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IND–INDO CORPAT Exercise 2024

The India-Indonesia Coordinated Patrol (IND-INDO CORPAT) is a joint naval exercise conducted between the Indian Navy and the Indonesian Navy. This exercise aims to enhance mutual understanding and inter-operability between the two navies, especially in areas of maritime security and counter-terrorism.

During the exercise, naval vessels from both countries typically conduct coordinated patrols in designated areas of the Indian Ocean, focusing on maritime surveillance, combating piracy, smuggling, and other illegal activities at sea. These exercises also serve to strengthen diplomatic ties and foster cooperation between India and Indonesia in the maritime domain.

In 2024, India and Indonesia did the 42nd Naval Exercise. The Defence relations and diplomatic relations between both the countries are strong and trustworthy. India- Indonesia Corpat Exercise was conducted between the Indian Navy and Indonesian Navy between 22 May-24 May 2024. It was conducted in the SABANG, Indonesia.

The two prominent Ships from Andaman and Nicobar Island INS Kulish and INS Chetlat were sent to the exercise showcasing India’s commitment to maritime security and collaborative efforts in the Indian ocean region.

Indonesia is located at the geopolitically sensitive location and its part of ASEAN group of countries. The presence of Strait of Malacca that is the passage point of China’s Vessels.

The maritime naval exercises between India and Indonesia serve several purposes:

  1. Enhancing Maritime Security: By conducting joint naval exercises, India and Indonesia aim to enhance their capabilities in maritime security, including surveillance, interdiction of illegal activities such as piracy, smuggling, and illegal fishing, and responding to maritime threats.
  2. Building Interoperability: These exercises help in building interoperability between the naval forces of India and Indonesia. It ensures that the two navies can effectively communicate and coordinate their actions in case of joint operations or during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) missions.
  3. Strengthening Bilateral Relations: Naval exercises are a visible demonstration of the strong bilateral relations between India and Indonesia. They provide an opportunity for both countries to deepen their defense cooperation and foster mutual trust.
  4. Addressing Regional Challenges: Both India and Indonesia are key maritime nations in the Indian Ocean region. By conducting joint exercises, they can address common challenges such as maritime terrorism, piracy, and illegal trafficking, contributing to the overall stability and security of the region.
  5. Training and Skill Enhancement: These exercises provide valuable training opportunities for naval personnel from both countries. They can learn from each other’s experiences, tactics, and procedures, thereby enhancing their professional skills and operational capabilities.

Overall, the maritime naval exercises between India and Indonesia contribute to strengthening regional security and promoting peace and stability in the Indian Ocean region.

The interactions were aimed at reviewing the outcomes of the coordinated patrol, discussing strategic maritime issues, and planning future collaborative efforts. The dignitaries from both nations exchanged views on enhancing operational synergy and addressing  common maritime challenges

Other military Exercises between India and Indonesia

  • Samudra Shakti- A Bilateral maritime exercise
  • Garuda Shakti- A joint military exercise.


When was Ind-Indo corpat exercise started?

The India Indonesia Corpat Exercise started in year 2002.

What is the main aim of Ind-Indo Corpat Exercise?

The main aim of Ind-Indo Corpat Exercise was to keep the vital part of Indian Ocean Region safe and secure for commercial shipping, international trade and conduct of legitimate maritime activities

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