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IMA Training Rules and Facilities

IMA Dehradun

Many of us dream of joining the force one day, what could be more precious then those stars on soldiers, the Final parade where you pledge a lifetime devotion for the country, thinking about this moment is enough to give us goosebumps but every pleasant destination demands a challenging journey, A journey of becoming worthy of your deepest desires.

Becoming an Officer requires a lot of Hard work, persistence and perseverance, not only before selection but after it the real hardship begins, the life after getting selected to become an officer i.e. is truly a period of metamorphosis, and IMA is one such institute which witnesses and triggers the process of changing a gentleman cadet into an officer.

The premier institute is spread over a land area of 1400 acres and has a sanctioned capacity of 1,650. Cadets undergo a training course varying between 3 and 16 months depending on entry criteria. On completion of the course at IMA cadets are permanently commissioned into the army as Lieutenants.

Discipline is the prime virtue of an officer and IMA knows it very well that’s  why Discipline is valued most during the training period, Cadets are trained to become great leaders and outstanding Humans, the training focuses on all round development of the cadet, here from your habits to personality everything is polished and the qualities of patriotism, valor ,strength and bravery are instilled in you so the day your training completes you come out to be the best version of yourself .

The Initiation

Once selected your journey begins with the receipt of joining Instructions after that are sent an acknowledgement, the day you arrive the academy your documents will be thoroughly checked , the documents asked should be duly filled and signed as prescribed in the format , it is  must to submit the agreement bond on joining otherwise training Fee will be charged, other then that it is necessary to bring medical fitness certificate .

Clothing items

Other then documents the following Clothing items are required

Clothing Items

Number of Items

Winter Sports Coat or Blazer (preferably Blue Colour) 1
Woolen Trouser to be worn along with Coat or Blazer (preferably grey flannel) 1
Pullover (White) 1
Shirt (White) 4 (2 Full Sleeves)
Shorts (White) 2
Black Brogue Shoes 1
Bed Sheets (White) 2
Towel Bath (White) 2
Socks Nylon (White Plain) 4
Socks Nylon (Black Plain) 4
Handkerchiefs 12
Steel Box Black (Length -35”,Height – 11”, Width – 19”) 1
Turbans (for Sikh candidates only) 2 each (Red, Black, Grey and Olive Green (OG)

There are certain items which are Forbidden in the NDA Premises, candidates should not be found in the possession of the, PC, Laptop and Multimedia mobile phones, I Pads, Storage devices, Dogs or Pets, Motor Cycle, Scooter, Bicycles or Car. Air Guns, Pistols, fire arms and ammunition. Wines, Spirits, Malt, Liqueurs. Articles of value or Jewellery, Cigarettes or smoking material and intoxicating material (including drugs),Pornographic material, Electrical appliances including refrigerator, heater etc.

Clothing and Equipment

clothing and equipment will be issued at the Academy to insure uniformity , The cost of clothing and equipment will be debited from the Personal Outfit Allowance and the Initial Outfit Allowance authorized to the Gentlemen Cadets. Bicycles are also issued to GCs for moving inside the Academy.


Direct Entry:  free accommodation along with furnished cabins.

Technical Graduate/University Entry Scheme: furnished cabins on nominal rent.


Direct Entry: free messing and allied services (including light, hot water, conservancy and laundry).

Technical Graduate/University Entry Scheme:  messing and allied services on nominal payment (including light, hot water, conservancy and laundry).


The IMA grants following vacations

(a) Summer Vacation (June -July) – Four weeks.

(b) Winter Vacation (December – January) – Four weeks.

(c) Mid Term Break – One week (conditional).

No other leave is provided except for the medical emergency, there is provision for leaves for funeral and Marriage of close relative but it depends on the authority granting the leave.


Visitors  are allowed only after four weeks of commencement of term. the time Allowed to visit  is only on Sunday/Holiday from 0900 to 1800 hours during summers and 0900 to 1700 hours during winters

Hobby Clubs 

For All Round development of GCs IMA  has clubs for Riding & Polo, Shooting, Golf, Workshops, Music & Drama, Arts, Camera, Driving & Maintenance etc. GCs are required to enroll in at least one of these clubs


Games are an integral part of the curriculum. IMA has Fields  for  Hockey, Football, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, Polo and Golf etc, sports facilities  include one Olympic size swimming pool, a stadium, a well-equipped gymnasium, several squash and tennis courts, a golf course and a large number of play fields for hockey, football, cricket, basket-ball, polo and other games. The Academy has a large number of horses and a wide inventory of water sports equipment. It also has an indoor shooting range.

GCs are encouraged to play variety of sports and games to ensure their physical and mental well being

Recreational Activities

Though discipline is never undermined in IMA premises but there are enough recreational activities to freshen up your mood and lift your spirits , Movies are screened thrice a week

  • English Movie on Wednesdays
  • Hindi Movie on Saturdays and Sundays at the IMA Auditorium.

Other then that each company have an Ante room. The Ante rooms have a good ambiance and state of art facilities for entertainment to include Home Theatre system, Billiards Table, Table Tennis, a mini library etc.

There is no dearth of  well furnished cafeterias and shopping complex  in Academy Campus.

GCs can visit  CSD canteen providing all grocery items required for daily use.

Banking and Postal Service

IMA has State Bank of India within its premises , PNB and HDFC ATMs are also available inside  the campus , there is even a Post Office within the campus.

Communication Facility

all company ante rooms are facilitated with Internet .The GCs are permitted to use basic non multimedia mobiles for only communication purpose during laid down timings. Possession of a multimedia phone is strictly prohibited.

Medical Facilities for GCs

The Academy has  a Sports Medicine Officer and Regimental Medical Officer.A 20 bed Section Hospital and a Dental Section is also there . The section  has all  the facilities of a well equipped Military Hospital which has specialist officers posted for Medical, Surgical, Pediatrician, EYE, ENT, Radiology, Orthopedics, Skin and Pathology.


If GC wishes  to resign after joining the Academy , he needs to forward an application to the Commandant along with written consent of his parent/guardian.  The GC will be allowed to resign after necessary recovery  of cost of training  he has received. present cost of training is Rupees 9488/- per week,  the recovery amount will be  calculated from the day of joining to the day he leaves the Academy.

The Training is definitely rigorous but they say the more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in war, the same applies here too and it is a matter of time, once you get adapted to the routine you start enjoying life at IMA and the visions of becoming officer after completion of training is enough to keep you motivated, once you pass out from the academy the baggage of memories you hold remains with you for lifetime.
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