Armor Panel
34. Columbia Bullet Proof Vest, Hard Armor Plates, Bullet Proof Helmet
35. Qatar Soft Armor Plate, Over-vest
36. Iraq Body Protecting Items
37. Lebanon Body Protecting Items
38. Ecuador Body Protecting Items
39. Uruguay Body Protecting Items
40. Bahrain Body Protecting Items
41. Japan Body Protecting Items
42. Egypt Body Protecting Items like Helmet and Over-vests

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What item does turkey import from India?

Turkey imports Laser Transmitter.

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