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ICAO Full Form, All You Need to Know About ICAO

ICAO Full Form

ICAO is acronym for International Civil Aviation Organization , it is a specialized and Funding Agency of United Nation, Its headquarters is located in the Quartier International of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The technical body of ICAO is ANC Air Navigation Commission. ICAO is responsible for maintaining standards and Principles related to Aviation.

ICAO Full Form: Overview

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Formation 1947
Parent organization ECOSOC
Type UN specialized agency
Status Active
Website https://www.icao.int/
Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar Gómez

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ICAO Full Form: History

International Commission for Air Navigation (ICAN) was the Forerunner of ACIO, the first meeting of ICAN took place in berlin in 1903, on 7 December 1944. a Provisional International Civil Aviation Organization was to be established, to be replaced in turn by a permanent organization when twenty-six countries ratified the convention. Accordingly, PICAO began operating on 6 June 1945, replacing ICAN. The twenty-sixth country ratified the convention on 5 March 1947 and, consequently, PICAO was disestablished on 4 April 1947 only to be  replaced by ICAO, which began operations the same day. In October 1947, ICAO became an agency of the United Nations under its Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

ICAO Full Form: Roles and Responsibility

ICAO is responsible for the following

  • It changes the principles and techniques of international air navigation and fosters the planning and development of international air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth.
  • The ICAO Council adopts standards and recommended practices concerning air navigation.
  • It is Responsible for prevention of unlawful interference.
  •  It is vested with responsibility of  facilitation of border-crossing procedures for international civil aviation.
  • ICAO defines the protocols for air accident investigation that are followed by transport safety authorities in countries signatory to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

ICAO Full Form: Council

The election for the  Council of ICAO take place in  every three years and consists of 36 members elected in 3 groups. The present Council was elected in October 2019. The structure of the current Council is as follows:

Group I (chief importance) Group II (large contributions) Group III (geographic representation)
United Kingdom
United States
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Costa Rica
Côte d’Ivoire
Dominican Republic
Equatorial Guinea
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

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ICAO Full Form: FAQ

Q1. When was ICAO formed?

Ans. ICAO was formed in 1947.

Q2. Who is the first president of ICAO?

Ans. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu was the first president of ICAO.

Q3. Which countries have not signed the contract of ICAO?

Ans. Holy See and Liechtenstein are the only two non Contracting States.

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