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Kerala God’s Own Country is Written By

Kerala God’s Own Country is Written by

The correct answer is Shashi Tharoor

Writer of this book is an Indian former international civil servant, spokesperson, politician, author and public scholar who has been serving as Member of Parliament for Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, since 2009 )

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This book is based on the paintings of MF Hussain. It is a nostalgic interpretation by a writer who is extremely proud of his Malayali cultural heritage, about which he wants to educate the whole world through his book. In a journey that is as much self-discovery as storytelling, Tharoor showcase purely distinctive ethos and values of culture of Kerala.

If somebody is planning to visit Kerala then there is also a section fruitful for them, with the title, “Essential Kerala”, exclusively for travellers which would be informative enough to tell about all kinds of statys, from premium accommodation to high-end backwater packages to choice ayurvedic resorts.

One and all, God’s Own Country is an act of celebration by one of India’s greatest artists and an affirmation by an exemplary Keralite writer who has stated all the reasons to have the proud feeling in being a Malayali.

Books Written by Shashi Tharoor 

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  • India: From Midnight to Millennium
  • Inglorious Empire, Nehru: The Invention of India
  • The Paradoxical Prime Minister
  • Why I am a Hindu

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