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Indian Army New Uniform First Look 2022

Indian Army New Uniform/ Dress

This New Year is certainly a Happy one for our War Heroes as they will be getting New uniform this Year , This month on January 15 on the occasions of Military day Parade we will see our Army Personnel in the new combat uniforms looking more confident and deadly ever.

The modifications and change in the uniform came in line with the Make in India campaign going on, The New military combat uniforms will be designed jointly by the Indian Army & National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

The modifications are made keeping in mind the comfort of soldiers, who leave everything behind when it comes to nation. earlier the uniform didn’t impart justice to the soldiers who guard the chilly mountains, ragged terrains  and  hot Desserts but the new Uniform is designed specially for these extreme weather conditions. The uniforms will be comparatively lighter so that wearer gets enough flexibility and comfort for action.

What is New in the Indian Army New Uniform

  • The New uniforms will be lighter and Flexible
  • The Cotton and Terry cot uniforms will be replaced with more sturdy material which ensures comfort even in the extreme weather conditions
  • The color of the Uniform will remain same olive and other earthly shades to provide perfect camouflage.
  • The Trousers will have extra pockets
  • The Shirts would not require to be tucked in
  • The Service stripes will be replaced with  the front buttons to indicate the ranks like other military of the world
  • There might be a change in the way Belts are worn to ensure comfort.

Availability of The Indian Army New Uniform

Approximately 13 lakh Military personnel are to be supplied with the new uniforms so here immense manpower and productivity is needed, hence for now the uniforms will not be available in the open market however the tender for the uniform making can be given to public and private sectors to speed up the replacement procedure.

The Final product will be sent to the Army Formation and Units in Batches where it will be provided to the Army Personnel.

Static Takeaway: Indian Army New Uniform

Earlier the Indian Military Uniforms has undergone changes three times

  1. Post Independence to demarcate Indian soldiers from the Pakistani Soldier.
  2. Disruptive Pattern (DP) Battle Dress came into existence in 1980
  3. In 2005 to differentiate Army DP Battle Dress from the uniforms of CRPF and BSF.

So military is all set to receive new Uniforms and the change is definitely good for the Soldiers as their comfort has been the prime thing that kept in mind while designing the Dress and also this is the least we could do for the invaluable services they offer.

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